Fresh! Beggar is a dynamic pop/rock Christian group armed with catchy hooks, meaningful lyrics, powerful musicianship and a faith rooted in reality. Recently chosen as one of the few bands to perform at the ELCA National Youth Gathering, hosting over 30,000 people!


Beggar is a Christian band with a new approach to Christian music. We founded this group out of a desire to connect with those searching for their faith as well as to celebrate with those who are unshaken. Lyrically, Beggar paints the canvas with a modern approach to biblical texts, rejoicing as well as asking tough questions about our creation. Musically, Beggar captures and holds on to the listener with a crazy, fun energy and delivers a sound with a passionate cry of emotions. Beggar resonates with hope. It's our goal to help it spread.


Scraps of Grace

Set List

Unfailing Love
Something Better
Born In Heaven
Do Not Be Afraid
One Body
Scraps of Grace
Under The Gray
Worse Than Empty
The Lies Are Getting Better
Structures of Stone