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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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"Bed Of Roses to play Watson Art Centre"

September 15th, 2009
“You Give Love a Bad Name,” “Wanted Dead or Alive,” “Livin’ on a Prayer,” “It’s My Life.” The rafters of the Watson Art Centre (WAC) will be ringing with the sounds of Bon Jovi, courtesy of tribute artists, Bed of Roses. The Winnipeg-based band is set to rock, Sept.18 and frontman Darryl
Clayton said Dauphinites can expect a 2-1/2 hour show. “It’s a full-scale tribute to Bon Jovi covering all genres of the music from 1982 to 2009,” he said, estimating the band will perform up to 30 songs. “I myself, portraying the Jon Bon Jovi character, do about 13 costume changes throughout the night.” Clayton wears replicas of the costumes lead singer Jon Bon Jovi performed in, throughout his career. “Most of my stuff I’ve had made. My seamstress makes my clothes right
from a picture and she is bang on with pretty much all the stuff,” he said, adding the entire band
gets into the act, with costumes,
instruments and signature moves.
Clayton watched hours of video to capture the moves and hand gestures of Bon Jovi’s lead singer. “When I’m up there for those 2-1/2 hours, I do my best to portray the character, but when I come off
the stage, I kind of leave it
up there,” he said. “The band portrays more like the Bon Jovi 2000, as opposed to the spandex, big hair, ‘80s guys, ”Clayton said,
adding he is also in that era, but has costume changes from the ‘80s, as well. A fund-raiser for the
WAC, the evening will feature a look-alike contest, raffles and cleverly named cocktails. There will be a lot of crowd participation,
Clayton said, as the band urges Bon Jovi fans to sing along. Bed of Roses covers over 20 years of music, he said, noting every crowd
has different favorites and different requests. “And we do our best to
accommodate them,” Clayton said, adding some hard-core Bon Jovi fans will offer up obscure
requests. “But all the hits that
you can think of off the top of your head, we do.” The band has paid tribute to Bon Jovi for about
five years. “I’ve been a Bon Jovi
fan all my life,” Clayton said, explaining he was playing in a cover band in Winnipeg for almost 20 years when the group opened for a Bon Jovi tribute act from Toronto. “I got to talking to the
singer and he said to me, ‘you’ve got more of a Bon Jovi thing going on than I do’ and I thought, why
don’t I try one.” Clayton did some
research and soon realized there were not any bands west of Thunder Bay tributing Bon Jovi. “And five years down the road, here we are,” he laughed. Well received, Bed of Roses has performed in every province, the United States and United Kingdom. And we’re heading to India and Dubai around Christmas time, while trying to maintain marriages and jobs and all that stuff,” Clayton added. He noted tribute bands are gaining in popularity, pointing out when Bed of Roses first began, there were about 15 to 20 Bon
Jovi tribute bands in the world and there are currently about 45. Doors to the WAC open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. with
local band, the Valley River Vultures opening for Bed of Roses. Advance tickets are $20 each and are available at Dauphin Music and
Electronics, Fiddlelore Store and WAC. For more information,
call 638-6231 or look for the event on Facebook. Check Bed of Roses
out at - M.A. Nyquist - The Dauphin Herald

"Bon Jovi Tribute Headline Rossburn's 125th Anniversary"

June 27th, 2009
No doubt there will be more than “One Wild Night” as July and August roll around with family and friends coming together in towns throughout the area for holidays, homecomings and happiness. And if “You Want to Make a Memory” plan on being a part of the anniversary celebrations abound, which will include a variety of music for all ages. Of the acts booked, the one being featured by the Rural Municipality of Rossburn’s 125th Homecoming Committee with their song list including “Who Says You Can’t Come Home” captured my attention. No, the boys from New Jersey who churned out those three hits plus countless others won’t be in town, but the next best thing – North America’s #1 Bon Jovi Tribute band – Bed of Roses
will perform at an outdoor street concert on Friday, July 31, to kick off three days of
festivities in that community. Checking out the group’s website, rave reviews are given to the Winnipeg group for the closeness in which they have adapted the music and style. The band is comprised of Darryl Clayton as Jon Bon Jovi, who has
opened for such Canadian rock legends as Trooper and Harlequin in the past, Eugene T. Romaniuk as Richie Sambora, Glen Davies as Hugh McDonald/Alec John Such, Trevor Uruski as David Bryan and Greg Bolduc as Tico Torres. Staying on the music topic, additional acts booked for Rockin’ the Fields in Minnedosa, include Nick Gilder. Do you believe that in the 1970s, he and Sweeny
Todd were booked to play their hit “Roxy Roller” in Shoal Lake? Thanks to a last minute cancellation that didn’t occur but as students we still rocked and rolled, as I hope to do some 30 odd years later on the August long. - Darrell Nesbitt - Crossroads This Week

