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Written By: D.Trimboli,J.Jimenez

I look up to the sky and all I see is blue, and the dark has slowly gone away
I look up to the stars at night, and in my dreams I see your face

It won’t be that long now please be with me

Shine on a lights shinning my way, everything is clear today I’ll find another place
All I have to do is follow; follow all the way, till I reach my destination I pray

No more endless lonely nights with you, everything has changed will ever be the same
I live with my decision and I travel, to a place I may never find

.It won’t be that long now please be with me

Right now

Written By: D.Trimboli,M.Miao,J.Zion

Stranded in a vacant room, Fever comes rushing through
The light comes shining in, Feeling like I never new

On this high I can visualize you running wild I can see you now

Right now

Voices in this empty room feels like I’m not the one abused

Loosing control my head is spinning around, so tell me why I can’t see you now

Wasted does it make you feel like you want it to Right Now?
Does it make you feel like you want it to Right Now?


Written By: D.Trimboli,A.furze,S.Summer rain

When you see your reflection, you can’t even recognize
It seems you’ve been searching for something, in yourself you can’t find
Next time look over your shoulder; stand tall on your own two feet
They say it’s cruel to be kinder, now you’re hiding from me

It’s not alright it’s not okay, to steal my life and give it away

You take a little piece of me, don’t hide behind it
You take what you can not give, your hiding from me

When you look in the mirror, how can you live with yourself?
Not real you’re just an imitator, you did all to yourself

I’ll rise above