5 spoons of delicious melodies, a cup of jangly and noisy guitar, add 3 household items and some computer hundreds and thousands. Blend with an ounce of harmony and a sprinkle of dynamics and timbre. Bake at setting 11 for 30 mins and Mmmmmm..... Bedbugs.


Being a former member of 90's seminal act Sunbear, and current member of The Ruby Tailights and Miriam Ingram, it's no small wonder Colin J Morris gets any time to do anything else. But, form Bedbugs, he did.

A collection of acoustic/electronic gems created using guitars and various household items is just one facet of the many angles Bedbugs adopts.

Influences range from My Bloody Valentine to Joni Mitchell to Wilco to Paul Simon to Murcof.


No releases until December of this year. An album will be released entitled The Chalky Scent Of Hot Brick

Set List

Typical set list would be around 30 mins. Songs are...

A Healthy Glow
This Damn Week
The Rope Smacked The Ground
A Heavenly Compromise
Cheerful By Design