Standing firmly entrenched in the local music scene in Southern Illinois, BEHOLDER realized that it was time to step out and share their passion and faith with those found within their community. Formed in late 2010, the band - Josh Lamczyk, Matthew Horst, Kevin Thompson, Quentin Heseman, and Christian Robinson - set out to write music that bleeds with emotion. They accomplished this goal with their July 2012 release of Guilty Eyes. With passionate and heartfelt lyrics melodies, the love for their scene, and the will to spread their music and beliefs BEHOLDER set their eyes on victory and were more than ready to have their message heard by new fans all over the country.

“Music sings to the soul. Everyone can relate. We set out to write hardcore music because it’s what we truly love. Our EP combines elements of music that we all enjoy and the words speak about topics often times that go ‘hush hush’. I hope that this EP brings forth real passion, a real spirit for hardcore music that’s hardly found in today’s music scene,” commented Josh Lamczyk.

One thing about BEHOLDER that resonates amongst their fans is not only their pure desire for music, but it’s a sense of love and desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The closing song on Guilty Eyes titled “A Still Small Voice” directly correlates the gospel and closes out the EP with something powerful and not soon to be forgotten; Josh went on to explain, “Music is not about ‘selling’ the gospel. It’s simply a tool to share something that all of us in this band firmly believe in and stand for. All these songs hold such personal meanings to us and ‘A Still Small Voice’ only sums up where I am at in my life.”

During August of 2011, BEHOLDER entered Glow In The Dark Studios in Atlanta, GA with producer/engineer Matt McClellan (To Speak of Wolves, The Overseer, The Chariot, Harp and Lyre) for a three week stint. Having to focus on recordings didn’t by any means slow BEHOLDER down as the band still continued to play locally and regionally in Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, and Illinois. BEHOLDER was also featured on LiFest in Wisconsin, AgapeFest in Illinois, and Ichthus in Kentucky amongst other festivals.

2013 has just started for BEHOLDER yet things are already looking up with plans to tour during the summer and winter of 2013 while expanding their fan base. The band also plans to re-enter the studio sometime by the end of the year with McClellan to record a brand new single to showcase how the band has matured and developed its own sound since the debut. BEHOLDER is more aggressive and darker than before, but hasn’t lost its drive and passion embedded in all its songs.

For fans of: Oh Sleeper, Wolves At The Gate, To Speak Of Wolves.



Written By: BEHOLDER

I've been dining with a traitor this whole time
You fed my spirit to the wolves
We are among friends and friends are family
But you turned your back on me
And now I sit in this house alone
Separated from the ones I love the most
You left me hanging out to dry
The words you said now only lies
I want to prove that I'm the innocent, but you’re the jury
And in the end say what you need to say
I am my own man, and I only follow God
And what you said can't be erased
Explain to me where you see yourself in 15 years
All alone, no home, and a face full of tears
I'm much better without you here
This was a blessing
Did you see the look on their faces
You ran out the door, and never looked back
All that time and love was wasted
I can't believe the things you said to me
Just look at their faces, Just look at their faces
To forgive is the hardest part
And soon you'll get what you deserve

Creatures of Habit

Written By: BEHOLDER

I feel you tying my hands behind my back
It all goes down hill from here
It was the first time I saw you lying there, undressed and bare
And since I kept coming back, I always go back
Erase my memory, I'm like a machine
This is the path that I've walked since I was young
I was only a boy when this began
All these images they never leave my head
And they'll live in me until I'm dead
I feel so isolated
I am bound by my sin
Their like chains that hold me
I'm a prisoner
When I look at you, I'm not looking at you at all
I'm looking at the way you move across my screen
Immortality here spreads like a disease
When will I close these windows
I am in the midst of war
Trust me this will end
You are not alone; this is a war you will fight
We are not alone; this is a war we will win
Gauge out my eyes God, and cut off my hands

Dark Tunnel

Written By: BEHOLDER

We've become servants to the trends
And I refuse to disappear within them
I'm captured in a world of trickery
Where these creatures hide and wait for me
It's difficult walking on my own, when there are those that insist on fixing me
But I refuse, I refuse
Their misleading us into a dark tunnel where we'll find no light at the end
Close your eyes child
I'm the whisper in the back of your head singing, This is not the end
Soon you'll witness the truth I'll unveil it to you, don't be scared, don't be...Scared!
I hear the dogs in the distance, Their Coming to collect their bounty
This is not what you've asked of us, secretly we destroy each other
We are placed here as vessels
Lets pull each other in hand-in-hand
I don't want to be the one standing alone looking for you
That is something I refuse to do
I need you here by my side when the sky comes crashing down
When the Sky comes crashing down

False Visions, Misleading Predictions

Written By: BEHOLDER

Lately I've been gasping for every breathe
This is my life flashing before my eyes
These days I'm stuck walking in circles
All my greatest fears have begun to come alive
I fight this ringing in my head about what they said
There are some things that I refuse to believe
We aren't here by mistake believe me
I've seen Him working
I will not be fooled by those liars
They walk around thinking they got it all figured out
I will not give into those claiming perfection
They get the answers from all the wrong places
Share your story to the ends of the earth
And if the people leave let them
We are getting too comfortable sitting at home
When there are those that need our guidance
We must share The Good News
They are nothing without us
What will you do to change the life of another
We must be their anchor of hope


Written By: BEHOLDER

I've been staring at you from the other side
This is how it feels to be on the losing end
I've tried and tried getting thru
Your close minded never accepting the truth
You never accept the truth
I told myself I would never give up on a friend
But tonight I'm so beat down
Where is the man that I once knew
I won't rest until I know you are thru
I saw you lying there, but your a warrior, fight on, fight on
Where did your ambition go? Have you forgot your childhood dreams?
On this path you walk there may be no escape, no escape until the end
Find me an escape route
This is me escaping
Where is the man that I once knew
I won't rest until I know you are thru
I know it's hard facing the truth
This could be the last chance that you have
Don't take that for granted
Open your eyes
This is me escaping


Guilty Eyes, July 2012

Set List

1. Creatures of Habit
2. False Visions, Misleading Predictions
3. Buzzard
4. Dark Tunnel
5. Warrior
6. A Still Small Voice