Bedroom Walls

Bedroom Walls


Hailed as "the next breakout group from L.A." by the SF Bay Guardian, BEDROOM WALLS enchant fans with a lush sound they call Romanticore. Their debut earned praise for its vivid melodies and dark wit from Rolling Stone and The Village Voice. Fresh from SXSW, the band is nearly done with a new album.


Hailed as "the next breakout group from Los Angeles" by the SF Bay Guardian, BEDROOM WALLS enchant fans with a voluptuous sound they call Romanticore*.   Employing a narcotic grace and a bone-dry sense of humor, the band's songs aim to instruct listeners in the proper use of melancholy.  The L.A. WEEKLY says: "Music has to be liked a bit too much. Bedroom Walls make that easy, playing songs with awkward perfection. It's shamelessly melodic, kind of ambient, kind of spaced-out, surprisingly clever. It's like your little sister on drugs, insouciant and a bit off-the-wall."  Or, as Bedroom Walls told the L.A. TIMES, "We just want to make people sad."

Recorded by Rafter Roberts (Fiery Furnaces, Black Heart Procession, Castanets, The Album Leaf, Sufjan Stevens) at Singing Serpent in San Diego, I SAW YOU COMING BACK TO ME has earned praise for its stunning textures, shimmering melodies, and biting depiction of boredom and heartbreak from the likes of Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, and The Boston Phoenix.  The album is occasionally instrumental and often lyrically sparse, mixing moody "baroque-minimalism" with offbeat humor to reveal an uncanny gift for finding the bliss in melacholy and vice versa.  From the sublte menace of "Winter, That's All," to the Steve Reich-meets-Cocteau Twins coda of "There's Nothing to See in the Morning Light," to "The Dogs Life," which outlines the dangers of comfort in sleepy, somber strokes, I SAW YOU COMING BACK TO ME is a potent elixir for the indie rock set.  A bipolar concoction of laughing gas and valium; a dreamy state of consciousness and sleep.

*What is Romanticore?

Romanticore is a term coined by Bedroom Walls to describe the kind of music they make. Some elements include: staring at the ceiling; the Santa Ana winds; guilty flashbacks; sedatives; stale cake for breakfast (and lunch); dancing alone in your bedroom to "Love Plus One"; minimalist posturing undercut by epic gestures; knowing your ex-girlfriend is happier now; sighing too loudly and too often; existentialism (ages 17-22); losing touch with your family; drinking peppermint schnapps because it's all that's left in the house; dandyism (ages 27-33); first kisses; the last paragraph of THE GREAT GATSBY; succumbing to bad habits; losing friends; finding old love letters in a book you borrowed from your new boyfriend; last kisses; sleeping far too much; the "Oh no, love – you're not alone!" part of "Rock 'n' Roll Suicide"; trying to cry/trying not to cry; driving in circles; etcetera ad infinitum...


I Saw You Coming Back to Me (LP)
A Species of Idleness (EP)

Bedroom Walls performed live on 89.9 KCRW’s "Morning Becomes Eclectic.  "I Saw You Coming Back to Me" reached #9 on KCRW's album chart, and was music director Nic Harcourt's top recommendation in January 2004.

The songs "Do The Buildings And Cops Make You Smile?" and "Winter, That's All" were popular on college radio.

Set List

The Dog's Life
Winter, That's All
In Anticipation of Your Suicide
Kathy in Her Bedroom
Six Weeks with Judi
Somewhere in Newhall
Hey (PIXIES cover)
Your Idea of a Holiday
He to Whom Mercy Has Been Granted
Do The Buildings And Cops Make You Smile?
Five Days or Your New Shoes

TRT: about 40 minutes