Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

We are danceable, singable, well-written indie post-pop. We meld dissonance and odd time signatures with beautiful pop hooks and male/female three-part harmonies. Our live show is quirky, unpredictable, and musically satisfying. It is not rare for our sets to end with the entire audience on stage.


The Vancouver three-piece known as beekeeper has been favourably likened to everything from M.C. Escher’s chimerical staircases to convenience store snack food. Formed in Vancouver in 2010 by Devon Lougheed (guitar, vocals) and Luke Cyca (drums, vocals), the indie-pop power group’s resistance of categorization mirrors the band’s unapologetically ambitious style. With the 2011 addition of bassist and classically trained opera singer Brandi Sidoryk, beekeeper has become one of Vancouver’s most entertaining and unorthodox acts.

The trio is garnering buzz for playing “some of the cutest math-rock around” (Discorder Magazine, 2012), “[weaving] sturdy hooks around fancy rhythms” (Georgia Straight, 2010). In an interview with Vancouver Weekly, Lougheed described the band’s creative impetus as a seesaw between puzzling and un-puzzling, a creative exploration of infinite recursion and layers of meaning. beekeeper’s music has been called “a dizzy flight through genre and style,” (Vancouver Weekly, 2012) incorporating “traces of sublime ska-punk and pastoral math-rock” and reminiscent of the “golden era of college rock” (Georgia Straight, 2012). Cyca’s mind-bogglingly elaborate rhythms will impress your nerdy roommate, while adorable male-female duets will perk the ears of the cute hipster girl sitting next you on the bus. Sidoryk’s operatic training will earn nods of approval from your music-snob friends, but the band’s devious combination of whimsical west coast pop and gritty east coast indie rock brings crowds to the dancehall.

In support of their full-length album and brand new 7” release, beekeeper has been hard at work wowing audiences across Canada with their wild energy and engaging live shows. A beekeeper set is delightfully unpredictable: Lougheed’s madcap banter promises and threatens to take audiences anywhere and everywhere, from awkward junior high sock-hops to your favourite hidden corner of Vancouver’s streets. If Lougheed invites you onstage, do not be alarmed. It’s just another clever twist that beekeeper offers you: half quirky, participatory stratagem and half brash upending of the artist-audience relationship.

The three talented musicians comprising beekeeper are also members of local darlings Hey Ocean! and Sidney York, meaning that after a busy summer touring schedule, beekeeper will be back in the studio, working to create a second full-length album. It’s hard not to believe Lougheed’s roguish nonchalance when he tells journalists that his band is gearing up to record “the greatest record ever made.” Joking aside, beekeeper’s talent, drive and uncompromising originality put that goal squarely within their reach.

*** PEAK Performance Project 2012 ***


It's The Blood

Written By: Devon Lougheed

it's the blood you left behind...

for the first time i feel cold
got a lie, i've got a secret
you could take it all away
seems like body ruled mind
except that mind's on the same side
you could take it all away

it's the blood you left behind
it's the blood you left behind
it's the blood, it's yours and mine
it's the blood you left behind

safe safe safe safe

(but when i'm sleeping)
but when you're sleeping
i can see your structured bone frame
i can trace the boundaries of this love
we make sense of the guilt and the yada yada
we are like two birds in a nest


SHOUT AT PEOPLE. February 2013 (Coming soon).

TAKE ME BACK (TO THE PLACE). February 2012.

BE KEPT. October 2010.

Set List

Sets of various length, from 30-minute power openers to 1.5 hour headlining spots. All original material.