Before the Crash

Before the Crash


Modern Rock with a soulful 80's touch.


Before the Crash started in the middle of suburbia in Seacoast New Hampshire, 2007. In a finished basement, amidst second hand couches, laundry and broken TV’s, five guys produced an innovative sound that combines soulful vocals and modern guitar with hard rock riffs and strong beats. BTC’s soft intros, drastic change-ups and hypnotic undertones showcase their musical abilities and creativity while allowing the listener to wake up from the coma of everyday life, throw a fist in the air and start rocking! Before the Crash has recorded a three song demo CD that typifies the vision and edge this band creates. The tracks include “Everything”, “Directions in the Rain” and “Goes Away”.


Wheb 100.3 Local Licks:

'Directions from the Rain'
'Goes Away'

Set List

Set List:

2.Directions from the Rain
3.Goes Away
4.Factored In
5.Febuary Wish
7.Train to Boston
8.Ghost Beside You
10.Take the Heart Out
12.Shells for Abby
13.Summer Rain

1 hr