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Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Toronto, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Alternative Indie




"ALBUM REVIEW: Rumours We Make, Paths We Take"

An introspective glimpse into the human soul, Beige Shelter’s début album “Rumours We Make, Paths We Take” is a bold take on what lies within

Whether you’ve had your heart trampled on, suffered a loss, or are contemplating your next move in life, you just might find the perfect antidote in this four piece indie rock band’s début album.

With songs ranging in tempo from upbeat to sombre, the 12 songs form a thematic exploration of human emotions. Rhythmic and melodic, the lyrics range from poetic to exploratory. For example, “Think of Me” is especially amorous: All these years before I saw you / I’ve been asleep for a million days / Sky ain’t grey no more, it’s just sparkling blue / My soul’s alive with the sound of your name.
“The River” encapsulates a sense of solace: And I still laugh at all the times we had / And when I fell, you always picked me up / When my time comes, I hope to see you on the other side.

Aditya Aman is the Lead Singer, Rhythm Guitarist, Harmonicist and Ukulelist; Neel Modi is the Drummer, Percussionist and Producer; Tom Kuczynski is the Bassist/String Arrangement; and Karan Sabharwal is the Lead Guitarist. (All the songs were written by Aman, with the exception of “Colours”, which was co-written with Modi).

Expressive and enchanting, the band has been influenced and is inspired by an eclectic blend of music ranging from the American indie rock band The National, to the Irish musician Damien Rice and traditional Indian music. This flourished as a result of Aman’s cultural background and culminated following his recent trip to India. “I find that traditional Indian folk music is like the faint drizzle that falls and cools if you had to compare it to the weather, unlike the electrifying thunderstorm that would be formed from an average four piece rock band.”

The band’s first single, “Dark Horse” was filmed primarily in an open field, yet it also features its members zooming away in a blue convertible signifying freedom, adventure and the open road ahead. Aman’s voice oozes with a sense of optimism and determination: I’m packing my bags and making a move / I’m driving away now, leave no stone unturned / The sun has shone for brighter days / I’m leaving all these broken dreams / To lead the life I want to live. Moreover, following its resounding success, a second single “Cruel” is set to be released this year.

The band has performed at popular Toronto haunts like Lee’s Palace, Page One and most notably, The Opera House, where on March 10, 2017 the band held their CD release party, in addition to a fundraiser for the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

The album’s greatest strength is its universal essence. No matter what your lot in life has been, they’re easy to relate to. Deeply reflective, the songs could be quantified as far more than just background music. They’re imbued with a sense of longing; a longing to understand and to be understood. They also speak to the resilience and ultimate triumph of the human spirit, which is truly inspiring.

A sense of synergy is emitted by the band and with tunes being belted out with sheer candour, Beige Shelter’s soulful songs strike the right chord every time. Ultimately, they’re sure to enliven, enlighten and entertain you.

Ayah Victoria McKhail is a journalist who has been writing professionally for 12 years; her writing has appeared in numerous publications, such as The Globe and Mail; the Literary Review of Canada and Canadian Business. - Ayah Victoria McKhail

"Ryerson Folio Issue 6"

We were featured on Ryerson Folio Magazine this year!! Issue 6..thanks to Victoria for writing a lovely article for us. Page 50! - Ryerson Folio

"Cruel - as shared by The Drunken Coconut"

Cruel is the upcoming second single off our debut album and talks about life's hardships as told from unrequited love in a relationship POV.

beige shelter is an ambitious and eclectic four piece band from Toronto that aims to bring hearts, soul, fire and passion together through the only way they know how....the love for music!

Music has been Adi's (front man) beloved way of expressing his feelings, thoughts ..just like shelter to a new born baby. Beige encompasses all types of colours or emotions (red-anger, blue-sadness, green-envy, yellow-joy)

Marrying the above is a medium for us to connect with the human soul/spirit and evoke all kinds of emotions using music as our medium!

We are influenced by bands such as The National, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Damien Rice, Wilco, Interpol, Modest Mouse, Bon Iver, Alice in Chains, Deftones, Slowdive, Leonard Cohen, radiohead, blur, AFI, Ryan Adams as well as traditional Indian music artists such as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, AR Rahman and Arjit Singh!


#Indie #Toronto #Soul #Fire #Music #TheDrunkenCoconut #band #2017 #Chill #Vocals - The Drunken Coconut

"ALBUM REVIEW: Rumours We Make Paths We Take"

05/04/2017 | Rumours We Make, Paths We Take - Beige Shelter. This album is a very good blend of indie, alternative, folk chill beats. I only discovered this album a few days ago although im a big fan, with Dark Horse and Colours. Very keen to see where Beige Shelter go in the future! - Basler Station

"Interview with Beige Shelter (CJRU 1280 AM Morning Show) - Feb 23, 2017"

We had our interview with the lovely Ms. Nicole Di Donato from CJRU 1280 AM! Tom, Neel and myself were present to talk about our debut album as well as our album release well as our message to society! - CJRU 1280 AM


The event was presented by Sri Lankan-Canadian Community Services and Supported by African- Caribbean Community services & TraumaAssist.

