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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Just one of so many on Bekay's last LP "Hunger Pains" Please make sure to check the video links on the "basic info" section"

The white mc, you either love them, or hate them. There have been some good ones(R.A the Rugged Man, Cage,Aesop Rock, and Sage Francis just to name a few).There have also been a ton of bad ones as well. But it seems like since Marshall Mathers hit the scene, the white mc has come out of the wood work. Whether you’re hearing them for the first time through the web (hey, if you’re playing bingo online for free, Spotify’s a given, surely?) Of course there have been dope mc’s before Marshall but, besides him, they all seem to struggle to find their place in hip hop, mainly because no matter how dope they are or how different their style is, maybe they will always be compared to him. Enter Bekay pronounced Bee-kay as in Brooklyn. The first time I ever heard of Bekay was during that whole Rawkus 50 movement which produced some of the best hip hop of that year. He dropped an album called the Horror Flick that I never got a chance to hear but, after hearing Hunger Pains, I’m definetly gonna have to go back and check it out. Hunger Pains is easily one of the best cd’s of the year so let’s get started with a track by track breakdown of this outstanding cd. Oh, and by the way this dude can spit…. really really spit.

1.Intro: just a basic intro but was dope nonetheless

2.I Am (prod by alchemist) Featuring DJ Revolution. dope ass beat and dope rhymes. DJ Revolution is the man when it comes to scratching and it is very refreshing to hear scratching on a album these days. this song kicks the album off perfectly 4 out of 5

3.Pipe Dreams (produced by Marco polo) featuring R.A the Rugged Man. R.A is one of my all time favorite mc’s and Marco Polo is always solid on the beats and this is no exception. The rhymes are off the hook as Bekay spits the line” is it me or does all of Lil John’s beats sound the same” my sentiments exactly. dope ass song. 4.5 out of 5

4.Bloodsport (produced by Shuko) First off when i heard this song i thought Primo did this beat and that’s not a knock on Shuko because this beat is sick but it does sound like Primo to me and Bekay brings it on this as well. 4 out of 5

5.Young (produced by Shuko) Another dope ass beat by Shuko. I’m gonna have to start checking for more of his beats because he is very solid. 4 out of 5

6.Rapstar (hunger pains) produced by Alkota and unknown. A song basically about his struggle get on decent song and decent beat 3.5 out of 5

7. Crazy (produced by Illmind) featuring Heltah Skeltah. We ,at Dotgotit, are huge fans of Heltah Skeltah and it should come as no surprise that I think this song is ill as fuck,but as dope as I think Heltah Skeltah is Bekay definitely more than holds his own over a ill as beat dope rhymes and a dope ass beat and did I mention how ill the rhymes were.Anyway 4.5 out 5

8.Brooklyn Bridge (produced by DJ Babu) featuring Masta Ace. First off DJ Babu is one of my favorite dj’s. His cuts are sick and this beat is sick. this was the only song I heard of the album before it came out and i thought it was dope then too. Masta Ace is a legend need i say more as him and Bekay rip shit in this ode to Brooklyn. This shit is so good it makes this Chicago boy wanna visit. 4 out of 5


10.Skemers (produced by Shuko) featuring Wordsworth. First off any track with Wordsworth is gonna be dope. Dude is too underrated and once again Bekay holds his own when on a track with a very dope mc and Shuko brings another heater. 4 out of 5

11.Realest That Run It(produced by Contagious) I wasn’t too familiar with Contagious’ work before this track. The beat was cool and it definitely gets props for sampling my favorite mc, Jay-Z…decent song. 3.5 out of 5.

12.Pops (produced by Beanone) Basically a letter to his pops:something most young men can relate to. Dude can rhyme his ass off 3.5 out of 5

13.The Raw(Street Orchestra) featuring Saigon and Inspectah deck. This is my favorite track on this cd as all three mc’s kill it over a dope ass beat. Bekay steals the show with lines like ” I’m like Magic with aids it don’t kill you it only makes you stronger”. 5 out of 5

14.Visions( produced by Jonathan Rotem) a song basically about seeing life through his eyes.Dope 4 out of 5

15.I Am remix(produced by Alchemist) featuring Dilated Peoples. First off, Dilated Peoples are one of my all time favorite groups and they rip shit. The beat is the same and once again, Bekay kills another track. I like this version better than the original. 4.5 out of 5.

