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"Behind Every Disaster"

Thursday night (October 23, 2008), The Cellar on the UW-L campus was packed with bed-heads for the Campus Activities Board‘s student talent night presented as one feature of the weekly Cellar Thursday Series. "If you like us, you‘re a bed-head", said the guy on stage with a shiny red guitar in his hand. These bed-heads were wide awake and ready to hear La Crosse‘s very own Behind Every Disaster.

Behind Every Disaster (B.E.D.) began in the summer of 2007 when roommates Dave Cunningham (bass) and Brandon Brye (drums) wanted to start an alternative rock band. They brought in their friend Ed Palmer to sing and play the guitar. By February, they were playing gigs. "It started out as a lot of after parties", Ed confesses.
"Just at home and terrible, terrible noise coming from our living room", Brandon remembers. "We have a friend up in the cities, and he knew that we had a band forming and he put a deadline on us to play a show with him and his band, so that‘s when we got the ball rolling."

Today, B.E.D. plays mostly in La Crosse, Wisconsin, often at the Warehouse downtown. So how does the band feel about playing in La Crosse? "It‘s good and bad", says Chicago-native Ed Palmer. "It‘s a smaller scene, but it‘s really easy to get the word out about our band."
Brandon says, "The nice thing about La Crosse is that our friends are here. They come out to see us."
The band has also played in the Twin Cities as well as back home. Over the holidays, Ed‘s family convinces him to serenade them with his guitar. "They want me to bring my guitar to every family gathering, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and canoe trips."

"We‘ve never really played a holiday show", Brandon says "but had we not planned to record our CD this winter, we‘d probably play Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer or something."

"I would love to play a holiday song with a touch of Behind Every Disaster!" Ed laughs.

This December, B.E.D. is recording their debut album in the Twin Cities with Dustin Phillips of Thru the Static, and then they will be back on stage when winter is on its way out - The Buzz



1. Abstinence
2. Better Than That
3. Running
4. Make an Assessment
5. Drained
6. Conflict of Interest
7. Disagreement
8. Downtime
9. I Like Books
10. Affair Guy

Local air play on our local radio station 95.7 The Rock.



It all began in small yellow house in La Crosse, WI in the summer of 2007. Friends, Brandon Brye and David Cunningham, made plans to put together a rock band. A good friend of Brye's introduced the two to Edward Palmer. The three all became friends quickly. It was obvious that their love for the same types of music had brought them together and to eventually create Behind Every Disaster.

In winter of 2007 the guys started to play their first shows and house parties. Rocking out until 3am some nights, or at least until the cops showed up. Finally in spring of '08 they started to book shows in La Crosse at small clubs and bars. By the end of spring the band had finished recording their demo CD and were anxious to get their music out to a bigger audience. Performing all summer long around the midwest and several venues including clubs, bars, high schools, and colleges, the band finally decided it was time to record a professional CD. At the end of 2008 the band went into the studio to record their first full length album. The CD is said to have mostly old favorites from their live show, but also a few new songs and surprises. The new album is scheduled to be released Spring of 2009.

The band is influenced from several different genres and bands. From punk rock to old classic rock and Hip-Hop to 80's Rock. Growing up listening to bands like Brand New, Blink 182, New Found Glory, and Nirvana really have influenced this band in many ways.