Beggar's Blues Diary

Beggar's Blues Diary


A dynamic rock trio eager to pursuit and promote their own perception of rock 'n' roll throughout the world.


Beggar's Blues Diary is a rock band that formed in Athens, Greece, in 2009. "Pavement Stories" which was released in April 2009 by Modal Records, was the EP that brought them to the fore. After that, many live performances across Greece and TV appearances (MAD day live, Radio Arvila – ANT1) followed.

On November 2011, the band’s 1st album “Back to Basics…” was released by Modal Records. The songs “Dove” and “The River” have already reached hit single status in Greece hence included in the daily playlist of major radio stations, such as RED FM, Rock FM, 1055Rock, and TV channels across Greece and Cyprus such as MTV and MAD Channel.

The band released their 2nd album “THE TRUTH” (Records On Top), which is yet their best commercial effort with singles such as "Not my war" and "Truth" becoming very quick favourite rock singles both in Greece and Cyprus.

The band has given more than 150 shows around Greece and Cyprus between 2012-2013 as part of their Summer and Winter tours.

On June 2013 the band has appointed Agentur - EAM for all their European booking.

Main opening acts:

• Opening for THIN LIZZY – Gagarin 205 Athens
• Opening for “The Godfathers” – Kyttaro Athens Greece
• Opening for Dan Reed - Bat City Athens


• Back to Basics… (Records On Top, 2011)
• The Truth (Records On Top, 2013)



Written By: Yannis Passas

Same train on different trucks
Narrow road you might not get back
Another day you want to forget
Another day, another bed

Wake me up cause I feel dead
Wake me up again my naked truth

Like a soldier on a red alert
Like a beggar in a promise land
Like a bird in a golden cage
Just like me waiting for change

Wake me up cause I feel dead
Wake me up again my naked truth

Not My War

Written By: Yannis Passas

I don’t know why am I singing the blues
And I don’t know if you’re searching for truths
No reason why do I have to explain
Why certain things won’t come your way
Your wicked lies, no one knows don’t be so sure!!! Yeah, yeah

You should have learned to read the book
Was always there and you could have looked
You never cared the way you could
And then you said you have been hooked
Your desperate lies, no one knows, don’t be so sure!!! Yeah, yeah

I don’t know if I’m right or wrong
One thing I know
This is not my war

The Motorchrist

Written By: Yannis Passas

Have a bad breath and a jack by the bed
Life’s a bad movie with actors ending dead.
Sing in low key got the devil in me
Riding every day but I’ll never find my way

Got to know when love is gone
And everybody’s following a different role
Got to know when love is gone
And change the plan they’re staging
Outside your door

Wondering around facing life as a clown
Tasting new pleasures that by many can’t be found
Searching for the truth digging deep
In my youth the music and the sound
And the siren on background



• Back to Basics… (Records On Top, 2011)
• The Truth (Records On Top, 2013)