Bedsit Poets

Bedsit Poets


"Heartaches 'n harmonies from a duo that knows their jingle from their jangle" Mojo. "Tender originals that have an early-sixties innocence" The New Yorker. “…one sincere, wistful pop tune after another...” Time Out, NY.


One hot summer, former label mates and fellow Brits in New York, Ed and Amanda decided to write a few songs together. Twenty songs later, with guitarist Mac Randall on board, and a band name courtesy of Colin Blunstone, the Bedsit Poets called up the production expertise of The Kennedys (good friends, who, conveniently, had a home studio not too far from either Ed’s or Amanda's apartments). The result is their debut cd, The Summer That Changed. Produced over the course of one year; imagine Fairport Convention crossed with Belle and Sebastian, with a touch of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin (in English).

Haunting, tuneful, lyrically off-kilter, and stamped by the intricate warm harmonies of Edward and Amanda; it’s an intimate, gentle breeze of summer. Here. Now. Forever. Their inspired cover of “Don’t Ask Me To Be Friends” (Everly Brothers) has been the unanimous audience favorite at both the NXNE and IPO festivals. Another key track is “February Kisses”, currently on the Australian compilation Planet of the Popboomerang Vol. 2 (“...highlights are the dreamy, Marianne Faithfull like vocals of the Bedsit Poets..” – Oz Music Project).


The Summer That Changed
Bongo Beat Records, 2005

Set List

Standard set is 45 minutes, up to three sets an evening, sprinkled with an eclectic array of covers.