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This band has not uploaded any videos




"wow" is right. this is some disturbing, icy, creepy, triphop. real uncomfortably, outsider-y sounding stuff. - the mercury

"PDXpop tomorrow! gatas en zapatas, mouse that roared, son of knife, bEe"

bEe - she sports blue hair, and just turned 21!- creates pretty catchy ambient trip-hop. equal parts gritty and melodic, her tunes are like heavier and more abstract bjork or massive attack. and slowed-down industrial beats over the appropriate female voice somehow always sounds much better than any dude's pipes. - willamette weekly


a sample of music that bEe maid (2005) self produced
bEe MeE (2005) self produced
bEeZ ep (2006) cct records
pieces (2008) sunrise records

'push' (2007) a collaboration with monosylabikk released on his ep 'rocks' through kitty-yo

another collaboration with monosylabikk entitled 'partway' has played on SPIN FM radio in dublin



i m bEe.

i used to play guitar. people used to tell me i was going to be the next ani difranco or jewel. that was the last thing i wanted to be. what i really wanted was to be a star on broadway, still do. i always sang other peoples songs and never really thought about making my own music. i'd been involved in music and theater most of my life. it wasn't until my last year of high school that i really started thinking about creating my own music, but i had no idea what to do. i knew i didn't want to sing and play guitar. that felt too obvious. i knew what i wanted, but i wasn't exactly sure what it was or how to find it. i know that doesn't make sense, but its hard to explain. my point is that once i found bjork, i had my epiphany. i know how nerdy that sounds, but its the truth. so i played around for a bit, bought a laptop and in early 2005 i played my first show and released my first cd. that's how it started. my main goal is to have fun and keep my childhood alive.

i released two cds on my own. all the covers and cds were screen printed with my blood, sweat and tears. most of the music i did all on my own as well. three friends contributed, one song on the first release and two on the 2nd. then i released a 4 track ep through cct records over in the UK and just this past spring (2008) i released 'pieces' through sunrise records in portland, oregon.

the knife
laurie anderson
his dark materials
japanese street fashion
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