"Rossburn Rocks to Bon Jovi Tribute Band"

August 22nd, 2009
Even though rain throughout Friday, July 31 prompted organizers to move North America’s #1 Bon Jovi Tribute band ‘Bed of Roses’ indoors rather than allowing concert goers to rock to the song “Wild in the Streets” under the stars the Rural Municipality of Rossburn’s 125th Homecoming celebration kickoff was a success none the less. “It was the best concert seen in a long time,” was the way one Rossburn Bon Jovi fan summed up the show on the Winnipeg group’s website. Co-worker Michelle Gensiorek, totally agreed with that comment, chiming in with “it was awesome.” Rossburn Recreation Director Ada Schultz said that 300 tickets were sold for the concert staged within the town hall, but that number could have easily reached 600 if the event went ahead as an outdoor street concert/dance as planned. Thanks to the goal of 300 tickets being sold, those in attendance witnessed another special memory as Rossburn Reeve Brian Brown received a new hair cut (taking on the shaved-bald trend and in his words like mine) as part of the evening, with Nancy Drul of Hair Mania doing the honours. With nothing but clear skies on Saturday morning, numbers did reach 600, as fun in the sun was the order of the day for the parade and the rest of the weekend with events put forth as part of the Homecoming and Summer Festival celebrations encompassing the entire family. Enhancing the 125th Past, Present & Future theme, a wide variety of floats or displays rolled down streets lined with young and old, while under a tent at the fairgrounds the area’s culture and talent
through music and dance was showcased. The day also included a horse show, a trip back in time through the Bilinsky Family’s Old Fashion Threshing Demonstration, and other featured attractions brought forth through various community organizations. The Homecoming Dinner and Dance
brought Saturday’s activities to a close. Horsepower of a different kind was highlighted at the Rossburn Fairgrounds on
Sunday as engines roared thanks to a mud bog and a demolition derby. A fireworks display at dusk capped off the various activities. The fifth and final Anniversary & Homecoming celebration within the area this
summer concluded on Monday, Aug. 3 with Rossburn’s annual GPS Adventure Hunt – described as a high-tech version of treasure hunting. Like days of old, when groups by the names of the Pumps brought a little “Success” to Rossburn, and Harlequin shared the “Sweet
Things in Life” in Shoal Lake
and Newdale, perhaps the Bed of Roses concert will spur on seeing future guitar heroes and band mates in a small town setting. Speaking of classic Canadian acts, rock group Prism played to a crowd of 700 in Gilbert Plains last month, Harlequin is set to play in Ste. Rose on Oct. 10, and Trooper will “Raise A Little He... Double Hockey Sticks” as my daughter says in conjunction with the Manitoba Finals Rodeo in Brandon on Oct. 24. - Darrell Nesbitt - Crossroads This Week

"World’s No.1 Bon Jovi Tribute Band 'Bed of Roses' Signs with W.O.A International"

