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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

New York City, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Alternative Indie




"Five for Free - Beecher's Fault - Matchstick Kings"

We end close to where we started: back in New York. Beecher's Fault are a duo who are aiming for anthemic sounds, and on 'Matchstick Kings' they achieve this without having to dip into power chords and stadium-rock production. It's purely the build of this rumbling and twinkling pop/rock track that give that effect, something which is then heightened by some nice vocal harmonies. - The Sound of Confusion

"Beecher's Fault: Matchstick Kings"

Listen to a new track from New York indie pop outfit Beecher’s Fault.

Matchstick Kings is a catchy, slow burning, somewhat epic stadium rock stomper that could put The Killers to shame. - Deadly Music

"Daily Downloads"

Daily Downloads (Joseph Arthur, The Dismemberment Plan, and more)

Every day, Daily Downloads offers 10 free and legal mp3 downloads, plus free and legal live sets from around the internet.

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"Nick's Picks: Beecher's Fault, "Matchstick Kings""

Remember that moment in the movie “Garden State” when Natalie Portman puts her headphones over Zach Braff’s ears and says, “You gotta hear this one song, it’ll change your life I swear”, then The Shins’ “New Slang” starts playing?

That moment happened to me today.

But it wasn’t from any big pop band, and (sadly) Natalie Portman wasn’t involved. It was from local Brooklyn rockers Beecher’s Fault, and it was a simple email to me sharing their new video for their song “Matchstick Kings.”

The video and song blew me away.

Chills ran up my spine and I dashed off an email blast about it immediately.

It really is very, very good.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. Then share the moment with someone you love.

Go ahead. Change your life. - VT Blog

"Beecher's Fault: Matchstick Kings"

Ken Lamken (keys/vocals) and Ben Taylor (guitar/vocals) set about composing a smart pop song that could serve as a singalong when they play live with their band Beecher's Fault. Matchstick Kings could do the trick, a piano driven power ballad with far better lyrics than usual in that particular niche. Your little sister will love them and pick up some pointers on out-of-the-box melodicism along the way. Lots of backing vocalists, so that even the musically challenged will understand that is OK participate.

The single can be downloaded for free from Soundcloud.

Live dates:
12/21 Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY
12/31 The Queens Kickshaw, Queens, NY
01/17 The Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA - Here Comes the Flood

"Pick Your Poison: 12-19-13"

Once you’re done with that set of distractions, let me offer up another set via some song downloads and streams. Don’t miss tracks from Beecher’s Fault, Let the Machines Do the Work, The Neighbourhood, Royale, Stone Jack Jones and Wild Ones (covering Drake). In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream cuts from Against Me!, Caveman, Mountain Man (covering John Denver), Rick Ross (ft. Jay Z) and Sisyphus (Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux & Serengeti). Have a great Christmas! The next edition of Pick Your Poison will be posted on Friday, December 27th. - Faronheit

"Three for Free – The December Version"

Beecher’s Fault is based in Astoria, New York. The driving forces are Ken Lamken (vocals, keys) and Ben Taylor 9guitar, vocals). They are offering “Matchstick Kings,” which begins with piano and low energy vocals. At the 1:08 mark of the song, the caffeine takes effect. - Indie Obsessive

"Beecher's Fault: Say Something"

One of the absolute thrills allows me is the opportunity to hear new songs and artists that I most likely would have never come across without people recommending them to me, or often the artist/band contacting me directly and asking me to give a listen. Even though I am very selective about who can make ‘The List’, I usually jump at the chance because the only way to find great new songs, especially from under-the-radar artists and bands, is to listen to as much as possible.

When the listening uncovers a real gem it is always very satisfying. The latest gem is from Beecher’s Fault, a New York based band playing what I would call ‘Intelligent Pop/Rock music’. I do not know exactly why but I can always identify a New York City rock band — there is always an ‘artsy-ness’ to them and the musicianship is normally top-notch and clean. This does not automatically translate to creating a great song, but for Beecher’s Fault 2013 song ‘Say Something’ it does. They prove to have the fine NYC musical qualities and, more importantly, the songwriting skills to match.

On the intriguing ‘Say Something’, the band from Astoria captured me with an inviting groove and the elegently-simple chorus. I absolutely love the unique keyboard sound. A nice backing vocal on the chorus is another highlight element to the song. [Young bands take notice -- a contrasting or higher pitch backing harmony elevates a key line in the verses or chorus. It is an effective tool for a song, but somewhere back in the 90's, it started to get sidelined more in song recordings compared to the previous decades of rock music].

