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"Album Review by The Lexington Project"

"What strikes me right off the bat when this record starts is that it's incredible that I know these people. James Friley, lead singer and keyboardist, speaks, sings, and plays at such a sophisticated level that it's hard to believe he's my age, and actually a little younger at only 20 years. I don't mean to imply that 20 years is too short a time to reach the point James has, it's just that at the helm of his band he makes me think they're a bunch of mid 30s in an established band I hear of often from hip sites like Pitchfork. This is because Bedtime is ready for that sort of exposure, and they deserve it. Their first full-length, "Self-titled" contains so many catchy melodies and brilliant musical attention by every band member that it's instantly enjoyable and more so after multiple listens. One moment you'll be snared by some masterful piano/keyboard line or striking vocals by James, and then you'll be lost in a guitar riff by Lucas Ward. Andrew Ramey and Josh Blaine round out the quartet with a skillful rhythm section. Bedtime's, "Self-titled" is an awesome CD and one by fellow Kentuckians. Do yourself a favor and catch a show from these guys while they still have time to play Lexington. Their live shows are truly rewarding and worth supporting."
- Cody Swanson of Noisycrane

link: - Cody Swanson / Ross Compton

"Eyes For Indie on It Flows"

"One more before bed… out of Kentucky comes Bedtime. Awesome warbling lyrics and catchy riffs. I hope I can see them at Piano’s Jan 12th!!"

and -

"Said The Gramophone on Fall, In a Shade of Red"

"My Bedtime cd arrived in the mail today. It's different than I expected, having listened only to streams, and only parts of them. I knew I wanted to hear it clearer, and I listened over and over to "Fall, In a Shade of Red" while walking around today. The air, now cold enough to chill your nose, was right. The strangers, a mixture of business people and ben folds fans, were just right. The music, with pleasant vocal dekes and guitar solos like an old highway, strong and coolly crumbling, was grey and perfect. It's a song that doesn't pull you too far in one direction, which I liked, today I just want someone to stand with me, just stand there, not changing me."

link -, Dan Beirne

"You Ain't No Picasso"

"It’s fall weather here in Lexington and I’m of mixed feelings about that. On one hand it’s getting cold. As I write this to you, I’m wearing a sweatshirt in my own house. But the one good thing about change in weather is that I can enjoy a whole new set of music even more: cold music. Bedtime’s self-titled record is cold music with a warm heart. For both “Winter’s Glow” and “The C,” the piano provides the chill while lead singer James Friley is all the heart they’ll ever need."

more at link -, Matt Jordan

"Album Review By Reviews By Guild"

“If happy was scary at the same time” is the self-described sound of Ashland, Kentucky’s Bedtime, and that’s exactly how the band’s first full-length album feels. The guys of Bedtime (James Friley, Andrew Ramey, Lucas Ward and Josh Blaine) combine their obvious creativity and genuine musical talents to create a distinctive and captivating sound that has already earned this unsigned band a lot of respect from fellow artists and a huge fan base in their hometown and the surrounding areas.
The self-titled album is a great showcase for the talents of these young musicians. There are a couple of old favorites from the band’s previous EP like “Winter’s Glow” and “The Last Day” that only seem better in the context of a full-length album, as well as several new songs that are beyond good enough to be playing on an Indie radio station or an MTV reality show right now. Lead singer James Friley’s classical piano training adds a unique twist to this alternative CD, especially in songs like “Night Kite Flite,” a take on a traditional waltz using drums and guitar.
The band’s use of the organ and various borderline-scary sounds combined with occasionally silly lyrics create a dark playfulness on some tracks while others are insightful and seem almost urgent. “Fall, In A Shade of Red” is an unexpected track and is very unique, not to mention catchy in all the right ways, and the “Unknown Bonus Track” could easily put Wilco out of their job of supplying Volkswagen with songs for commercials.
These guys are serious musicians that definitely still know how to have fun with their music and at their shows. Songs like “Wasn’t Here,” “Western” and “Death of a Harlequin” prove that Bedtime is just as good as anyone else out there, only better.

link -, Lauren Frame

"The Dame Newsletter"

"...Bedtime are the most orchestral band in town, period. Churning ebb and flow guitar riffs take a backseat to the almost operatic piano compositions of James Friley. This is triumphant music in every facet, recommended for fans of The Dresden Dolls and Neutral Milk Hotel."

