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"Strong, frisky and cool Turk on stage"

Strong, frisky and cool Turk on stage

A Turkish musician who withstood all difficulties and believed in himself is climbing the ladder of success pretty fast.

ISTANBUL - Turkish Daily News

mostly sings in English and it might be impossible for some to believe he is Turkish until hearing his name. He said he would never choose adopting a foreign stage name as Beduk means "big and strong" in Cagatay Turkish, and it is his surname.

Lyrics in English and Turkish
Beduk studied graphic design at Bilkent University and worked in couple of advertising agencies but he never felt complete. He is the one who writes song lyrics in English and Turkish, he makes the music, he is the executive producer and the creative director of his albums.
“I fought so much for producers to understand my music but the music industry in Turkey is so secluded and no one wants to hear anything new,” said Beduk. After he tried hard to make people understand him and his different music he gave up and decided to build his own studio to start working for the album he wanted to make. He found a two-story flat and turned one floor to a studio where Beduk completed his first album “Even Better.”
Stronger and more ambitious
Last summer's Rock'n Coke Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in Turkey and takes place every year in Istanbul, invited him to perform within the festival. It was one of the most crowded audiences ever seen at the “alternative stage” of the festival.
White suit and shades
He emphasized that he has fun when he sings and dances on stage
Although Beduk confronted each aspect of his music by himself, he goes on stage with five other musicians .
“We make the dance music of today,” he said adding, “I don't want to see a dim man in front of me when I go out at night, that's why I'd prefer playing live on stage.”
Beduk has performed in most of the well-known clubs around Istanbul. He said that although they insisted on changing his name and image he never thought of agreeing to it. “I am happy with being who I am and knowing how I should take each step in this music industry.”
His album “Even Better” is a mix of funk, disco and house music, has nine English songs, four Turkish songs and two remixes.

- Daily News Turkey


- Like Tomorrow Will Never Come (Miller music Factory Compilation) 2006
- My Woman (single from the Even Better LP) 2007
- Even Better (LP) 2007 May - Audiology Records
- Better Than My Baby (Even Better LP) 2008



Beduk's second album “Even Better” which aims to be one of the best Dance music productions around the globe. In this ambitious project ,he mixes his own style and groove with the mainstream dancefloor patterns in a unique, outstanding way merging with his strong catchy tunes and easy going well arranged lyrics .

Beduk does all the lyrics, music, arrangement, recording, mixing, back vocals and plays all the instruments in this album. He is a one of a kind outbreaking genius that records all his albums as a “one man show.”

On the stage, he appears with his 5 member band playing completely live. Which we can not see these days. –“We’re forced to listen to contemporary dance music from the Dj’s nowadays and what I’m doing is to bring back live music to the dance world scene like It was done back in the 70’s” says Beduk.

Took two videos by now and each of them created a huge success standing out from the Turkish music scene. “My Woman” and “Better Than My Baby” entered the MTV charts and stayed at number one for weeks. Got thousands of hits on the internet mainly youtube and sold thousands of records in Turkey.

By now Beduk made several live appearances with his band including the biggest festivals and clubs around Turkey. His unbelieveble energy on stage mixes with the dance audience that creates an outstanding vibe and never before seen stage performance.

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