Thy Burden

Thy Burden

 New York City, New York, USA

"I’ve been drinking straight corn whiskey
In the morning mountain misty
Old stories and tales, I carry with me."


Thy Burden was conceived in 2007 in Brooklyn, New York and has been spreading their distinct brand of low down and raw music from state to state, across borders and around the world ever since. They are the sound of whiskey induced American folklore, nostalgic of a time that is now celebrated only in books and movies while remaining conscious of modern tonality. Within the music of Thy Burden you’ll find stories of murder and the celebration of the living, the drunk and disorderly, the holy and the sinner, the lonesome and the renowned structured by a sound that is grounded in American roots music with gypsy undertones and a foot stomping pace. In other words, if the ghost of Hank Williams decided to get drunk and party his way into a second death, Thy Burden would be the soundtrack of the reprise to his demise. With two full length albums to their credit and a growing following, Thy Burden is quickly becoming a new standard in American music.

In the summer of 2010 Thy Burden began work on their next album and first true statement as a band, littered with elements of psychadelia and the most vivid visions of frontman Ian Boyle's songwriting. Thy Burden does not wish to worship the "Old, Weird America" but carries the burden lightheartedly with an authenticity matched by no other in the New York scene.

“Brooklyn’s Thy Burden melds traditional bluegrass with a dark and cinematic sensibility."
Time Out New York

"...[Thy Burden is] the missing link between Bill Monroe and Gogol Bordello"
Lucid Culture World Press



Written By: Ian Boyle

I saw a man on the rails
He'd been riding for years
Just killing the pain
With the train and the beers
He was singing his song
It was simple and sad
About the places he'd known
And the friends that he'd had

it went....
Ay, ay ay ay, ay ay ay, ay ay ay,
ay ay ay, ay ay ay, ay ay ay

Passing the boneyard
By the old turnpike
Heavy memories
And rusted rail-spikes
On the Erie line
Lackawanna below
Just singing that song
Bout the sorrows he's knowed

it went....
Ay, ay ay ay, ay ay ay, ay ay ay,
ay ay ay, ay ay ay, ay ay ay

Stagga Lee

Written By: Ian Boyle

I'm'a breaking down and so
I'm packing up my bags and I'll go
I'm going down to where that river flows

I'm the one they call Stagga Lee
If you got that warrant just read it to me
Or I'm skipping town, I'm leaving Missouri

It was 1895 on Christmas Eve
I shoot Billy in the gut and than I leave
I'm a ruthless motherfucker, you better believe

'Cause I killed Billy Lyons
In the Bill Curtis Saloon
The sky was clear
and yellow was the moon

Well I had 18 girls on the street that night
Working and wearing red
They were bringing in my cash, I was brewing up a fight
When Billy snatched the hat from off my head
I had cash and locations in that high-top
I was playing with a needle and a spoon
I'll tell ya, more than one shot got fired that night
Beneath the yellow moon

I killed Billy Lyons
In the Bill Curtis Saloon
The sky was clear
And yellow was the moon

Well I'm the one they call Stagga Lee
And I aint afraid to admit I'm guilty
I'm a pimp and an addict and a killer, that's me
I'm Stagga Lee

Salvation for Sale

Written By: Joseph Boyle/ Ian Boyle

I have seen the Devils horns
I have walked the gates of hell
So behold you weary traveler, I've a story to tell..

When I was a young man I was whoring around
Out every night with any girl that could be found

I was over at the tap-room, way downtown
I was upstairs with Lucy-Mae when her man came around

I was hit in the head and I awoke in flames
In the presence of the one with 10,000 names

Beelzebub, Lucifer, the Lord of the Flies,
the Unholy Predator, the Master of Disguise
He had me bound in chains, and my skin was on fire
as I saw the bodies torn apart and strewn across the mire

And just at that moment, in the absence of Love
I was called into service by the Lord up above

There are those on this Earth that must be shown the way
to renounce all possessions, it's not too much to pay
to be saved today

Salvation for sale

Come all of ye who say you cannot see,
For the light of the Lord shines brightest in me
Three or four dollars, it's a small donation
Not too much to pay, for eternal salvation

Salvation for sale
Lay down your pride
Salvation for sale
Put Possessions aside
Salvation for sale
From the Lord you cannot hide
Salvation for sale
What was yours will soon be mine
Salvation for sale


2009 - Cochecton Hills: Epic Ballads of Murder and Whiskey
2010 - Thy Burden: Irish Legion
2010 - American Standard EP