"Bedtime orchestrate theatrical, crescendo-oriented and epic piano meets fuzz box rock in the realm of Arcade Fire."
8/27/2007 w/ Paleo

"Bedtime is one of the few bands that can share the stage with these guys - victorious crescendo-oriented dramatic dark pop reminiscent of the Arcade Fire with serious chops and a penchant for the piano."
9/18/2007 w/ Mathematicians - The Dame, Lexington KY, Michael Powell

"French Magazine/Blog Les Inrockuptibles"

Il ya chez ces jeunes Américains du Kentucky un souffle romantique, une agilité mélodique et une élégance sonore qu’il faudra surveiller de très près.

English translation:
These are young Americans from Kentucky who breath romantic, melodic agility and an elegant sound to be watched very closely. (roughly)

link: page 7[pointer]=6&cHash=41503c6a7e

"Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands on Fall, In A Shade Of Red"

"I came across this song a few weeks ago, and it's been steadily growing on me ever since. From the very first time I heard it, I knew it was something I liked - but I like a lot of things and (sadly) many of them end up getting lost in the shuffle that is my busy life. This one wouldn't go away, though. It hung on to me. It kept showing up. And as the weeks went by, I have grown to love it for its messiness, its continual drive forward, its transitions and breakdowns. "Fall, in a Shade of Red" is something to get lost in, a lonely, cluttered, hectic autumn longing for the summer months, believing they'll be hear again, soon enough."

link -

"Best of '07 - WKTMT"

Fall, In A Shade Of Red is song number 16 on WKTMT's top songs of 2007.

Also, earlier on Who Killed The Mixtape:"Bedtime has that basement feel of a smart band that plays to it's strengths. The piano and guitar here are wonderful as they work towards a crescendo that never quite breaks."

more at link


"Top 10 Albums of 2007"

Bedtime's self-titled album is one of the best albums of 2007.

link: - So The Story Begins


Bedtime - self-titled CD, released June 2007. 13 Songs.
Bedtime - 7 song EP (James and Andrew), released December 2004.
Recently played on several podcasts, including WOXY.COM and Dallas Does Indie (
Various tracks receive airplay on WOXY.COM, WRFL 88.1 Lexington KY, WVKC 90.7 Chicago IL, 4ZzZ 102.1 FM Brisbane Australia, WRBB 104.9 Boston MA, WOBN 101.5 Columbus OH, BSR 88.1 Providence RI, WSRN 91.5 Swarthmore PA, U92 FM 91.7 Morgantown WV, KVRX 91.7 Austin TX and WUOL 90.5 Louisville KY.



Bedtime builds crescendos like you eat lunch.

As many veterans of the Montreal and Torontos scenes, like Arcade Fire, Do Make Say Think, and others, cultivate stark, minor key lush orchestrations of intensity, there comes the same energy and philosophy - but from a group of early 20-somethings from eastern Kentucky. Yes, you read that right. Enter Bedtime, a band so talented at such a young age that they'll scare you.

People have already begun to notice, as the band made it into the second round of the national Lollapolooza Last Band Standing, received heavy local college radio play on WRFL 88.1, and are a huge favorite of Lexington's premiere music venue, The Dame, who will book them every chance they get.

Sure, Bedtime's popularity in their home state might not mean much to you right now, but when the amplified, twisting baroque pop slivers out your PA, you'll be stoked to share the room with them and get a couple pats on the back for being such an insightful booking agent.

Forming in 2005 shortly before college, half of Bedtime now attends the University of Kentucky with ringleader James Friley, a vocalist with the stylings of a Jeff Mangum sans the annoying atonal sustains and batshit-gone personality, studying piano performance. Don't think that his formal training is adding a seriously classical touch to the music, because that was already there. In their downtime, Bedtime has done nothing but tour around the area, earning a modest and respectable following in the Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia region. Now is Bedtime's time to wake up a larger audience, both in the beauty, freshness, and sheer volume of their swaying canticles.

Don't sleep on this. Bedtime's prowess for diverse, weaving, spiraling orchestral indie rock makes every band on the Matador label look retarded. Recommended for fans of The Arcade Fire, Blonde Redhead, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Dresden Dolls, Love,
606-232-0208 - James
606-547-6402 - Andrew