The event was organised by Rotary Club-Mississauga-Airport. - The Tamil Mirror

"Unqualified Ep.1 feat. Beige Shelter as musical guest"

W had the fortune of being on a comedic radio show called "Unqualified" which features a hilarious comedian board and host giving "questionable" advice/responses to questions posed by the general public! Also a hilarious story was shared by a secret guest. This was organized by the RTA students at Ryerson!!

Thanks Alex Lauren John Joseph the host and Steve the sound person and others for having us here!! :) (sorry if i missed anyone!! But appreciated being on board)

Thanks Joseph for the shout out at 27:45 mins to our band and the album release

We play Dark Horse at 5:45; Cruel at 12:00 and a snippet of Colours at 28:30 :) enjoy! - Lauren Emberson

""Dark Horse" - Tuesday March 7th 2017 - Phantom Radio 103.3 FM Bathurst Community Radio Station"

Our appearance on Phantom Radio FM this morning at approx 8 - 8:30 am(Toronto Time) Shout out to John Michael Riordon for ensuring we come on and thank you so much for your graciousness :) Much appreciated!! - Phantom Radio 103.3 FM

"Spotlight - Beige Shelter"

Flanked by bandmates Neel Modi and Tom Kuczynski and flashing a warm, easy-going smile, Aditya (Adi) Aman looks right at home sitting on the steps of Ryerson’s Student Learning Centre. And why wouldn’t he be? Ryerson University used to be Aman’s stomping ground.

“[At] Ryerson, I played music on the down low, as in I played at home and was a little too shy to put myself out there,” said the 28-year-old singer, who graduated from Ryerson’s engineering program in 2009.

And a lot has changed for Aman since his years as a struggling, hard-working Ryerson Ram. Now, he works for Bombardier as a reliability engineer. Aman may be the reason for your smooth commute this morning, but he wants to do more than just help people get to work on time. He wants to inspire people, and according to Aman, there is no better way to accomplish this ambitious goal than through music.

“It’s not even about getting big or commercially successful. I mean sure if that happened, that’d be a bonus, but for me it’s more about leaving a legacy,” he said. “I want to be a part of a band that inspires people and allows them to artistically unleash themselves.”

Inspired by bands such as Modest Mouse, The National and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, a deep passion for music has always been at the centre of Beige Shelter, which was founded by Aman in 2014.

“Beige Shelter was originally just my project,” Aman said. “I had this urge ... I wanted to play music as a way of expressing [myself]. For me, music is a shelter.... It comes more naturally to me than engineering, believe it or not.”

After bravely going to several open mics on his own, Aman decided to go to a song writing workshop that he found on There, he met 42-year-old drummer and University of Waterloo graduate Modi. Through Modi, Aman met 40-year-old bassist Kuzcynski, and Beige Shelter was officially born in 2015 with the addition of 19-year-old guitarist and McMaster University student Karan Sabharwal (who could not be here for this interview).

“It was like the law of attraction,” Aman said. Nodding, Kuczynski agreed. “This is not a person,” the bassist said, gesturing at a shyly smiling Aman. “This is a force we’re talking about.”

As the three bandmates laughed and rushed to complement each other, it became evident that they share a tight bond and immense respect for each other, despite the fact that they have only been playing live shows together since last May. The secret to their comradery? “We’re not assholes to each other, pardon my French,” said Aman with a laugh.

All joking aside, Beige Shelter works so well since all of its members have an undying love and talent for music.

The more we play, the more we anticipate each other,” Kuczynski said. “There’s four of us, but you know couples that are in sync, they’ll finish each other’s sentences. We sort of did this with music.”

And Modi said he agrees. “We are four separate players and we came to the band as four separate people, but at the end of the day, it has to sound like one unified piece to the audience,” he said. “So to extend the metaphor thing, it’s like a recipe. We all got different ingredients, but at the end of the day you’re just eating one thing.”

“Very nice analogies, guys!” Aman said with a laugh.

And the quartet tried to emulate this togetherness on their debut album, a 12-track effort they released in November called Rumours We Make, Paths We Take. Since then, the band has been busy promoting their lead single, “Dark Horse.”

But most of all, Beige Shelter is trying to play at bigger and better venues with more people – “Like with moshpits!” Aman joked.

