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Behrang Miri

Malmö, Skåne, Sweden | INDIE

Malmö, Skåne, Sweden | INDIE
Band Hip Hop World




"Behrang Miri, A True World Citizen"

Behrang Miri, a true world citizen who raps for everybody regardless of their background. Zirzamin had the chance to have an exclusive interview with him on his profile and future works.... - ZirZamin - Online Music Magazine

"Behrang Miri on Al Jazeera"

Assimilation No, Integration Yes - The story of Malmoe (Malmö). The Oscar and Emmy Award Winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy probes under the rosy image that Sweden has historically had a welcoming immigration policy to bring us the true picture of Muslims living in Malmö. Behrang Miri is the leading figure of the documentary.

Part 1:
Part 2: - Al Jazeera

"Behrang Miri on The New York Times"

The New York Times interviewed Behrang Miri. Among many of the topics mentioned during the interview, there was a lot of discussions connected to the anti-immigrant sentiment in Sweden.

Watch: - The New York Times

"Behrang Miri on BBC Persian"

Persian BBC aired an entire episode about Behrang Miri and his music in the year 2011. More than 16 million viewers watched this episode.

Watch: - BBC Persian


2012 – Dance To The Revolution / Album / Upcoming release spring 2012
2012 – We Get Us Through feat. Isam B. of Outlandish / Single / Released through the Anti-Racism campaign with the same name.
2011 – Falafelstaden / Single / Alla Fagra feat. Behrang Miri
2011 – Papperslös / Single / Orkanen (Compilation) LP
2011 – Give Up / Single / Radio airplay and over 1.4 million views on YouTube.
2010 – Free Iran / Single / Radio airplay on numerous iranian radiostations across the world. Also featured on a upcoming documentary.
2010 – Ramallah / Single / Radio airplay in the Middle-East & North Africa region
2009 – Felestin Mottahede / Single / Hip Hop 4 Gaza (Compilation) LP
2009 – Gårdssvenska / Single / Radio airplay
2009 – Boken Om Vårt Liv (The Book of Our Life) / Album LP
2008 – Amout Aleyk / Single / Radio airplay for more than a year in numerous countries.



Behrang Miri has established himself as a great multitasker with a mind blowing eclectic sound and a unique approach on the music world scene where he delivers rhymes in innovative ways that are in short supply these days. Behrang Miri’s lyrics are simultaneously engaging and soulful. His sound is a mix of folklore music, intriguing storytelling and melodies from the Middle East, South America, Sweden and North Africa in a futuristic fusion. Behrang Miri was groundbreaking when he became the first artist in Sweden to be Grammy nominated with a Arabic influenced song Amout Aleyk. With his live band consisting of oud, violin, darbouka, congas and guitar he delivers nothing like the typical hip hop artist. Behrang Miri has a unique quality to rock every crowd no matter the current circumstances, a performance that doesn’t leave any one untouched. By many he considered to be one of Sweden’s and Scandinavias best freestyle MC and his uncon-ventional way of interacting with the audience has revolutionized the performing arts scene.

He is often seen and heard in media. Among other activities, he also works as a lecturer, TV and Radio host, debater, columnist, entrepreneur and he is also the founder of one of Sweden’s largest youth movements called RGRA. Several times he has been a guest on different TV shows in Sweden as well as on international networks. In one of Sweden’s largest Newspaper City he is a well-known columnist. Last year, on SVT (Swedish-Public-Television-Network), the program Språkresan did a whole episode about Behrang Miri. Furthermore, he has been featured in The New York Times, Al-Jazeera, Voice of America and Persian BBC. He has been a part of the hip hop documentary HipHop 4 Gaza which premiered during Gothenburg’s annual International Film Festival and has been shown all around the world through different film festivals. This year Skånska Akademin (The Scanian Academy) awarded Behrang Miri for his work and honored him with their annual tribute. Last year he was awarded Kunskapspriset (The Knowledge Award) from the The Swedish National Encyclopedia. Also last year he received the award Sally of the Year from the communication agency LTS. Today Behrang Miri is working at Kulturhuset in Stockholm as an artistic leader for the segment kids and youth. With over 100.000 fans from all over the world following him on Facebook and with over 1.4 million views on his latest single he has proven that he is ready for the world.