Beecher’s Fault has a real clear-mindedness in their approach to lyrics and music, which produces a great result on ‘Say Something’ and a new favorite tune of mine. See if you don’t find yourself humming the melody and singing the lyrics to yourself after a couple listens. - Great Songs Never Die

"Beecher's Fault Continues to Amaze Me"


A few months ago, I highlighted a band by the name of Beecher’s Fault. These amazing guys, from Astoria, New York, just released a new EP and it’s so amazing I just had to review it.

1. Misbehavior- A great song to start the album. I love how instruments all trickle in, climaxing with the addition of the lead singer’s distinctive vocals. The keyboard line really stands out, as well as the tambourine; tambourines are by far the most underappreciated instrument out there. J The percussion has an incredible effect, allowing the song to nicely flow.

2. In Waves- Love the drum-only introduction and how the instruments come in “in waves.” Very creative. The song has a very 1980’s flavor, which automatically gets my approval. Still, the track remains totally modern. The two styles could have clashed, but they don’t, which goes to show that Beecher’s Fault is here to stay.

3. Say Something- My personal favorite track. I love the opening line of “quit scaring my friends.” It instantly piques my interest. The instrumentation is simple—yet complex—permitting the vocals to be the main focus. The harmonies are stunning and the melody will be stuck in your head for the next week, at least. J

4. Wall Street- Maybe this one is my favorite track. I can’t decide; they’re all great. This song is, indeed, a “hell of a time.” I particularly like the minor tone, truthful lyrics, steady percussion in the background, and the guitar solo around 2:12.

5. Photos- A solid final track. The song boasts a bittersweet melody, a tambourine (you know my thoughts on tambourines) and once again, showcases their amazing drummer. I love the various instrumentation and the lead singer’s falsetto.

Overall, Beecher’s Fault is a band where all the members are remarkable musicians, excellent songwriters, and beautiful performers. This EP sets that in stone. I wish these guys the best of luck. Tell all your friends about these guys, buy their album (I promise you’ll have these songs stuck in your head), and support them; they deserve it. - Sountrack Blogger

"Fresh Spread - Beecher's Fault - Misbehavior"

We decided to SPREAD some international love to our neighbors down south.

Brand New EP for “Beecher’s Fault” out of NY.

This band is a breath of fresh air. The trio enticed us by straying from the current narrow-sighted Pop Rock appeal and instead chose to write good thoughtful music that makes sense. We consider it an accomplishment in these modern times, where many artists, driven by perception, force unnecessary chaos onto their music. By being authentic, they have set themselves apart. We understand misbehavior, do you?
- Spread

"Beecher's Fault in Deli Magazine"

Who says you can't insert clever ideas into pop music? Like Ms Mr and Passion Pit before them, the members of Beecher's Fault are finding a place in pop music for experimental ideas to exist, and find ways to be clever at the same time. It's immediately evident listening to 'Misbehavior' how duo Ben Taylor and Ken Lamken have one foot in pearly pop, while including sonic somersaults to keep your head twirling while your feet are moving. There's more to Beecher's Fault than you'll see from first glance. Check them out when they play Fontana in the LES this Thursday January 24 at 8pm. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets) - Deli Magazine

"Beecher's Fault Debut EP Review"

As a band of three, their sound is big. Beecher’s Fault emit raw emotion with their hooks, and their thought provoking messages are beautifully shared to listeners via Ben’s vocals and their delicately constructed lyrics. For a music sampler, this self titled EP impresses. Beecher’s Fault have enough backbone to make it, with a music business that is now overflowing with room for talented new musicians that have something new to offer.
Opening track ‘Liars’ is infectiously catchy; out of the five tracks the most promising for a single release. Its subject seems to be centered on the attitude many people have to today’s capitalist western world – going through each day living the life we are expected and predicted to with no real spontaneity. Ben from the band was quoted in saying that “new ideas are becoming less and less common in pop, and we’d really like to change that”. Lyrics such as those in ‘Liars’ exemplify this perfectly, and with a theme as strong as this on the first track off the EP they give much hope for the rest.

‘Fine by Me’ is a gentle and relaxed addition to the EP; a love song with only the high, soft guitar chords used and weighty keys that give the song great emotion and depth – an easy listen that will have you switching it to repeat. ‘Rearranged’ is less complex and deep, yet straight forward and triumphant. “And today somebody’s leaving America/And today is a little bit strange/But today is just tomorrow rearranged.” The keys on ‘Leftover People’ are also a powerful implement in their search for originality. It has a jazzy vibe, only achieved through the talent of Ken on keys.