“We’re really committed to playing live and just working on our sound live,” Kuczynski said. “Yeah absolutely, like making it more magical,” Aman agreed with a smile.

Although these four are just starting out as a band, they have some advice for musicians in a similar position.

“Anyone out there who wants to perform music and play live, just go do it,” Aman said.

And let yourself have a little fun while you’re at it. In September, Beige Shelter played a show at Lee’s Palace.

“That night, on two of the songs, I actually howled like somebody from the Deftones ... and I’ve never done that before,” Aman said, laughing. “I got such a high from doing it, you know? Like there’s something very satisfying about screaming sometimes.”

Fans of magical alternative rock can catch Beige Shelter at their album release show on March 10 at the Opera House.

Beige Shelter Is:

Aditya (Adi) Aman: Vocals, guitar, rhythm guitarist ukulele, lyrics, melody

Neel Modi: Drums, percussion, production, arrangement, lyrics

Karan Sabharwal: Lead guitar

Tom Kuczynski: Bass

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And check out their music video for "Dark Horse" on Youtube - Musicians @ Ryerson

"Engineering grad breaking into Toronto music scene with Beige Shelter"

Aditya Aman has come a long way since he graduated from Ryerson in 2009. When he was a student, he was too shy to even take part in an open mic night. Eight years later, he now feels comfortable playing to an audience.
“Once you do something a few times, it feels like brushing your teeth. You don’t think about it,” said Aman before taking the stage at Lee’s Palace with his band, Beige Shelter.
Aman has played at a few different venues in Toronto, including Smiling Buddha and The Cavern. Soon he will be performing at the Opera House for the first time for Beige Shelter’s upcoming release party for its debut album Rumours We Make, Paths We Take. They’ve partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) for the event and all ticket proceeds will go towards the charity.
Aman said he feels this is an important cause to get behind, as he himself has suffered from anxiety and depression throughout his life.
“I just want to make sure that my music makes a difference,” said Aman. “That it can help people feel that they’re not alone.”
The album release coincides with Beige Shelter’s Rumours tour, which will see them perform at venues throughout Toronto and Ontario.
Aman didn’t always see himself pursuing a career in music. He graduated from Ryerson with an engineering degree and is currently working as a reliability engineer at Bombardier. But after a recent trip to India, Aman said he had a kind of Eat, Pray, Love experience that made him realize he wants to to focus solely on music.
“I went there for an epiphany and experienced a bit of a spiritual awakening,” said Aman. “I came back and was like, ‘you know what? I want to make music full time down the road.’”
He’s now trying to balance working in engineering and building Beige Shelter’s following.
Beige Shelter began as a solo project for Aman until he met fellow band members Tom Kuczynski on bass, Karan Sabharwal on lead guitar and Neel Modi, who in addition to playing drums and keyboard, also produced their new album.
Aman said his music looks to explore all types of topics and emotions. This is where he got the name for the band. Aman sees beige as a colour that represents a collection of emotions and music as a shelter, so he felt the title fitting — though he has found some people misinterpret the name’s origin.
“It’s not because it’s three brown guys and one white guy,” Aman joked. “Totally not the reason why.”
As new artists, Aman said he’s found Toronto to be fairly welcoming — but it takes a lot of work.
“If you want to get into music, I do feel that there’s the avenue, there’s the opportunity,” said Aman. “But I feel that you have to slug at it like, pardon my French, a bitch.”
Aman says he is willing to put in the work though. He hopes someday to focus entirely on music by owning his own record label, which would manage Beige Shelter and other bands looking to make it.
“We (plan to) have other acts signed to it and we’d look after them,” said Aman. “I want to nurture and help bands spread a good message.”
Aman also plans to release a six-song EP that will put a traditional Indian twist on their folky sound. But for now, Beige Shelter will focus on its Rumours tour in the city. - The Ryersonian

"Writing the emotional gamut with Beige Shelter"

Indie rock band Beige Shelter stopped by to talk about forming the band, producing their first album, and performed two songs. Our very own Neel Modi took the co-guest seat as producer, drummer, and co-writer. A good friend of Song Talk Radio, Patrick Ballantyne filled in for Neel’s host spot.

