Bee Smith

Bee Smith

 Kingston, Ontario, CAN


Rebecca "Bee" Smith is a talented young singer / songwriter who is currently living in Kingston Ontario, and attending St. Lawrence College. As a young child she loved to sing, and would make up songs about her adventures outside in the back yard.

She started taking classical piano lessons at the age of five, and continued her studies throughout high school. Bee has always been passionate about music, and began taking formal singing lessons when she was seven years old to better express herself. Before long she found her niche and was excelling at both, earning numerous awards at the music studio where she studied.

When her family moved to Kingston at the end of grade 3, she began writing her first song, an instrumental piano piece. The song came to be called 'Lost', and it combined Bee’s classical training with her own expressive approach. She took piano lessons at her public school, but didn’t continue her voice lessons at this time. When Bee changed schools again in grade eight, she was introduced to a new piano teacher, Susan Moore, who recognized Bee’s passion and talent. They worked hard and progressed quickly, so that Rebecca earned her Grade 5 Royal Conservatory certificate and passed her Preliminary Rudiments exam. Around the same time, Bee auditioned for and was accepted into the Kingston Cantabile Girls Choir, where she sung second alto. This experience helped strengthen her voice and confidence, and she sang with the choir until she graduated from high school. Bee also continued her classical piano lessons until Grade 12, when she began to focus more on experimenting and writing her own songs.

Her creativity took hold and song writing became a more regular activity, which led her to record her first album 'Expressive'. It was recorded in a high school focus program called ‘Lets Make a Demo’ where students were taught the basics of recording an album and making a living in the music industry.

Currently, Bee is working on her second album and attending college for Music and Digital Media, where she is also taking voice lessons with Sarah Hamilton, and improving her knowledge of theory and the fundamentals of music.


Expressive (released in 2007)

Set List

Sample Set List
Both Sides Now 4:32 An introspective folk-protest song written by Ani Difranco
Zombie 5:00 A ballad about love and war by The Cranberries
Summer in the City 3:50 A Regina Spektor song with a jazzy, sultry feel
Lost 1:14 An original instrumental piece, with a somber tone
Wasted Bravery 1:57 An original song about overcoming shyness to find love
Street Artist 1:47 A fun and upbeat original piece, intended to create imagery through music
Images 3:45 An original song reflecting on materialism and consumption
S, S, S 3:40 An original song about the beauty in the world that we often overlook
Angry Song 4:05 An original song about heartbreak and people who are unfaithful

Total: 30:00 minutes