Panjim, Goa, India, 08/23/2008 -W.O.A management, a part of the
W.O.A International group, signs on Bed of Roses, the world’s best Bon Jovi tribute band to a three-year management and marketing deal. W.O.A International, through its management division W.O.A Management, signs on Bed of Roses, the planet’s No.1 Bon Jovi tribute band to a three year management and marketing deal. This partnership will see W.O.A Management represent the band across India and the Middle East. This is the first tribute band that W.O.A International has signed on and the reason for this is the fact
that Bed of Roses is truly exceptional and we see immense potential for an act like this in India and Dubai” says Pete Saunders, V.P. Artiste Management, “they have a strong following across North America
and are now all set to bring their magic to this side of the world.” In the summer of 2004 Bed of Roses was conceptualized by front man Darryl Clayton. “Being a Bon Jovi
fan since the bands inception in 1984, plus the fact that I’ve been told most of my life how much I resemble Jon Bon Jovi in voice and physical appearance, it was a venture we found easy to undertake” says the singer. The band launched March 24th, 2005 with a sold out, self produced show in their
hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Since then, they have performed across North America &
across International venues multiple times. The deal with W.O.A Management will see the band touring India and the Middle East over the next two
years. With the excellent and one of a kind support system for artists that W.O.A International has, that
consists of W.O.A Events, W.O.A Artiste Management, W.O.A Records, W.O.A Studios, W.O.A Radio and W.O.A Music marketing, Bed of Roses is only going to reiterate their stand as the Planet’s No.1 Bon Jovi
tribute band. Bed of Roses is also going to be featured on the new W.O.A Radio syndicated show and will be seen on various TV shows in India in the coming months. The fans in India and Dubai are going to be surprised and awed by this wonderful band during the 2009 Bed of Roses Tour! About W.O.A International. Formed in 1998 by World Music star Oliver Sean, W.O.A Internationl( is a global
entertainment company that continues to lead the way when it comes to how music should be promoted. They are pioneering international music in India and Asia and are now synonymous with the region. Their enviable reputation at opening up new possibilities means that they are the go-to company for
independent artists wishing a truly international presence.

More Press Links on same story. - Irene Sequeira - Newswire Today

"Bon Jovi Tribute Set to Rock Wynz for Grand Opening"

September 8th, 2008
It's been said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and Winnipeg musician Darryl Clayton and his band couldn't agree more. Clayton has been a tribute performer for the last four years and a fan of Jon Bon Jovi since 1984 — and Clayton's journey from cover bar band to Bon Jovi tribute act is starting to gain legs. "The first little while was rough going but now it's really starting to take off now," said Clayton. "I grew up on his music, I've been a fan ever since. "I've been playing in bar bands for ever and ever and people are always saying 'man, you sound like Bon Jovi' ... I figured what the heck, let's try this tribute angle." Clayton says when he started 'Bed Of Roses' back in 2004, there were maybe only 15 tribute acts in the world dedicated to Bon Jovi. Now there are more than 50. "Bon Jovi is so big, even after 25 years, he's still going," said Clayton. And 25 years in the music biz means one heck of a repertoire for tribute acts to pull from – and Bed Of Roses is no slouch. Clayton and his band pull from all points in Bon Jovi's career and have a set list that includes everything from 'Blaze Of Glory', 'Bad Medicine' and 'Keep The Faith' to 'I'd Die For You', 'Summertime' and 'Lost Highway'. "We mix it up, for the most part it's a scripted full two-hour show with an encore," said Clayton. "I myself do about
seven or eight costume changes in the show. "Our keyboard players always bugs me, he says I have more costume changes than Cher." Bon Jovi attire is, in fact, where this whole Bed Of Roses gig started – as Clayton started having look-a-like pieces made before he'd even formed the whole concept for the act. "My wife and I were talking and I said, 'I don't know why I'm doing this, I'm just going to start getting these costumes made and playing up this tribute angle.'" said Clayton. "I didn't have a band, I didn't have a name, a concept
anything ... I just started making costumes, and it took off from there." It all fell into place which was gratifying for the musician who was trying his best to make the tribute band sail. "I've spent a lot of hours doing my homework," he chuckled. "Watching videos and what he does, all his mannerisms
and stuff like that. "I try to even get that slight drawl he has in his voice when he talks, all the aspects of him of what I can." Clayton says most of the Bon Jovi tribute acts don't come close to his commitment to the artist, with most of them
opting to perform in regular street clothes. "No costuming, no mannerisms, just four or five guys in blue jeans and t-shirts playing Bon Jovi songs," he said. "That's not a tribute ... that's just a bar band." This coming from a man who's got Bon Jovi down, even to the tattoos. Bed Of Roses is doing well. After a few years on the circuit, they've recently been booking international gigs. The band just signed a three-year contract with a management company in the Middle East, which means they will be performing in India and Dubai starting next summer. "If you would have asked me four years ago, 'do you think you'll be playing in India?' I would've said you're nuts," said Clayton. "There's a market for this." Clayton says Bed Of Roses is a great hobby and he can't wait to see what the future holds for this act. Check out the band online at
Bed Of Roses plays the Wynz Niteclub grand opening celebrations, Saturday, Sept. 13. Doors open at 8 p.m. and
tickets are $15. Tickets can be pre-purchased at the Wynz Niteclub after 9 p.m. and they will also be sold at the door. The Wynz grand opening will feature plenty of prizes and giveaways including Wii consoles, bar fridges, limo
packages, diamond rings and much more. - Kim Dick - Medicine Hat News


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“100,000,000 BON JOVI fans can’t be wrong!”

