The Fabulous Bee Feeders

The Fabulous Bee Feeders


The Fabulous Bee Feeders are a groovy sextet for hire. With bombastic sounds, and a will to make you shake what your momma gave you, a show with the Bees is not to be missed. The meld of funk, rock, soul and attitude will leave you questioning the quality of all bands you've seen before.


The Fabulous Bee Feeders!

“Since forming in 1997, the sextet has pursued a bigger sound than most local rock acts” -VUE Music Notes Ross Moroz 12/23/2005

If the six members of The Fabulous Bee Feeders have their way, soon everyone in Canada will agree that they are indeed living up to their ambitious name. Hailing from the city of Edmonton, this sextet harkens back to the days of the “show band” when rock groups were bigger, the sounds bombastic and the shows had to be seen to be believed.

The group got its start at Festering Pines Studios in Stony Plain, Alberta in the year 1999. They had but one solitary rehearsal before taking the stage at Festering Pines 1999, an annual music festival held in honour of all things funky. Since then they have expanded to include a current roster of six members, brothers Aldon and Sean Brewer, Jeremy Tokarek, Mark and Paul McGowan (also siblings) and Mike Simpson. Other members of the Bee Feeders’ Hive are Orville McLean, Khamserk Yangwhe, and Murray Taylor. The band likes to think of themselves as a collective musical mind, with all members contributing to the overall sound and direction of the music.

They mix hard rock, funk, reggae, and blues together with provocative lyrics to make you shake what your mother gave you. The Bee Feeder sound has wide appeal and inspires audiences young and old. Their wild stage antics and high-energy, free-flowing grooves ignite the dance floor and leave people screaming for “just one more”.

A show with The Bee Feeders is not to be missed. They will leave you with sweat on your brow and an unyielding desire to catch their next performance.

Look for a new single by The Fabulous Bee Feeders soon!

Our Influences could be: Talking Heads, Sly and the Family Stone, James Brown Soul Revue, MMW, and pretty much anything that's got that swing...Beck is a perennial favorite and we always look forward to his new releases. We also enjoy groovin' to the sounds of Miles Davis and his many projects, as well as the groovy sounds of the Beastie Boys, DJ Shadow, and other assorted mixmasters and groovemakers.

I would say that the raw energy, and wild driving grooves cause us to rip the roof off of every place we go...We only want to make the dancers dance...


Crazy Betty

Written By: S. Brewer

Crazy Betty
Lyrics by s brewer

Crazy Betty wrote a letter and she sent it express
She bought a brand new hat
Brand new dress
And she saved forty dollars for the bus,
Caught it at noon
She said, “Goodbye world, I’ll be back soon”

Well Johnny was a farmer and he did all right
He taught his people how to live and how to see the light
But Johnny he went crazy, howling at the moon
He said “goodbye world, you’ll make a god of me soon”

Bobby never was a prophet but he loved to hear the sound
Of another generation that was coming underground
But he went crazy for the seven playing out of tune
He said, “Goodbye world, I’ll be back soon”

Crazy Willie got that letter at a quarter to four
He’s calling Johnny and bobby, headed for the door
Meeting Betty on the sidewalk with a pencil and a lead balloon
He said “I’ll write you back tomorrow” then he stepped off and flew to the moon

Well Betty, she’s a standin’ in the middle of the street
Prob’ly goin’ crazy in the hot hot heat
‘Cause Johnny he’s in heaven, Willie’s flying, and bobby’s in bloom
She said, “Goodbye world, I’ll be back soon”

Many Warm Inventions

Written By: O. McLean

Many Warm Inventions
Lyrics by O McLean

There were many warm inventions in ‘35
To keep us warm, keep us alive
Some were built for comfort, some for peace
Prophets with visions of electric TVs, electric TVs, as much as you please

Old ball diamond, quarter to nine
Being torn down tonight
Torn down tonight
One more morning, brokedown blues
Ain’t news to you, news to you, news to you

These two brothers won a feminist prize
Though they tried to stay alive, stay alive, stay alive
You know both of them died
Attempt to enter heaven, but were denied
How they cried, had to sleep outside, they had to sleep outside,
Don’t you be denied

Pinchin’ dimes off little thieves ain’t new to me
It’s as easy as one, two, three
One more morning, brokedown blues
Ain’t news to you, news to you, news to you
It ain’t news to you.

All the girls that they knew wore long black ties
As if in disguise, in disguise, in disguise
You know them girls was guys?
Red in the morning, blue at night
Was one wrong and the other right, the other right
Oh I can see the light

One more morning, brokedown blues
Ain’t news to you, news to you
All these things will come to pass
When day turns to dark at last

The Desert Song

Written By: C. McLean

The Desert Song
Lyrics by c mclean

Across the waves of shimmering sand
I have seen Mozart and the mystery band
And they’re all playing dirges for the old man’s land
In the gazebo down by the college

You can see the heat here, like on the hood of a car
Driven by Jezebel the nun and Ringo Starr
They’ll stop at the office on the way to the bar
To see the open stage tribute to Jesus

But Elvis is there in Jesus’ stead
And his date is Uncle Sam, blue, white and red
The nominations for best picture are read
And Tom Jones is sadly disappointed

We all go walking out in the rain
Tom Jones expresses his massive disdain
Elvis explains why the world’s gone insane
And we all just smile and wave

Even Ringo realizes that all things must pass
He excuses himself when they stop for gas
Jezebel goes to Vegas, Ringo goes to mass
And they’ll see each other in heaven

At the crossroads of the junction at highway 61
Jesus realizes that he’s the son
And there’s far to many songs of praise to be sung
So he sets off in the name of his father

Elvis and Tom Jones pack up to go
Tom has a revelation about the ultimate show
And under the hypnotic lights of disco
He bids sweet adieu to the king

Elvis is the postman who wanders this road
And he’s looking for the ghost of poor Tom Joad
‘till he realizes the weight of the world may be far to great a load
And he buries his head in the sand.


Proto Mojo-The Fabulous Bee Feeders Full length Debut.
Desert Song-Single
Many Warm Inventions-Single
Proto Mojo-Single

Some of our songs, these as well as others, are available on Relax Radio, in Australia, as well as CJSR, and CKUA. Also, Radio Sonic 102.9

Set List

Crazy Betty
Long Ride
The Man in the Electric Suit
Desert Song
Only One Way Outta This Mess
Feed the Hungry Bee
Proto Mojo
Almost see the Light
The Waylon Nitelife
I Spy Will Die
Yes Let's
Point the Way
….and other new songs being written as I type.

Ring of Fire-Johnny Cash
Let me roll it- Paul McCartney
Down By the River-Neil Young
Cowgirl in the Sand- Neil Young
Taxman-The Beatles
Fame-David Bowie
Pump it Up-Elvis Costello
So Hard Done By-The Tragically Hip
I Want To Take You Higher-Sly & The Family Stone
Soul Man/Hold On' I'm Comin'-Sam and Dave

and many more countless favorites to dance to all night.