Before We Leave

Before We Leave


In a world of unending emo and unbearable hardcore, Before We Leave stands out as a breath of fresh air. With a style that sounds like Radiohead and Death Cab for Cutie are singing together in your living room.


We are five young guys from Midwestern Indiana who want to create music with emotion. Drummer Joel Woodcock and guitarist Blake McCamey, were in bands that weren’t willing to push themselves, so they decided to start a new band. With one phone call to future lead singer Evan McCamey, the acoustic indie-rock band started in a garage accompanied also by bassist Jon Dyer. The writing and music came easily; the image took awhile longer, but in weeks Before We Leave was playing shows all around the Indianapolis and Bloomington areas. All four members quickly realized that this band stood out in the Indiana music scene and was worth spending a lot of time and effort pursuing. After recruiting a friend of Evan’s, the band established its style with the addition of a cellist. After that, our signature sound came out at every performance, with the classical stringed instrument seemingly fitting into every groove. With the creative hands of Sina Akande, we became a five-piece band.


When does it end EP (Nahum Martin sessions)

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Set List

Our set list changes based on the venue.

New Song #3
Too late
For now
When does it end
In Passing
Take Me There
We Were One
Angels watch her
This room with you

Cover(Danien Rice) Volcano
Cover(Radiohead) Idioteque