Behold The Kingdom

Behold The Kingdom

 Sidney, Ohio, USA

Behold The Kingdom's sound has been compared to that of Impending Doom, Living Sacrifice, The Famine, and The Black Dahlia Murder, but one thing is for sure they do their best to be a blend of several different genres in order to stand out in a scene where it seems all of the bands try to sound exactly the sam


Behold The Kingdom has been playing shows since early 2009. Behold The Kingdom is known for bringing an aggressive and brutal sound along with a great stage performance to every show. Although the line-up has changed, the mission has not. Drawing influences from death core, death metal and thrash, Behold the Kingdom does their best to mix these genres into a unique, yet recognizable sound. Behold The Kingdom aims to bring a message of Hope, Peace, and Love to a world who desperately needs it.


We recently released our debut album "The Eyes of The Wicked Will Fail" on Rottweiler Records and our Single "The Valley Of Elah has made it to number one on Radio U Hardcore's top 15 and stayed there for two weeks!

Set List

We usually play about a half hour, we typically play about 6 songs of off our debut album "The Eyes Of The WIcked Will Fail"