Beggi Smari & MOOD

Beggi Smari & MOOD


Powerful rock/blues band. Strong focus on live performance.


Beggi Smari & MOOD
Beggi Smari was born in Reykjavík in 1974. He started playing guitar at the age of 10, getting a formal education on the classical guitar. Soon the electrical and steel string acoustic guitars were taking more time at the cost of the classical guitar education, which he finally gave up at 14. After focusing on his instrument for many years Beggi started singing and playing in a blues trio and soon began writing music. Over the years Beggi has played in various bands and on numerous records, both as a band member and session musician. In recent years Beggi has written music mostly for his band MOOD as well as performing alone with his guitar. MOOD's members are Fridrik Juliusson (drums), Ingi S. Skulason(bass) and Tomas Jonsson(keyboards).
His debut solo album was released in June.


Beggi Smari's first solo album, MOOD, was released in June 2011.

First single "Warm & Strong" on top charts(Rás 2, Bylgjan) for 12 months.

Second single "No Sense" released in July.

Set List

Don't Believe It's True
Let Me Know
Warm & Strong
I Want It All
It Hurts Me Too
I Want You Back
Moody Rudy
No Sense
Wait For Me