Bedroom Walls

Bedroom Walls


Hailed as "the next breakout group from L.A." by the SF Guardian, BEDROOM WALLS enchant fans with a lush sound they call Romanticore. Their debut earned praise for its lilting melodies and dark wit from Rolling Stone, Village Voice, and The Boston Phoenix. New album May 2006 on Baria Records.


Hailed as "the next breakout group from Los Angeles" by the SF Bay Guardian, Bedroom Walls enchant fans with a voluptuous sound they call Romanticore. Armed with a narcotic grace and a bone-dry sense of humor, the band's songs aim to instruct listeners in the proper use of melancholy. The L.A. WEEKLY says: "Music has to be liked a bit too much. Bedroom Walls make that easy, playing songs with awkward perfection. It's shamelessly melodic, kind of ambient, kind of spaced-out, surprisingly clever. It's like your little sister on drugs, insouciant and a bit off-the-wall." Or, as Bedroom Walls told the LOS ANGELES TIMES, "We just want to make people sad."

Bedroom Walls formed in 2002 when Adam Goldman, Melissa Thorne and Julian Gross (now of Liars) got together in Los Angeles to arrange the repertoire of rainy-day pop Goldman had been amassing on his 4-track (naturally). The group began rehearsing songs that would eventually populate their sleepy, infectious 2003 debut, I SAW YOU COMING BACK TO ME. Critics and fans liked what they heard – the record earned praise for its stunning textures, shimmering melodies, and dark wit from the likes of ROLLING STONE, THE VILLAGE VOICE, and THE BOSTON PHOENIX, and DJ Nic Harcourt invited them on his legendary KCRW radio show for an in-studio performance. (ISYCBTM reached #9 on KCRW’s album chart the month of its release.) The band expanded to a septet and played shows in New York City, Boston, San Francisco and Austin, where they wowed industry-types and lone star hipsters at last year’s South-By-Southwest Festival.

Now comes Bedroom Walls' breathtaking sophomore album, ALL GOOD DREAMERS PASS THIS WAY (Baria Records). Produced by Rafter Roberts (Sufjan Stevens, Fiery Furnaces, Black Heart Procession, Castanets) and mixed by Joe Chiccarelli (Beck, U2, Rufus Wainwright, American Music Club, Journey), the record finds the band indulging both its melodic gifts and its love of ornate instrumentation. Goldman says he was trying to capture the epic schizophrenia of his high school mix tapes: "When you're a kid, you just love what you love without thinking too hard about classifications or sub-genres. So, I would make myself these mix tapes with a Squeeze song followed by a Pink Floyd song, followed by a Smiths song followed by Led Zeppelin. I found one of these tapes when we were starting to arrange this record and I loved the crazy internal logic of it. I wanted to get all of that – the anglo-pop of Squeeze, the mythic bombast of Led Zeppelin, the druggy sprawl of Floyd, the teenage narcissism of the Smiths."

After recording ALL GOOD DREAMERS, the band underwent another transformation, paring itself down to an essential foursome of Goldman, Thorne, Donna Coppola and Jeff Kwong. The sound is more intimate onstage, allowing for the details and nuances to shine through the lull and hush. It’s really just a continuation of the mission: to craft a sound that hints at the darker side of beauty and the lighter side of knowing your ex-girlfriend is happier now. Romanticore is spreading beyond Los Angeles to a suburban bedroom near you. It’s going to start showing up in the eyes of people you think you know, as sad and lovely as the sun setting through smog.


All Good Dreamers Pass This Way (coming May 2006)
I Saw You Coming Back to Me (LP) 2003
A Species of Idleness (EP) 2004

Bedroom Walls performed live on 89.9 KCRW’s "Morning Becomes Eclectic. "I Saw You Coming Back to Me" reached #9 on KCRW's album chart, and was music director Nic Harcourt's top recommendation in January 2004.

The songs "Do The Buildings And Cops Make You Smile?" and "Winter, That's All" were popular on college radio.

Set List

The Dog's Life
Winter, That's All
In Anticipation of Your Suicide
Kathy in Her Bedroom
Who's Been Driving Around for Days
Somewhere in Newhall
Your Idea of a Holiday
The Lancer Edition
Do The Buildings And Cops Make You Smile?
Five Days or Your New Shoes