We have catchy, great vocals and instrumentals. Very appealing to a large demographic. Acoustic based roots with new rock influence.


new bio
Not too often does a band come along that captivates the audience with songs both lyrically and musically. The critically acclaimed band, BEKKER is one of those few bands! Based out of Seattle, BEKKER has been filling venues and satisfying ears up and down the West Coast for over two years. Started by frontman Matt Bekker, the songs he writes grabs the attention of the listeners from the first downbeat. The Raw Emotion heard in his voice and in the lyrics of his songs have created a buzz more prestigious then anyone else his age. Matt's original songs tug at your soul with it's poetic realism.
Besides the powerful songs, flowing harmonies, and impeccable showmanship, BEKKER's variety to match any venue size and vibe is what makes them so unique. BEKKER is most widely know as a duo with vocalist/percussionist Bryan Watson's. Together they have toured over 50 colleges in 10 states in a span of six months in 2008-2009. Recently as a three piece band the had the honor to share the stage with American Idol runner-up, Blake Lewis at an acoustic benefit show in Seattle. They have also shared the stage with Butch Walker, Blue Scholars and Pedro the Lion to name a few. As a five piece band, last year they placed in the top 8 bands out of over 7,000 bands at a national battle of the bands contest hosted by "Bodog". They are slated to appear on a Reality TV series later this year to claim the prize as top band. In April of 2009 the signed they're first record contract with the up-and -coming Seattle label, Sound Records & Entertainment.

Old bio
Matt started out writing music 3 years ago. He sang but soon realized he had better learn an instrument to do song writing. He picked up guitar to find he was actually pretty good at it. Early influences were John Mayer and Jason Mraz as Matt Bekker began his solo work. During the first year, members came and went as they helped this young musician develop and soon some stayed and the soloist found himself with a band. Dropping the first name, his group became Bekker, though it still revolves around the catchy lyrics of the front-man.

The band was more and more influenced by new rock bands such as Coldplay and Incubus. Good vocals and catchy lyrics (without being corny) is what sets this soloist apart from others, not to mention the level of maturity the sound has considering Matt's young age.

The band has played with the Washington raised and praised hip-hop duo "Blue Scholars" for a benefit show, as well as local and national faves such as "Danger Radio" and "The Scene Aesthetic". They have played at Washington venues such as El Corazon, The Columbia City Theater, Studio Seven, KTUB, The Old Redmond Firehouse, and The Lyons Den. They have also played at the Avalon in Hollywood, CA, most famously known as the Palace Ballroom where the Beatles had their first westcoast show.

Matt Bekker has received praise from the highly respected morning host of Seattle's classic rock station, KZOK 102.5FM, Bob Rivers, stating that he is becoming one of the next greatest singer songwriters of todays music.

The band has also been chosen among 9 others out of 7000 bands around the world to battle for a million dollar contract from Bodog Music on the reality television series "Bodog Battle of the Bands", due to air later this year (filmed this summer). We turned them down to pursue our own interests.

We are also close to the following local (Seattle) bands:
J Minus, C Side, M Bison, The Scene Aesthetic, Danger Radio, Bad Dream Good Breakfast, Lizzie Huffman, and Man in the Blue Van.

We have also played with (non-local):
Hazel and Vine, Goodbye Elliot


Shade of Red

Written By: Matt Bekker

your to good for me
she was quick to respond
she was quick to be strong
"no im just right"

but days like today
the doubts hit hard
and your heart says your home
but your mind says I was wrong

but you
got nothin to worry about
im not goin no where
im not goin no where
and you turn my favorite shade of red
when I get so close you cant help but hear
im not goin no were
im not goin no were
with out you

and if time changes the light on love
then I certainly wont let love have hold of me
I need something that lasts
I need you and nothing less

and promises come easy when im in these arms
but outside these walls
I swear ill never change
I swear ill stay the same

Lets Get Away

Written By: Matt Bekker

One word and were out of here
You know this crowds crazy and its hard to hear your breathing
Warm hand and a place in mind
So into the darkness we unwind
And autumn leaves distract the soul
There’s comfort in numbers
But peace when we’re alone

So lets get away lets get away
Twos company

And I know the skies the same color as the street
But it will be of little consequence baby the faster
We move our feet

And forever seems so beautiful but moments like this
They come and go so fast
Gotta take up by the hand as they pass
Cuz we’ve been given something
And we’ve been promised nothing
And weed be foolish not to

So lets get away lets get away twos company
Cuz its not the place it’s the people
So love who you’re with and be with who you love
O it will go full circle

Lets get away lets get away
Twos company

Let the rhythm of the rain take over your brain
Take off your shoes baby

Lets get away lets get away
Twos company

Baby I gotta go, baby I gotta go away (x2)
Say you’ll come round again don’t let the distance draw you in (x2)


First of Things to Come (EP)
Second Edition (LP Preview)

Set List

Typical Set List for a 30-45 minute set:
Shade of Red
Kid in the Corner
Nothing But Needles

Additional songs for longer sets:
All Tied Up
Find a Different Me
Big Heart
By My Side
Lets Get Away