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Bekay has created a loyal, cult-like following in the underground hip-hop community by relentlessly recording, performing and grinding. Known for his complex imagery, shock value and clever wordplay, Bekay has established himself as a rather controversial figure in today's hip-hop game.


Bekay, the Brooklyn native, hence the moniker, has been an active participant in hip-hop culture since he penned his first rhyme at just ten years old. It’s not hard to listen to one verse from Bekay to realize that he has skills. Bekay personifies the changing definition of hip-hop as someone very passionate about this culture and eager to let the world in on his story. Bekay's writing talent, punch-lines and unique perception have not only enabled him to become a cult personality, but have also brought credibility and power to the issues found in his music.

Truly a product of his environment, Bekay first drew inspiration from his Brooklyn-bred childhood. As Bekay started to mature, he began to write rhymes as therapy to help him escape from his troubled home-life. Being a white Jewish kid from Nostrand Avenue chasing down the dream to become a rap star is not an easy task. In fact, his journey is one that has endured opposition through nearly every turn. Ultimately, Bekay made the decision that he would not only endure such opposition, but that he would defiantly rise above any resistance to his pursuit through battle rapping. It’s the very culmination of these early experiences combined with his inner rage and defiance that molded him into a ruthless competitor in New York’s battle rap scene. Before long, Bekay’s skills were embraced and he found solace in feeling accepted by the same culture that once rejected him. After realizing that his career would thrive more prosperously by recording songs then through battling, Bekay turned his verses into songs and started working with various producers. Before long, Bekay was offered his first record deal through T.S.O.B. Records.

During Bekay’s short-lived affiliation to T.S.O.B, Bekay was introduced to the late Old Dirty Bastard. Instantly, a friendship developed that eventually led to a collaboration of the anthemic “Where Brooklyn At?”, which was one of the last songs that ODB ever recorded prior to his untimely passing. The song was well received, but neither a video nor any radio promotions ever materialized. After several requests from T.S.O.B. to move forward with a video shoot for “Where Brookyn At?” after Ol’ Dirty’s passing, Bekay decided to leave the label, “I wasn’t about to profit from his death, so I requested to be released.”

Bekay wasn’t on his own for long. Through the buzz that he created in the underground, Bekay was offered a deal through the burgeoning New York City based indie label, Coalmine Records. Under his new deal, Bekay has added more hits to his list including collaborations with Saigon and Inspectah Deck on the underground smash 12” titled “The Raw”. The buzz of this record reinforced the growing strength of Bekay’s name in the indie radio community. DJs worldwide were excited by Bekay’s vinyl debut and begab to realize his future potential. “I’m happy to have something from Bekay on wax now, cuz I’ve played a lot of his joints on CD a while back.” (DJ Ethx – Seattle, WA - University of Washington). “Bekay is an exclamation point, rather than three periods, it’s Bekay!, not Bekay...feel me? (CJUM- Brandon – Winnipeg, MB, University of Manitoba).

To start ’06 with a bang, Coalmine teamed Bekay up with mix-tape legend DJ Kayslay on a 22 track mix CD that includes new recordings, remixes, freestyles and previously released material. “I just wanted to make sure I keep it real hip-hop and kill’em with lyrics. In my opinion real hip-hop music is dying out and as part of the new breed of MCs, I feel that it’s my responsibility to keep it healthy. I love this culture, and it’s all I got. It was great to be able to work with Slay and all the other features, and there’s only more heat to come.” Coalmine hit the streets with this mix-tape and was successful in reaching out to new audiences that have since embraced Bekay’s talents.

After realizing that a radio push for the previously released “Where Brooklyn At?” was necessary, Coalmine was able to ink a licensing agreement for this record, thus allowing a radio campaign that that helped focus the just deserved spotlight on Bekay and the late Ol’ Dirty. “…On ‘Where Brookyn At’, Bekay rides the divide between dope punch lines and leftfield introspective flows, drop in the late Dirt McGirt and this joint is smoking.” (WPRK – Keith Jackson – Orlando, FL -Rollins College). After another successful radio campaign, Bekay climbed the college charts to a number two position on a record that had strong supporters from the very beginning.

By 2007, the renowned Rawkus Records began an artist driven revolution comprised of the 50 next important hip-hop artists. Bekay was selected among all applicants to be among this elite crew and subsequently released his acclaimed Rawkus 50 album, The Horror Flick LP. This project further catapulted Bekay’s reputation in the hip-hop community as one of the more dynamic battle rappers that can produce a conceptually balanced album


I Am/Brooklyn Bridge

Written By: Bekay & Masta Ace

Lyric Sheet: “I Am”/”Brooklyn Bridge” (Video Mix)

Intro: “I Am” (feat. DJ Revolution) (prod. by The Alchemist):

[Bekay] 1st Verse
I’m a snare I’m a drum, don’t care where you from/
Started in the parks now look what I’ve become/
I’m a loud mic, I’m an emcee (downright)/
I’m the one to get the crowd hype/
I’ve been samplin’ Michael and Lionel/
I’m rap music, 12”s pressed-up on vinyl/
Nowadays I’m a rare song/
I’m white boys with back backs and hats who where their hair long/
I’m in every ghetto, worldwide never settle/
I’m even heavy metal with the devil/
I’m ill rhymes and dope beats/
starter hats, fat-laces, rope chains and gold teeth/
I’m graffiti, you wanna be me,/
I’m rich but mainly the needy, trust that believe me/
I’m a never switch spots/
I’m Kool Herc, Run DMC, Rakim, I’m Hip-Hop/

