Before There Was Rosalyn

Before There Was Rosalyn

 Houston, Texas, USA

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A ministry first and a band second: this is the mantra of Houston, TX quintet Before There Was Rosalyn. The foundation for this poignant metalcore act is faith above all else. Understanding that while everyone may not share in their spiritual beliefs, sharing this love with their fans is of equal importance. This sincerity is what drives their newest release, The Fuhrer: An Allegory Of A History Of Deception. With a name like this, the album is sure to turn some heads.

The Fuhrer is intense in every sense of the word. A racing rhythmic pulse drives the record, forcing listeners to feel rather than hear the melody. Chunky breakdowns and discordant riffs create a heavily crushing sound. Beyond the screams, a powerful message lies beneath the surface.

On the lyrical concept of the album, vocalist Carlos Salazar explains, “The Fuhrer is an embodiment of spiritual warfare and the fact that we have become desensitized to our surroundings when we become jaded about life. It’s about the human spirit at its worst. Absolute power absolutely corrupts. Touching on the loneliest and most desolate places of the human heart, it’s a journey through despair that, led by perseverance, eventually leads us to the proverbial shores of hope.”

Before There Was Rosalyn wants to play as many live shows as possible. After extensive touring for their 2008 release As Far As The Moon From The Sun, the post-hardcore act set out to make a powerful statement with their Victory Records debut. Back in full-force, the band returned to the stage in January 2010. What makes this band truly unique is its love of the fans. Selling t-shirts or CDs isn’t a top priority for Before There Was Rosalyn. They just want to build meaningful relationships with their fans.

“If you would like to purchase our record, feel free, but even if you don’t, come be a part of our lives at a show near you, and let us be a part of yours. We want to be your friend.”

As history repeats itself, this album will open your eyes to the abuse of power, corruption, and the evil of which we are all capable of. Offering hope in understanding, Rosalyn reaches out to the masses with its message of eternal love.


The Warrior

Written By: Before There Was Rosalyn

Oh SIN atra! We only live once but if you reap the second death, once is enough. Oh Shake! Speare! The valiant taste of death but once and cowards die many times before the day. Angels, sing to me a graceful song that I might taste of this with a smile. As far as I see, all I see are Pharisees, from the tyrant to the beggar. When Heaven comes to fill the sands of time like the hour glass, all that’s left is emptiness. This is our chance. This is our time. This is our fight. This is the fifteen minutes we have to leave a legacy behind, so say something worthwhile. You’re skin and bones but so much more.

The Prophet

Written By: Before There Was Rosalyn

Oh dear God, there’s vultures everywhere threatening to tear my heart apart. Withdraw yourself from me not even for a moment. Oh how I fear all might be lost. I’ve been down that road before, I’ve been so lost. I will not be afraid, I was born for this. Surrounded by a million faces, all they know is fear. All they know is doubt. All they fear is death. Death is not the worst that can happen to a man. Oh how there’s prophets, priests, teachers who preach you with their lips. Father, let us not turn our eye from the plow, no matter the cost. This world means nothing without Christ at the crown. Oh how I’d hate to think about everything I’d be without Grace upon the cross. I can sing of Your love forever.


The Fuhrer (An Allegory Of A History Of Deception) - 2009