Bedouin Soundclash

Bedouin Soundclash

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN


Named after Israeli fusion artist/producer Badawi’s 1996 release – which pays homage to nomadic Arabic poet tribe the Bedouins – power trio Bedouin Soundclash formed in 2001 at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Unlike most musicians who try to mimic their musical idols, Bedouin Soundclash forges their own musical path creating music embodying each member’s personal and diverse musical preferences. With a seductive combination of lead singer Jay Malinowski’s soulful wail and hypnotic rhythmic guitar grooves, Eon Sinclair’s deep dubbing bass, and Pat Pengelly’s driving rhythms, Bedouin Soundclash creates its own innovative fusion of Reggae, Rock, Punk and Soul.
In 2002, the band recorded debut album Root Fire. Combining elements of dancehall, hip-hop, dub, punk, reggae and R ‘n’ B, Bedouin’s musical fusion caught the attention of audiences and press across Canada. Heralded as “one of the best albums [we’ve] heard lately” by Exclaim! Magazine, the buzz around the release created a great deal of anticipation as to what was to come. Determined to disperse its musical vibe, Bedouin Soundclash spent the next two years of their youthful musical career playing sold out shows across Canada before hitting the studio once again.
2005’s sophomore release Sounding A Mosaic exploded onto commercial radio and video stations across Canada with the hit single “When The Night Feels My Song”. The song’s massive rise to popularity started when the track was featured in a national Zeller’s commercial and ended up scoring the band a #1 video on MuchMusic, the #2 most played track at Canadian radio, “Best New Group or Solo Artist (CHR)” award at the Canadian Radio Music Awards 2006, and a JUNO for “New Group of The Year” in 2006.
In August 2007, Bedouin Soundclash released the much anticipated follow-up to hit record Sounding A Mosaic. Titled Street Gospels, the album debuted at #2 on the Top 200 Soundscan chart and features the single “1259 Lullaby” which appeared on the popular series GREY’S ANATOMY.

Recorded in Toronto and New York, the band once again called in the talents of legendary Punk-Reggae bass player Darryl Jenifer of Bad Brains to produce Street Gospels. The band also brought in Money Mark (The Beastie Boys) on keys, Wade MacNeil (Alexisonfire, Black Lungs) on vocals/guitar and the legendary Vernon Buckley vocalist of The Maytones, all lending their unique flavour to the album and helping to create the most diverse and grassroots Bedouin Soundclash record to date.

Street Gospels also welcomes the inception of Pirate's Blend, a new label brand the band has created, distributed and marketed under the Dine Alone Records umbrella. The goal of Pirate’s Blend is to grow a home of a larger Bedouin musical family, promoting music that the band loves and things they associate their music with.

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Street Gospels - Dine Alone/SideOneDummy Records (2007)

Sounding a Mosiac - Stomp/SideOneDummy Records (2005)

Root Fire - Self-Released (2004)

Set List

45-80 mins. of original material