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"Songs From The City 2007"

One year of N.B. music: Week 31
NB beat checks out Songs from the City.
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Published Thursday August 9th, 2007
Five bands, six dates and a lot of music. It all was spawned from one e-mail. Frederictons's Matt Harris (AKA Becoming Human) is the driving force behind Fredericton area project Songs From the City set to showcase the capital city's diverse indie music scene.

Harris says his live music project Songs From the City 2007 started when he e-mailed fellow Fredericton musician (and Sleepy Driver frontman) Peter Hicks and asked if he wanted to get together and try to do some shows. Since then Songs From the City 2007 has blossomed into a three month event of local original music bringing together musicians and fans from a wide range of musical styles.

"I'm surprised at how fast this has grown." Harris remarks. "My Facebook friends have doubled, that's a good sign." Fredericton is perhaps best known as an organic type of music town. The annual success of the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival has spawned a musical community deep in jazz and blues as well as jam based music. Harris says there's a wider array of music starting to seep up from the underground.

"I think we'll surprise people, even ourselves when we see what's out there. But ultimately it's going to be an opportunity to get different musicians and their fan bases together."

Songs from the City 2007 features Harris (AKA Becoming Human), a singer songwriter who took some time off for re-invention; Peter Hicks, the aforementioned Sleepy Driver frontman; there's also the Squaredance Kid, better known as John Bowie from the Missing. Harris is still unsure what the Squaredance Kid is all about, but if you squaredance and they call you kid, you must be good! Saint John's the Carousels frontman Clinton Charlton and Freddy newcomer Andy Brown round out the list of performers.

What's perhaps most impressive is that all these acts have CDs coming out this year and they will be using Songs From the City 2007 as a launching pad or at least an opportunity to feature the new material.

Upcoming Songs From the City dates are:

<LI> August 18 at Vixens Bar with Becoming Human, Peter Hicks and Andy Brown

<LI> August 24 at the James Joyce Pub with Becoming Human, Clinton Charlton and the Squaredance Kid

<LI> September 1 at the Lunar Rogue with Becoming Human, the Squaredance Kid and Peter Hicks

<LI> September 7&8 at the Cellar Bar with Becoming Human, Peter Hicks and Andy Brown

<LI> September 21 at Vixens Bar with Becoming Human, the Squaredance Kid and Andy Brown

<LI> October 4 at the Capital Bar with Peter Hicks, Clinton Charlton and the Squaredance Kid

It's an ambitious endeavour, but Matt Harris feels strongly enough about exposing local talent to the community that he's willing to take on the task. He tells [here] the reward will come in knowing he's opened eyes and ears to Fredericton's other music scene. "I know people are going to be impressed with what's going on and it's going to be a great opportunity to bring people together. That's really all I wanted this to be."

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New Album in 2007 / 2008. If you wish to keep in touch on the projects please vist my blog at:





The Human Bio
Have you ever felt like the walls were closing in and the earth was rumbling underneath
your feet? Well that's just a day in life. Becoming Human was born on one of those
days, entering into this world not knowing what to expect. After many attempts at
Broadway, chess, and being next the Ultimate Fighting was the
gift that brought his life together. Now you think;" ya so what, he can sing, maybe play
a few instruments, or even get a girl's phone number at a bar," but what we have here,
my friends, is a musician that never gives up on making great music that you can
connect to. Music that makes you feel like hey... I've been through that, I loved
somebody like that, or it just puts a song into your head that sits there all day. None of
this would be possible if it wasn't for Mrs. Burns, the grade 4 music teacher that
introduced the recorder. This was a great instrument until a few grade sixers thought
that playing the recorder wasn't cool. So after meeting the dumpster face to face,
along with some bruises, he thought maybe the piano was his instrument of choice.
Learning classical (not knowing anything else), Becoming Human discovered there is
a place called Rock N' Roll. So he begged his Mom for some Rock n' Roll on his 12th
birthday...(at this time it's 1990 and his parents were still living in 1972) so the birthday
boy received two cassette tapes. First one: The Beatles: Abby Road and the second
was Guns n' Roses: Appetite for Destruction. Now, what were they thinking putting
these two albums together, and especially,giving them to someone who's never even
heard of Rock n' Roll; until now. Two of the most influential bands are going to be
injected into this 12 year old boys' head for the next six months. This was probably the
best thing his parents could have done to help his music creativity. High school bands
soon followed along with experimenting with music styles, girls,and partying. This
resulted in the singer-songwriter he is today. His music has been a great impact for
people around him and for himself as well. So please take a look at what he as done
and feel free to tell all your friends, and if you don't have any friends, you can always
buy a CD!