Before the Fall

Before the Fall


Before The Fall is a DIY rock band from Dallas Tx that offers a vast variety of styles of rock with sounds as soft as Acceptance, Bon Jovi, Anberlin and in your face heaviness of Atreyu and Bullet For My Valentine. With such a wide spectrum they are perfect for touring with so many different bands.


Artist Information

Before The Fall Started out with Gino, Mick, And Brian growing up together in Arlington TX Playing in various bands all through junior high and high school. They decided to start jamming as a whole and focus on one band but Brian had enlisted in the Marines which in return sent him into war. Meanwhile Gino and Mick were still playing having people fill in while Brian was fighting for our country. As Brian returned home safely they gladly welcomed him back into the group finally creating Before The Fall. After a few years of playing and in need of a new drummer they finally came across Chris Vecchio (formerly of The Charismatics). With Before The Fall Complete they have set out on 3 national tours and a International Tour To Costa Rica sharing the stage with bands of all sorts.

Some of those bands include:

Bleed The Dream (Warcon Records)
Alesana (Fearless Records)
The Secret Handshake (Triple Crown Records)
Sky Eats Airplane (Equal Vision Records)
Kessler (YMA Records)
Ivoryline (Tooth And Nail Records)

And Headlining such festivals as:

Journeys Backyard BBQ (Dallas)
Summer Jam


We're Gonna Regret This (2007)
1. John The Great
2. Surrender
3. December Tears
4. The Promise
5. Swallow the Star
6. Peace Of Mind.
7. Crash

(We're Gonna Regret This Was recorded, produced, and Mixed By Before The Fall in the comfort of their own home.)

30 Miles Between Fate And Failure (2006)
1. Make Believe
2. Forever Fall
3. Swallow The Star
4. Another Day

Swallow The Star is currently in rotation at various radio stations.

Set List

Average Set List:
John The Great
My World
Keep Running
Swallow The Star
Make Believe
Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi)
Peace Of Mind
Forever Fall