Keep Evans Group

Keep Evans Group


Emerging original Contemporary Gospel songwriter/musician, with strong, intense, clear female lead vocals backed by professional instrumentation & male vocal harmonies. Experienced, fun, melodic, spiritual, unique, contemporary style, presence, and performance. Will lift your soul w. a joyful noise!


'Keep' and the group are seasoned, professional musicians who've retained a youthful spirit in their music and personal lives. We are local residents of the Lehigh Valley. Motivated by devotion to the Creator and to the love of music. Rob Brotzman, guitarist, is a studio musician. Blake Stenning is an artist and musician. Other talented musicians will drop in to play, perform, and have fun. Keep is the writer and heart of the group. She has a voice as powerful, unique, and sweet in the stylings of Adele or Bonnie Raitt. Keep is a member of TAXI, and spends her time writing songs for submission to commercial musical venues. She has performed for three years at Musikfest and contributed her talent to many local bands and musicians. The group is versitile with its own sound and style. As well as Contemporary Gospel sounds, we'll wrap ourselves around original blues and jazz; soulful tunes that are our roots.
Influences include driving Contemporary Gospel writers as well as The Beatles, Blind Faith, Rob Thomas, Fontella Bass, and Bonnie Raitt. Along w. our original compositions, we love to cover our favorite songs which include bluesy, jazzy, soulful, heartfelt pieces from the great singers and bands, all genres, past and present. We play what we love. Our music WILL provoke feelings and inner rhythms. Our message is peace and harmony, brotherhood and love.....with a dose of humor and fun! Looking to be out in full force by summer. See you at Musikfest!


In the studio now, working on finishing up our first EP. Check us out 7PM, March 29th at Carpenter's in Nazareth, PA. More to come. .