Bee Original Forever

Bee Original Forever

 London, England, GBR
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Bee Original Forever aims to entertain & enlighten the importance of caring for yourself and others regardless of your background. Working alongside charities, profit and non profit organisations Bee Original Forever’s creativity in music, fashion, film and youth development can be used as a positive outlet.


University graduate Cyril Ofori Nelson better known by his stage name Original Scars (born 22 November 1987), is a British Songwriter/lyricist from Camberwell, South London. Currently writes for signed and unsigned artist, he is also a creative assistant for Channel Four's Battlefront and a writer for Channel Four’s 4 Talent.

Original Scars a name given to Cyril Ofori Nelson from his distinctive lyrical delivery and unique scars, which occurred at just 11 months from an accident. Original Scars is from Camberwell, South London and attended St Anthony's Catholic Primary School; later going to St Thomas the Apostle College. He went on to study at Richmond Upon Thames College then (Birmingham) University where he completed his BA (Hons) in International Business Management.

With an emphasis on education and sport Original Scars started pursuing an interest in music as a career with football being a key interest as a goalkeeper. He represented for Borough, District and County with peers including Kelvin Etuhu, Dominic Shimmin, Danny Hanyes and Miles Weston. Constantly analysing the techniques of his football idols which included Peter Schmeichel and David Seaman, Original Scars improved resulting in trial games for Manchester City FC and Millwall FC.

Original Scars focus on music became more where he attended British Academy of New Music and Bellenden music project where he was mentored by musicians including James Yarde producer and brother of saxophonist Jason Yarde. This lead to the release of "Signs For Love" released on the 13th of September 2009 were he featured with singer/songwriter Bee, produced by Rymez beats who has worked Tinie Tempah, Wiley and Tania Foster.

Currently be mentored by Kamanchi Sly and Ayak Thiik, Original Scars is set to release his first solo single, the track features which have not been confirmed yet. He is currently in the studio working on his first studio compilation of music and album.

The Original Scars brand is also venturing into youth development groups as well as music and fashion under the brand name of Bee Original Forever.


Temptations Sinsations

Written By: Original Scars

Temptations SINsations

Temptation was nearly a sensation through beauty.
The subject was more than an ordinary cutie.
Relentless staring showed signs of caring
Willing to even share proved one was daring.
Smiles gave devilish silent signals of interest,
Intentions of sexual healing were appealing.
Eye’s bonding translated speechless bodily thoughts
Two victims of kindness,
Blindness sent one misleading emotions.
Were oceans of affections were wasted.
One gave
Sex for love
While the other gave
Love for sex.
True aspirations leaked through all solid barriers
The carrier of love the only person carrying the burden.

R.I.P Love

Written By: Original Scars

One man's pride denied a life time of attention to innocence,
This is for the times we never spent together
Or for the times your laughter didn't fill the room
With joy and energy.
If only I knew what I know today
Before you walked out of my outer life
I would ask you,
Did you stop to think about me?
I am not mad at you, I don't even hate you.
Once I blamed you now I know your mistake can't be my burden
You can't miss what you never had when it's gone.
Money can capture attention but can't buy true love
Sweet words can soothe the ears but can't change the truth
It only precious time that can heal a wounded heart
Something some grown men fail to acknowledge.
If I had one more day,
I would say thank you for making me stronger.
The man I am today is a beautiful example of what you should have been
It's sad to say farewell before I had the chance to say hello
I hope to see you again in a heavenly place.
I would never do this to my son,
But you are not me
Its only blood that's makes as the same.


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