The only Tribute to portray the entire history of BON JOVI from the 80's, where it all began, to today.

Not just any other Tribute Band but professional impersonators!

BED OF ROSES, is an International established Bon Jovi Tribute Act and has toured extensively throughout North America and abroad with visits to the UK and Central America.

A BED OF ROSES show is a 2.5+ hour Tribute to Bon Jovi performed in authentic costuming, voice, music and showmanship. With over 12 costume changes throughout the show Bed Of Roses takes you on a journey of the entire 25 year history of Bon Jovi. Catering to a huge demographic that spans the generations.

Front man Darryl Clayton is a dynamic stage performer with an incredible voice that has often been compared to Jon Bon Jovi. He has studied voice with Roy Petty and Juno Award winner Cindi Cain. Somewhat quiet and modest off stage, people are always shocked when he bursts onstage and works the audience into a frenzy. An extremely dedicated bandleader, over the years he has evolved to cover a diverse repertoire that features everything from classic rock to dance and funk. His ability to sing such a wide range of styles, his determination and strong work ethic accounts for his success in and around Winnipeg and south west Ontario where he is almost always booked at one of the top clubs or social and charity events. He has also opened for such rock legends as Trooper and Harlequin.

BED OF ROSES is ecstatic to have such a seasoned, professional guitar player to fill the
role of "Richie Sambora"! Eugene Romaniuk was born smack in the middle of Canada in our hometown of Winnipeg. He has also resided in Toronto and Regina. His introduction to music came at the age of six with weekly piano lessons. At the age of 12, after seven years of piano, Eugene discovered the guitar through his Junior High guitar program and was placed in Los Guitarres, an advanced program in which he received classical training in addition to concert and touring experience. In High School, Eugene dabbled in the jazz band and continued his guitar studies thereafter with private instruction from Tim Cumming. In the 20 plus years Eugene has been in the music business, he has been a member of a number of the top cover bands in Winnipeg. His influences include Pat Metheny, Steve Vai, Michel Cusson and Steve Lukather.

Glen is a talented self taught musician who has been involved in the Winnipeg music community since 1984. His rock solid grooves on bass guitar are ear-catching and irresistible with a voice to match. While playing in the local club scene, he has also been a part of some great recording acts. Davies has performed throughout Canada both original and cover music from Quebec city to Victoria BC. After taking an extended hiatus from the "scene", he is excited to be reunited with some great friends and fellow musicians with BED OF ROSES. When Glen is not belting out awesome bass lines with BED OF ROSES he is the master of his own construction renovation company, Holmes on bass.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Dale received his first set of drums in the third grade for a Christmas present and never looked back. Spending his formative teen years playing in various original and cover bands in school and at the age of sixteen had his first taste of recording in a professional studio. He caught the stage bug early after his first live performance in a local club in Winnipeg and his fate was sealed. Dale hit the road right out of high school honing his skills not only on the drums but as a powerful vocalist as well, dabbling in many different styles such as rock, funk, country, heavy metal, hip-hop, industrial and rap. Dale is not only the heart of a great rhythm section but a charismatic player who is a thrill to watch play. When Dale puts his sticks down, you can either find him cutting hair at Mike’s Place Barber Shop or exploring the depths of our lakes enjoying his second love to music as a scuba diver.

Trevor Uruski, keyboards, has played with numerous bands in the club scene across western Canada and North West Ontario since 1984. He was an original member of the ABBA tribute Supertrooper which has performed since 2000. While touring with Supertrooper, Trevor performed in many Casinos and Summer Festivals. As well, Trevor has worked as a school Band teacher since 1990 in Winnipeg School Division, and presently teaches at Churchill High School in Winnipeg. He has received a Bachelor of Music degree from Brandon University with a major in classical piano and jazz saxophone.