Though young, Bee has lived more beauty, passion, and pain than most people ever will. With her soul-baring lyrics, driving guitar, often hard-hitting rhythm section, and voice that will startle, seduce, and soothe you in the same song, Bee finds sweetness life's darkness with a rare authenticity.


Critics call her confident, edgy, and commanding. Her soul-bearing lyrics put her in a pedigreed lineage of confessional singer songwriters that have come before her. Ani DiFranco, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, and Carole King remain unforgettable due to their deeply personal declarations of independence. Seattle’s Bee Simonds is no different. Confronting the dimly lit corners of life and love, Bee gathers a handpicked variety of styles beneath her rock-driven compositions in her most recent release, "Pillars" which is broadly appealing to sophisticated audiences from Seattle to Paris. Folk-based ballads and spoken word compositions deliver emotionally compelling substance hip and edgy enough to keep things interesting without compromising mainstream appeal. Her music provides authentic rebellion as the echo of courage which has defined generations of women daring to reclaim themselves, if not their innocence. It is the signature style of the confessional singer songwriter to use life experience as their muse. Whether it is conscious or by accident - life’s implausible qualities are the branding feature of songwriters who embrace, then emancipate life’s indiscretions. Through the looking glass of her childhood as a two-time champion in the California State Talent Competition and reigning as Little Miss California all before she was eleven years old, Bee has been singing most of her life. "I won for my talent, not for my charm, to be certain," she remembers with a smile. "I was a tomboy with short hair and scrapes on my knees." Her charmed and youthful adventures came complete with a rabbit hole, in which Bee tumbled to some dark, lonely places. Landing on her feet, she found herself center stage, guitar in hand by age nineteen. For the past eight years, Bee has put that fantastic realm to good use riding the star she was born under. From Spokane to San Francisco, Bee has performed along the west coast in contemporary- morphed and influential bands including Bee & Camille, Henry Bee No One, C. S. Bee, and Young Lust. She wrote the theme song for "The Choke," a horror film she also acted in. For two years she worked as a television jockey for the WB network. Since the release of Pillars in 2007, Bee has graced the stage of Seattle’s most formative clubs, including The Tractor Tavern, Showbox, and Neumos. In February 2008, Bee collaborated with Seattle photographer Nathan Feder in his debut exhibit held in Paris. This significant alliance wove an aesthetic between two cultures renowned for artistic achievement. Many of Seattle’s most prominent and rising talent line up to work with Bee illustrating she possesses extraordinary tangible and intangible qualities branding her as a leader in her own right; and a distinctively nuanced example thriving in Seattle’s live music scene.



Written By: Bee Simonds

I'm over you now it took over twice what I'd known you before/the emptiness followed by a light I dare you to think of it now/serves me right plagued by a mysterious shadow in your eyes/beauty's mistake has left me here to recall with a sharp pain the turnaround that turned me down hands down to turn another page/it's real now it's real on all sides a witness brings a change of mind now two minds will make a memory remembering/(chorus)riding through these pillars of contradiction I know what I should to but I could also complicate it/don't mistake persistence for impatience/I'm over you now I'm comfortable with edges I've wrapped myself around the idea that a fantasy is spoiled with wisdom be it age or broken by the source/(chorus)


Written By: Bee Simonds

You drop me on the fly with apathy in tow/a serial derailing of ones right to emote a month of understanding for every failed joke you thought there would be more but milliseconds don't evoke a sense of feeling you thought I would be reeling too/now Jackson took a year long hiatus from the girl she used to know purchased solitude came and left her broke a burden in my eye now I'm a liar did you think I was blind you don a grip of trip wire/(chorus) now you're gone you're gone, Jackson now you're gone you're gone/can't curve this one out no imagine if allowed girl you gotta rub these things out come down now oh come down now/I left you cold but I'm not gonna give it up so give it up why should you stay I've gotten over the lines crossed in the time we've lost 'cause I've given you away/six finger draw the second time around has left another mystery for you and now you're bound to all the unexpected turns of luck now I am tired unprecedented burns from a typical liar/(chorus)

Living Proof

Written By: Bee

When we met I told you I felt this connection you moved closer and let me know you noticed me too right away and all I could think was that's not what I said/tomorrow will be 15 weeks I have carried this you make me you make me so aware of every little thing/(chorus)I can't imagine holding you I can't imagine Living Proof/It's the damnedest thing I knew in the beginning this would never be chosen by the will to sate this crazy love chosen by the will to sate this crazy love/(chorus)/Rewind to before I kissed you I still had before I kissed you turn it off turn it off nothing in the world could turn it off turn it off rewind to before I kissed you I still had before I kissed you turn it off turn it off nothing in the world could turn it off turn it off


Pillars (May 2007)
Wrongdoing - "The Choke" Soundtrack - North By Northwest Productions (2005)

Set List

For the Last Time
Passionate Regret
A Window To See the Sky
Monkey Games
Sounds Like
Living Proof
Head Games
Cut the Rope
Come Back Faith
Fill Me Up

45min-1.5 hrs.