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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Waveney Advertiser November 11th, 2005"

The Tour Begins For Bee Stings.

Bluenotes in Lowestoft will host the start of the UK tour for rock band Bee Stings tonight(Friday).
The music of Bee Stings has been described as somewhere between Blondie & Basement Jaxx, & the band will be onstage at midnight.
Lead vocalist & guitarist Valkyrie Gwyther said: "This gig is a fitting start to our first ever tour of the UK as I am originally from Lowestoft & it is because of the great Lowestoft music scene that I was inspired to get into bands in the first place". - EDP

"Live-Intervurt, with The Nothing and Bee Stings"

VIRTUAL FESTIVALS (see the original article here:

London Metro Club-
06 December 2004

Fun, fun fun! Here’s to bands who are good enough to not have to take life too seriously. Trashy videos and suspect fashion sense aside, Bee Stings’ beautifully produced exuberant soundclash is a sound for sore ears as much as Valkyrie (aka Bee Rock) is a sight for sore eyes.
- virtual festivals

"Organ fanzine"


This is cool cool cool, this indeed the ultimate solution for angry teenager, pissed off pensioners, dissatisfied housewives and confused waitresses… Ninja alien hop hop, low slung beats and cool cool cooler than cool punk rock attitude… it is impossible not to dance around the room and wave your arms around like an idiot as those keyboards squelch and those beets glide in low enough to avoid the radar. Cool lo-fi hi-fi smooth hip hop with bite and bounce and sting and not one single inch of fake Americana… classy girl voiced hip hop from Hackney. Classy, gliding, grinding, messy but never ever lo-fi messy - this is not fractured messy lo-fi bedroom creativity – it has that spirit but this is smooth and clear and produced just right…. Three tasty, sometimes breezy, hip-pop tracks. This rules. Organ is about opening doors, here’s one, go through, go check out Bee Stings……

see the original article here

"Bee Stings live at the marquee"

Their frontwoman, Valkyrie, is achingly alluring and moves around very nicely indeed. On guitar is the impossibly well named BB Stings, who wore a Mr Bean type gurning expression most of the night, but played well. The whole band come across as very finely tuned, and diverse in what they do, too. There are synth backdrops, odd squelchy bits and in the midst of it all some upright, memorable songs. -

"Demo review 10th November 2005"

Imagine If Luscious Jackson decided that instead of making nuggets of disco pop genius they’d make hard hitting slabs of Beastie Boys infused epic-ness and those wonderful but fleetingly intensities that Catatonia, Sleeper, and Echobelly touched upon during their brief careers… These are all words really, you need something stronger to prove my point, these guys rock, so just check out the site!

By Jeremy Chick

This release was published on 10 Nov 2005.


Demo available on request.
features songs: Pressure Tank, Most & A Little Life
More songs streaming from their website:
Famous breakbeat producer 'ILS' has released 'Cherish' on Distinctive Breaks which features Valkyrie's vocals on 'Most'.
It also features mixes from breakbeat legend Adam Freeland & drum & bass mixes from Vicious Circle.
available from:

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Bee Stings formed in June 2002 and immediately hit trouble. The line-up consisted of a dance producer with a guitar and an emerging God complex, a hard rock bass player looking for a release for his violent mood swings, a drummer who thought he was joining a prog rock band and a singer who, after a wipeout on her skateboard, had no recollection of joining a band at all.
In late 2002 they took on a room in a studio in Hackney, reintroduced themselves to each other and began writing music. Scrappy blues riffs collided violently with thunderous basslines and electro-prog-hop beats, plus plenty of tantrums and fights. But a first gig beckoned, and in February 2003 they took to the stage at the Water Rats Theatre in London. The room was packed with familiar faces, all curious to see what would distil in such an unlikely melting pot.
Faced with such a pivotal opportunity, each band member fought valiantly to grab the reins of this unwieldy collision of ideas. It was a dirty fight, but looking out to the audience, the sight of a sea of grinning faces proved it was the audience that was coming out on top. The sea began to surge and heave, the band detonated, and over the top of it all came a voice that ignited every nerve ending in the room.
With a clear sighting of what they could achieve, Bee Stings wrote new songs that were leaner, sharper and altogether more satisfying than ever. The word spread, and soon they were playing to crowds of hundreds in illustrious venues including Cargo and the Marquee Club.
Bee Stings remains a battle of personalities, but the collision of ideas that it produces keeps every song dynamic and original. They are currently recording what both they and their fans are anticipating will be an extraordinary debut album.
After gaining many new friends on their Autumn 05 tour & several stints on national radio, Bee Stings will be touring extensively throughout '06, ready to deliver their payload of filthy electro-rock to music lovers everywhere.