Before I Say Goodbye

Before I Say Goodbye


Before I Say Goodbye's music consists of driving melodies, heartfelt lyrics and is backed up by an emotionally chaotic live show


Before I Say Goodbye is a post-hardcore band from Columbus, Georgia. Formed in the summer of 2005, they feature ex-members of Her Roman Conspiracy, Vinnie Vegas, and The Scenery. Driving melodies, heartfelt lyrics and an emotionally chaotic live show equal to a promising future for this young band. With several shows under their belt, Before I Say Goodbye seeks to capture the hearts of any and all who will listen.


The Last Men Standing - 10 song Full-Length
Fragments of Memories - 5 song EP

Set List

City of Leore
Hell in the Rearview
Those Eyes Could Decieve a King
Goin' For Two
The Death of This
Brilliance of Breathing