They have already notched up a lengthy list of shows in America, and their feedback has been pretty positive. ‘Fine by Me’ reminded me of an early David Gray with his meaningful lyrics and soothing vocals, and opener ‘Liars’ has a strong vocal sounding of British indie band Everything Everything, with Ben showing off his impressive falsetto. However apart from these small similarities, I found it relatively hard to fit this band into one style as an influence. They have something new bands long to achieve to get noticed and succeed, their sound is original. It seems to me their debut EP is a definite promising start. - MuzikaBlog

"Artist to Watch: Beecher's Fault"

In one of the hottest new bands to come out of Queens, Beecher's Fault has all the elements to be a major piece of the New York City music scene. Blending alternative and indie rock elements to go along with a plethora of other influences helps the band create a unique sound that helps to separate them from the crowded field of indie bands in New York. With reverb soaked guitar work and a sound like They Might Be Giants, the band brings together pop sensibilities with their own fresh take to create a uniquely Beecher's Fault sound. The trio is made up of Ben Taylor on guitar and vocals, Ken Lamken on keys and vocals, and Eric Levine on drums, who each contribute significantly to creating this huge sound out of just three guys. Formed in 2011, Beecher's Fault has been on a rapid ascent through the New York music scene, playing everywhere from The Bitter End to Sullivan Hall to Pianos and everywhere in between. To go along with their incredible self-titled EP, given 10 stars out of 10 by The Muse's Muse, the band is also quickly gaining quite a following through their live shows. Playing with the energy and exuberance of a garage band and the polish of a band that has been together for decades, Beecher's Fault combines all of the elements to create a successful band for years to come. You can check out Beecher's Fault's website here and look out for them as a band to watch in 2012. - Live for Live Music

"Artist Profile: Beecher's Fault"

In an industry where young, talented indie bands are a dime a dozen, Beecher’s Fault looks to establish themselves above the competition with a refreshing blend of alternative/indie rock mixed with shades of R&B, folk and soul. Their lyrics are visceral, their melodies catchy; in short, you will have their songs stuck in your head for quite a while. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Ben Taylor, vocalist/keyboardist Ken Lamken and drummer Eric Levine, all of whom hail from New Jersey. The trio recorded a five track EP this past winter that debuted on iTunes and was very well received. The diversity of their tracks showcased both the individual talent of each group member and the versatility of their music. Their lyrical content ranged from humorous existential commentaries about growing up and getting a job to melancholy ballads about the enigma of love or the loss of a friend.

Perhaps the most likeable thing about these guys is that not too long ago they were just like many of their twenty-something year old peers: jobless, penniless, and looking to find some kind of direction in their lives. Now, it seems they have not only found their true calling but are articulating the voice of their generation. The band’s genesis was rooted in a serendipitous meeting, a lot of hard work and a night of drinking. Ben Taylor returned home from college and scoured Craigslist, looking for a fellow musician interested in playing some music with him. He found fellow vocalist and keyboardist, Ken Lamken, whose dynamic keyboard riffs, smooth R&B voice and unique sense of humor clicked immediately with Ben's style and attitude. They then found Eric Levine, whose talent on the drums provided the final piece of the puzzle. Soon they found themselves hibernating in the musical darkroom experimenting with different sounds and molding their unique styles into something cohesive. Resurfacing as a polished ensemble and calling themselves Beecher’s Fault after a night of drinking with their friend “Beecher,” they have been busy establishing themselves as a serious presence in the indie rock scene and playing shows all over the New York/New Jersey area. - The Examiner

"NYC Band Premiers Music Video on Snapchat"

ASTORIA, Queens -- Music and media are mixing at a record pace.

Beecher's Fault is a band based in Astoria, Queens. They're known around the city and have a performance coming up Saturday, March 5, at Pianos at 158 Ludlow St. on the Lower East Side.

They released their latest music video, which was produced with clips from Snapchat, a popular social media application.

The app, where people can post photos and videos, was recently valued at $10 billion and claims 100 million daily users. The images and short video clips are sent as messages from your smartphone to users with other smartphones.

They can be saved, but not within the free app. That's why you have to watch the video for "Like Cartoons" on their website or YouTube. - Pix11 News (NYC)


Still working on that hot first release.





Beecher's Fault continue to seek out new musical territory with their artful blend of Synth Pop and Folk Rock, while remaining accessible and keeping their broad appeal. Lately they've achieved sold-out shows in such venue as Brooklyn Bowl (1000 capacity), and Rockwood Music Hall, and have had successful tours throughout the United States. Their latest single, "Smiling at People" is an anthemic, catchy tune inspired by a restless night. 2019 brings new members to the band including female vocalist Kayla O'Keefe and keyboardist Ben Dobay.  

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