Becoming The Archetype

Becoming The Archetype



Solid State Records is pleased to announce the signing of Atlanta-based metal band, Becoming The Archetype. Formed in the summer of 1999, the group formerly known as The Remnant, caught Solid State’s attention in the summer of 2004 while playing a festival with Demon Hunter, a band whose members also work at the label.

“I heard them from afar and was instantly intrigued,” explains Demon Hunter frontman Ryan Clark. “I ran over and caught their set and was amazed at how technical and driving the musicianship was; I was instantly intent on signing them.”

Having already released a full length, self-produced album as The Remnant in early 2004, the band plans to enter the studio in March 2005 at Seattle’s Compound for a summer release.

“Being in a Solid State band is honestly something all of us have dreamed about since we were in middle school if not earlier,” Becoming the Archetype vocalist Jason Wisdom says. “We all went through middle and high school as Tooth & Nail / Solid State kids and really want to encourage a new generation in the same way.”


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