Before The Fall

Before The Fall


Before The Fall led by lead singer Misty Silva has exploded onto the Boston music scene. After releasing their first album "Slow Descent" in which lead guitarist and songwriter Michael Gendron explains as middle ground hard rock, "a place in the music arena that is untapped and much needed."


Before The Fall
After releasing a Demo album in early 08, Michael Gendron and Jon McGee - guitarists decided to change directions with the band, revamp the lineup, and rewrite material. Even with a high level of success and some radio airplay, the two decided to change singers and picked up Misty Silva. Together with Dan Racine (drums) and Nick Brown (Bass), they embarked on a journey to write, record, produce and release a 12 song album and hit the road on tour. Then, a call came from Mudvayne/Non Point to open a few shows in New England Feb-March 09. In April 09 - the band went on tour from Boston, to Chicago, to Hardford, to New York, to Detroit, to Pittsburg finishing up with a hometown CD release at Hard Rock Boston to a sell out audience. Before The Fall is looking at a tour through Atlanta this summer as well evaluating both management and label interests. For now, B4TF will remain an independent, unsigned "live" hard rock band that shamelessly self-promotes, utilizes a national street-team and promotion system and is already working on new material for their second album due out 2010.
According to WSM, Waaf, and Pulse Magazine - Before The Fall is a dynamic, hard rock, in your face, fun to watch and listen to band that deserves to go places.
According to the members of Before The Fall - we just like to play shows, have fun, party, and bring a crowd!!!!!


4/10/09 Slow Descent released by WellSpring Studios produced by Matt Hayes 12 song album. Before The Fall has a music video available on BangupTV and FuelTV.

Set List

In the Garden
with you
Devil made me
Save me
Shut Up