Beige Shelter is:

Adi Aman – songwriter, vocals, rhythm guitar, ukulele, harmonica
Neel Modi – producer, percussionist, co-writer on Colours
Tom Kuczynski – bass guitar
Karan Sabharwal – lead guitar (absent)
We talked about:

Adi’s first appearance on Song Talk Radio over two years ago
Where the band name came from
Adi’s approach to capturing a wide range of emotions with his yin-yang philosophy of songwriting
Neel’s approach to producing the album – check out his blog post on this
Playing with your key signature to find the sweet spot for your vocals
Where you can listen to Beige Shelter’s debut album, Rumours we make, paths we take - Songtalk Radio

"Jammer's Waffle House - All At Once CD Release Party"

Clarke Memorial Hall was rockin' Port Credit on November 12. Local Indie Pop band, Jammer’s Waffle House, had a party to celebrate the release of their new album entitled “All At Once”. They performed their new CD from cover to cover. Also joining them were special guests, Beige Shelter and Arlene Paculan & the Cool Ones. Each performed a few of their own songs. With the admission ticket of $12, everyone also received a copy of their new CD. There was merchandise for sale and the generous band members supplied pizza for everyone that came out to help commemorate their good fortune. - Snapd Mississauga


Talk about your path from engineering to music.

Umm, the thing is I like engineering. Music was something I started listening to when I was 13. I just found it made me get more creative. I kinda found myself through music. I started playing guitar then started playing singing. If you asked me at 13 what I thought about music, I wouldn't know and would go back and play my Playstation. It completes me.

To quote something...
“Music is something that completes me.”
— Jerry McGuire
You know those feelings where you have a purpose on Earth. I feel music is that for me. It's apart of my expression.

What's that one song, quote or part of a song lyric touched you?

There is so many that I like. I can't particularly remember the lyrics right now but a lot of bands that I like, indie bands. I just saw The Killers last night at Caesars. There is a song called Humans and it really touched me. It was basically the the lead singer was admitting Humans are fallible.
“Are we humans or are we dancers?”
— The Killers
It kind resonated with me from last night. We as humans are complicated and we should accept the fact that we're always changing.

The next five years?

Haha, good question. My plan right now is to release my album. Tentatively it's going to be called Make paths We take. Promote the album, play as many shows I can and get a fuller band. Right now it's just me and my producer. Get bigger basically. End goal is to get a cult following to express my voice.

What's that one instrument that touched you?

Guitar because I played it so long. It was my first instrument and I play it ever since.

You can find more about his music at the links below! - Humans of Windsor

"Addy Aman talks music"

Addy talks about the ideas behind his songs “Think of Me”, “Dark Horse”, “The River” and performs two songs live in the studio. - Songtalk Radio


Rumours We Make Paths We Take

Released Digitally: 14th November 2016
Physical Release: 10th March 2017

1.Dark Horse
2.Think of Me
4.She Now Flies
8.Who I Am
9.Wild Heart
10.Modern Cowboy
11.The River
12.Climb The Hill

All songs (lyrics and music) written by Aditya Aman,except Colours written by Aditya Aman and Neel Modi
Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals: Aditya Aman
Piano, Keyboards, Bass, Drums,Percussion: Neel Modi
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Neel Modi
Album Artwork/Layout by Mariusz Major
© Beige Shelter 2016 all rights reserved unauthorized copying, reproduction, public performance and broadcasting prohibited (SOCAN).rumours we make / paths we take

Our debut album "Rumours We Make, Paths We Take" is currently available on platforms below: - Lyrics available on website
Google Play:
Amazon Music:



What are the main attributes that separates humans from machine? They are feelings, emotion and blood. Being human is like a palette of the colour beige; from which all emotions can be drawn and painted: there are happy emotions such as joy (yellow), love (pink), hope (peach) as well as darker emotions such as anger (red), depression (blue), apathy (black) and so forth. Music is shelter for bandmates Neel Modi, Tom Kuczynski, Karan Sabharwal, Alon Rodovinsky and Aditya Aman; as they passionately paint these emotions through a variety of songs that range from delicate melodies to raw intensity.

They are Beige Shelter. They express their own take of the trials, glories and tribulations of life in a sincere, earnest way.

Their debut "Rumours We Make, Paths We Take" was released in November 2016 on all digital music services and streaming (iTunes, Spotify to name a few), this band takes pride in sharing their message of being human across the GTA! Having played at prestigious venues such as the Opera House, Lee's Palace, The Mod Club, Cameron House to name a few, Beige Shelter seeks to spread their musical wings across Ontario and potentially more!

In March 2017, Beige Shelter played their album release party to a capacity crowd of 200! This party also served as a fundraiser for Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto where $1000 CAD was contributed towards the progression of mental health awareness and activity. As well in May 2017, they released a single in support of Mental Health Awareness "Light Your Way" that has been a part of their set lists ever since!

They have taken the stage in music festivals such as the Global Village Music Festival at Mel Lastman Square and the Toronto Ribfest in July 2019.

They continue to play shows across the GTA and you will be moved by the songs and find yourself grooving to their music.

Songs: Cruel, Dark Horse, Light Your Way, Eden, Colours

Our first single is "Dark Horse"



Our debut album "Rumours We Make, Paths We Take" is currently available digitally on platforms below:



Apple Music:

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