[DJ Revolution] Hook (Outro)
Check it out, I Am, Hip-Hop/
To the hip-dip, the hop you don’t stop/
I’m hip-hop, Culture, SomethinbYou Live/
I came here to represent,My People,Check it out/

“Brooklyn Bridge” (prod. by DJ Babu)

[DJ Babu] Intro cuts
This is the place where stars are born/
And all of those who live in Brooklyn know just what I’m talkin’/

[Bekay] 1st Verse
The big city of dreams, feel pity for fiends/
Gritty shifty and scheme, pretty shi**y it seems/
But we’re walkin on the gold mine, lovin this place/
Ace, Babu, Coalmine, up in your face/
Along with, introducing Bekay on the mic/
I stare right out Flatbush Ave when I’m prayin at night/
Some pack gats, leavin other cats blasted/
And even the white chicks be rockin fat a**es/
Always hot, not just when the summers here/
Coney Island, Cyclonin-it, or jumpin on the Wonder Wheel/
Fiends on the floor look for cr*ck till their knees break/
Where Puff could be a d*ck and make you walk here for cheesecake/
Ain’t a war, but we rock camouflauge/
Ridin bikes, one on the pegs and one up on the handle bars/
If you poppin sh*t, y’all kids are just hatin/
On the home of Biggie Smalls and the original Nathans/
Go door-to-door, see we more then sorta raw/
You can cop anything you ever really needed in the corner store/
Where everybody says they sell cr*ck/
And the D.T.s all dressed up in the old Giant throwbacks/
It kinda gets me a lot/
cause when I’m up in the hood, half these dudes, yo they think I’m a cop/
Bekay (shout), embrace it as heaven, stars is born/
In this place, where Masta Ace is a legend/
Anywhere else ain’t breakin me fam/
Cause I grew up in Brooklyn, these streets yo they made me a man/
What you poppin, your crew lame, ‘is Brooklyn in the house’ (shout)/
You know we are son, top of the foodchain/

[DJ Babu] 1st Hook
This is the place where stars are born/
Go Brooklyn, You know the place/
This is the place where stars are born/
And all of those who live in Brooklyn know just what I’m talking

[Masta Ace] 2nd Verse
I’m from the B-R, double O-K, L-Y-N/
If I wasn’t then why would I yell I am/
You see, this be the home of Spike Lee/
Folks think its dangerous, I don’t know, it might be slightly/
But that depends on what blocks you be stepping down/
Cause certain neighborhoods, they never put their weapon down/
I lived in Flatbush, grew up in Brownsville/
And every now and then, you see me around still/
I used to hang a lot in Bushwick/
Decatur and Evergreen, some of the best parties you ever seen/
I lived in Clinton Hills on Myrtle Ave near Ft. Greene/
I screwed on my face hard and walked mean/
I spent a lotta time in East Medina/
Where the police are meaner, and I wish the streets was cleaner/
Cause there’s crime everywhere, It ain’t fair/
but who care, not the governor, not the new mayor/
I guess we forced to live this kinda life/
If you asked me, Brooklyn be the best place to find a wife/
If you wanna chick to hold you down and have your back, Brooklyn be the ideal habitat/
Cause she ain’t havin that, lets hit the park where we gather at/
Form a cipher and spit a battle rap/
You wanna come through, you need a referral/
It’s M-A and Bekay in a song about my borough (come on)/

[DJ Babu] 2nd Hook
This is the place where stars are born/
Go Brooklyn, You know the place/
This is the place where stars are born/
And all of those who live in Brooklyn know just what I’m talking/



Discography: *(we do have tracks that have radio airplay- at current, his November, 10th release of Hunger Pains is charting for CMJ)

The Horror Flick LP (Coalmine/Rawkus) - Bekay's second full length LP

The Foundation (Coalmine Records) – Mixed compilation produced entirely by Shuko. Bekay is featured on “Do This” feat. Canibus & Chino XL and “Ohh Well” (iTunes bonus track)

The Horror Flick Remix EP (Coalmine Records) – Includes three remixes taken from The Horror Flick LP (production provided by Domingo & M-Phazes)

On Deck (hosted by DJ Kay Slay): Bekay's most recent mixtape which includes previously unreleased material, freestyles and remixes

"Where Brooklyn At" feat. Old Dirty Bastard (prod. by Konman Productions) B/W “Young” (prod. by Shuko): 12" Vinyl

"The Raw” feat. Saigon, and Inspectah Deck (prod. by Street Orchestra), 12: Vinyl

The Future of Hip Hop is Now: Bekay's debut LP

Phuck U...Sign Me: Bekay's debut mixtape

Set List

1. "I Am" feat. DJ Revolution (prod. by The Alchemist)

2. "The Raw" feat. Saigon & Inspectah Deck (prod. by Street Orchestra)

3. "Bloodsport" (prod. by Shuko)

4. "Young" (prod. by Shuko)

5. "Do This" feat. Canibus & Chino XL (prod. by Shuko)

6. "Crazy" feat. Heltah Skeltah (prod. by Illmind)

Bekay's set typically ranges anywhere from 5 to 30/35 minutes depending upon the venue and how long he's scheduled to perform. We have various sets already put together to accomodate any request. To date, Bekay has only performed original material and has yet to cover any other artist's material.