This is easily a candidate for cd of the year as Bekay absolutely rips every track and is never overshadowed by the dope mc’s featured on this cd. I absolutely recommend this cd for all true hip hop heads because it damn near doesn’t get much better than this. Gucci Mane and Lil wayne fans need not apply because this cd has what all dope cd’s should have: good beats and outstanding rhymes. Overall score 4.25 out of 5.0

- DotgotIt


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Please check the video links we added in the "added links" section. Thanks so much.



Please check the video links on the "added links"

1. First prize winner of the International Music Festival's best rap/hip-hop solo artist award (Aug 2006).

2. Currently working with The Alchemist, super producer Jonathan Rotem a/k/a JR (50 Cent, Lil Kim, Snoop, Rihanna, Destiny's Child,), Grammy award winning producer Jim Jonsin, DJ Kay Slay, Dj Sickamore, Masta Ace, DJ Babu (Dilated Peoples), iLLmind(G-Unit), T Pain, Sean Kingstun, DJ Revolution, Kool G Rap, Saigon (HBO’s entourage), Wordsworth, Canibus, Redman, and many others.

3. Collaborated with the late Old Dirty Bastard for a track entitled Where Brooklyn At? (Produced by Kanye West's production Team, KONMAN Productions [John Legend]). The song was charted as the #2 college hip-hop song in the nation. This was ODB’s last recording!

4. Featured on The Raw 12” featuring M.C. heavyweights Inspectah deck and Saigon. The Raw was XXL Magazines underground pick of the month and was charted as the #1 college hip-hop song in the nation.

5. Released “On Deck”- a mix CD hosted and endorsed by the legendary DJ Kay Slay. Bekay has also been featured on countless numbers of mix tapes(Big Mike/Kay Slay/etcetc) and has become a regular featured artist among DJ Sickamore’s catalog of mix CDs.

6. Has been featured on BET's 106th and Park “Freestyle Friday” M.C. battle.

7. Was chosen to compete in MTV's “MC Battle”. This tryout consisted of over 20,000 contestants and Bekay was chosen as one of 27 finalists.

8. Wrote and was featured in a NIKE endorsed sneaker commercial that has aired on MTV, BET, ESPN, TNT, TBS, SPIKE, MSG and many other cable stations.

9. Is currently 23-1 and will be featured on MTV’S “FIGHTKLUB”.

10. Has received airplay on New York's Hot 97 and Z100 as well as Sirius and XM Satellite Radio.

11. Has just recently recorded an exclusive song at the request of DON KING, for Don’s
boxing DVD to be released the 4th quarter of 2010.

12. Was given honorable mention for his song “The Reason” in XXL Magazine’s chairman’s choice section. April 2008.

13. Was voted by over 300,000 people as #1 Independent hip hop artist of 2008 by He has also sold over 125,000 cd’s hand to hand that he pressed himself!

14. First prize winner of the New York “Cheetah Club” showcase competition, held by Funk Master Flex's Big Dog Pitbulls and AJ of B.E.T.

15. Competed for a spot on MTV's “Making the Band.” Of over 75,000 hopefuls from seven major U.S. cities, Bekay stood tall among the 25 finalists. He was a staff favorite during the original tapings of the show. A contractual obligation kept him from continuing.

16. Bekay was chosen to sign to the legendary RAWKUS records as part of the RAWKUS 50 deemed the next 50 important names in hip hop.

17. Bekay has just wrote and performed a song that will be feature in “AXE BODY SPRAY”’s next commercial add campaign set to launch in the 4th quarter of 2010.

18. Bekay’s single “I’m The Reason” was charted as the #1 college hip hop song in the country June 2008.

19. Music will be featured on “next” season of HBO’S ENTOURAGE.

20. Wrote and created all lyrics for VERIZON wireless new hit cell phone game “Battle Rapper” Go download it now!

21. Single “I Am” produced by The Alchemist charted as #1 song in the country Jan 2010 on all college radio.

22. Is a household name in European Countries as well as domestically. Bekay will be touring Europe again this year for the month of Aug. 2010. He will be one of the headliners for “Hip Hop Kemp” in the Czeck Republic, which is the top 3 biggest Music festivals in the world.

23. Bekay’s name carries strength on records. His last “feature” for a relatively unknown underground mc “El Gant” was the #1 rated song on websites such as hiphopdx, hiphopgame,,, etcetc. Bekay’s music is regularly featured on the most relevant websites and blogs on all of the internet.

24. Bekay has shot along side No-Ego Prod a Reality show for execs at MTV entitled “Bekay Blows Up?!?” which documents the life of a white up and coming Emcee who is known on all levels going through the rials of the music industry. MTV and a few other major networks have offered interest AND EVEN tv air spots for this show, but the producers are still ironing out the major details before moves are made forward.