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“This band Bedtime for Toys may well
prove to be simply the hipsters Black Eyed Peas, but right now I’m exploding with love for this band…you can’t bet against ‘Mona Lisa’ kicking off big time over here.” - Alex Miller - Rolling Stone Blog

Have I been living under a rock? Does like everyone already know and love Bedtime for Toys? Because there is like no way these kids aren't huge. Or there is no reason they shouldn't be…Bedtime for Toys feels like something Gwen Stefani would be doing if she was actually interesting." - Big Stereo

"It's a motherfuckin' dance riot! Bedtime for Toys combine a mix of electro, hip-hop, fun, pop, and R&B to trot on a futuristic rock n roll wonderland that hasn't been stepped on since the glory days of Prince and the Revolution."

- It Is The Moneyshot

Better than Coldplay's Arena tour... better believe it!

If Heavy D and Deborah Harry ever collaborated during their respective heydays, the result would have been something akin to Bedtime for Toys, which hit Elysium's stage Thursday night with the unruly fizz of a Shiner Bock in a paint mixer. The Los Angeles group raps, dances, mixes live video, banters, spray- paints its own T-shirts - and Bedtime for Toys' stage show is a hilarious, jittery combination of Gravy Train!!!! and I Am the World Trade Center covering a self-created Sheila E./Salt-N-Pepa medley. (Yes, I went there - only because they did. It was a hot visit to "Glamorous Life"/ "Push It," too. - Denver Post Newspaper

Similar to Chicks On Speed but even they have nothing on this L.A. based outfit. B.F.T. are internationally recognized in many areas and on listening to this EP you can understand why. From their socially aware lyrics to carefully crafted sound you can´t help but want to dance your ass off! - UK's Punk Globe

"A celestial hybrid of electro, hip hop,
pop and metal"
- URB Magazine

“This isn’t just 'cross genre because we like everything' kind of party music. No, Bedtime for Toys crosses genres because on an intellectual level they recognize the similarities and where different genres can actually fit together. The result is a sound that is as slick as any pop act out there, but with legit street cred to back it up.”
- Classical Geek Theatre

If sexy were a virus Bedtime For Toys would have a disease. This Los Angeles based quartet is one of the few groups to successfully combined electro beats and hip hop lyrics. The world most definitely needed this. They’ve been named in Rolling Stone as one of the top 25 bands of myspace, interviewed in URB and they are also up for the cover of Nylon, you can vote for them here.

- Missing Toof

Like Prince, Bedtime for Toys refuse to forget rock and roll in their sexy witches brew with the jagged beats and Rockwell keyboards [BfT] successfully weds hip-hop [and] 80s synth funk all of the tracks make you want to get oiled and naked. It's difficult to imagine a mix of instruments more impressively blended, each player shadowing the others in a way that adds shading and breadth. If this EP portends the content on their forthcoming LP, then Bedtime for Toys are dance floor assassins worth keeping an eye on. - Indie Workshop


Multiple Upcoming Spring releases (2008)

Cogito Records
featuring guest vocals by Har Mar Superstar and remixes by Le Tigre & Spank Rock

"The Bedtime for Toys EP, Vol. 1"
Trash Aesthetics Label (UK)

Cogito Records, Vinyl-only single

"Black Photographs" EP
Cogito Records

"Young Lions" EP
Cogito Records



Making music with the energy of punk rock mixed with the sweet soul of R&B, Bedtime for Toys iz the definition of PUNK n’ B.

URB Magazine called The 'Toys "...a celestial hybrid of electro, hip-hop, pop and metal”, the NME-UK said, "they may well prove to be the hipsters Black Eyed Peas" while Rolling Stone simply named them one of the "25 Best Bands on MySpace".

Hailing from the Koreatown area of Los Angeles, The ‘Toys have toured the US and UK, sharing the stage with cutting edge artists like Diplo, Kid Sister, Moving Units, Har Mar Superstar, and Lady Sovereign. They’ve also recorded several critically acclaimed EPs while collaborating with their heroes like Tom Tom Club and Le Tigre.

Just like the 80s cartoon robot Voltron, the ’92 Olympic Dream Team, and Prince & the Revolution, Bedtime for Toys are a super-group comprised of members with their own unique talents that together form an unstoppable force.

Frontwoman Marchelle B. has been described as a “genetically invented superblonde made from the proteins and enzymes of Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Deborah Harry, and Debbie Gibson …hard-drinking, adorable, full of energy, spunky, engrossing, sexy, dangerous, and rather easy on the eyes.”

Her right-hand hypeman is Toussaint. He’s a keyboard playing MC and music production boy genius that has remixed artists as far ranging as Wolfmother, Nelly Furtado, and Lil’ Wayne.

Her left-hand man is Sammy JC. He’s a heavy metal guitar shredder that’s been possessed by the rock n' roll spirit ever since partying backstage with Kiss and AC/DC at ten years old.

Nashii is the band’s badass bass player. She was born in Malaysia, raised in Scotland, and holds the title of the youngest person ever to climb the highest mountain in Southeast Asia…She’s no joke!

At the foundation of Team Toys is Kenan, their young phenom drummer. Before Bedtime for Toys, he got his start performing in Sunday church, playing in punk bands, and touring the world with his dad’s group, the legendary Earth Wind & Fire.

Bedtime for Toys are currently recording new music at a downtown art gallery in the Los Angeles Toy District. They perform wherever musical justice is in danger and their collective mission has remained unshakable: to see a million faces and rock them all.