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"Bedford "Press Review"

Tracklist: 1. Right Now, 2. Coming To Find You, 3. Pray, 4. Standing Still, 5. Tragic Beauty, 6. As One, 7. Needing You, 8. I Am Alive, 9. Free Spirit, 10. Reflection.

Line up: David Trimboli (vocals, guitars), Matt Miao (guitars), Jonathan Zion (bass) Karl Lewis (drums).

It's really interesting the debut album of the Australian band Bedford, who give us a workpiece of a clear production and careful arrangements in order to have a good sound and be easy-listening since the first time you play it! One of the album highlights is the voice of the singer David Trimboli, expressive and powerful. Step back, for a while, to the production, made by Lindsay Gravina and the great Tommy Denander ( - Radioactive, Paul Stanley, Kelly Keagy, AOR, Ambition ecc ..), who create 42 minutes full of hits well played to be listen without stopping. Wonderful guitar-work made by the six-strings of Matt Miao, supported by the bass-player Jonathan Zion and the drummer Karl Lewis: they are very skillful musicians and real careful arrangers concerning the melodic stuff of their sound. Strong and overflowing melodic rock over crossed with nu-metal, marked by catching solos and powerful vocals that set afire everything; those are the key-words for that release! An ultimate example is the title-track Right Now and the sixth track As One, a magnetic song with as simple as catchy backing vocals, where the whole band performed it at best. I Am Alive is the first single of this release, where an exciting chorus has made it win the "Single of the Year L.A. Music Awards'' 2006. You can't surely be uninvolved listening to tracks as Pray, Tragic Beauty or Reflection which ends in the best way a really good debut-album. Nice first step Bedford! Please, visit the myspace page of the band and the official website .

- AngleDevil

"Album review"

Album Revue for Bedford’s new album “Right now”

Right now-Right now is a strong opener to kick off the new album from new Auzzie outfit Bedford.
With a meaty guitar intro, Trimboli’s vocals stagger amidst a chunky bass line. A midpacer with a certain depth and sincerity, that drives in cruise control the whole way from start to finish.
Lyrically the song surrounds Trimboli’s own dark past of addictions, and struggling to make it in a world where temptation lurks around every corne.

Coming to find you- This song has a cruncher of a rock intro, driven by ultra hooky guitar riffs; driving shotgun next to a snarling and punchy superdark melody.
This song features the story of losing the one you love; however the door has been left ajar for the listener to interperet his or her loss in it’s context. Following one man’s pursuit in throwing caution to the wind and giving everything within himself to win back his past and the one he loves

I Pray- Now please avoid dismissing this song purely based upon its title. This song has plenty of depth, hooks, and pop sensibility about it. “I Pray” is a hit waiting in the wings to be discovered.
Everybody in this day in age needs hope, and an opportunity to experience a heavenly awakening. Not nessisarily thru god or religion, but through the simplicity of nature, travel or love. “I Pray” gives a new meaning to radio friendly. This song bases itself around strong melodies and decent lyrics, rippling instrumentals and heart warming climaxes. Yes it seems good enough to eat.
Following your dreams and finding what it is that frees your soul is indicative of our time. Everybody is craving an answer to their questions. Bedford lets us in on a glimpse of their lighter side, and im glad they did. This song is bound for the cd players and I pods of teenagers, mid 30s and housewives the world over…basically anyone who appreciates a soaring ballad delivered with sincerity and guts will adore this one.

Tragic Beauty- Is it The tea party? No its Bedford!
Lyrically challenging and fast paced, “Tragic beauty” imbodies elements of elements of middle eastern sounds and pure stadium rock,
Tragic beauty is about being creatively violated and abused. About the strength we need as artists to rise above criticism and manipulation to find what lies beneath the surface.
Creativity and natural ability cannot be bought, but in the journey to achieve the ultimate song or record, we need only know how to reley on ourselves.

I am alive- A more uplifting song on this album; “ I am alive” lets the listener feel the artist come out the other side of their darkness to finally conquer their demons…. Once and for all.
Musically ‘I am alive” is lighter and more vocally dynamic and energetic. Not nesisarily a show stopper but definitely woth a listen.
Its nice to hear a song without over productiob and lyrics that are not overly zealous, but direct and uplifting in their simplicity.

Free spirit- Free spirit is a testament to the secret hopes and dreams of each of us individually. The desire to escape this world and become one with the planets…a free spirit.
Musically, it is more spaced out and leaves the listener with room to breathe. With mellow guitar solos and subdued bass lines it gives us an opportunity to see and hear every instrument in its cosmic glory.
The sparsity and simplicity of this song proves that complex and over thought lyrics and musical formulas do not always maketh the hit

Reflections- Strong from start to end, reflections puts up a solid battle in the mighty ranks of heavy international rock.
With a solid rhythm section, velvety vocals and punching chorus, ‘Reflections’ takes a close look at lies and deception; and challenges the sincerity of the individuals seeking a place on the wall of fame!
- beat


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