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Bek Ofis is a pop/rock music project from Prague. They mix britpop legacy Bek Oficeand Czech musical culture in one unique sound which has been available for your ears since 2005. Last year they released a debut album which found its way to radio stations such are Radio 1, Expres, Beat and CR1. The hit single “For The Truth You Must Fight” placed #2 on Eurohitparade and a video for this song can be watched daily at music TV Ocko. Bek Ofis is a project of Jan J. Nedved who is the composer of all the stuff, sings it and also plays couple of instruments. Among his “companieros” are Pavel Marcel, Jakub Jakubec, Michal Havel and Tomas Paulas. and Bek Ofis on Myspace -

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If you are looking for something that will have you believing in the Indie artist, then the music project, Bek Ofis, is the perfect choice. Headline by Jan J. Nedved and his musical guests, Bek Ofis has something that will appeal to you: genuine music that speaks to the soul. Coming from Prague, Czech Republic, Bek Ofis is gaining momentum in the states. Check out this recent interview with Junior’s Cave.

Isaac: Briefly describe how you entered into the music industry.

Jan J. Nedved - Bek Ofis: It happened long time ago. Since my father has always been a musician and music manager, I kind of followed the way I found the most "natural". I used to attend special elementary school focused on teaching music theory and several instruments. Later, I became part of school band when about 14 yrs old. After that, I've got involved in many musical projects, ending up at Bek Ofis, hoping there will be no others needed ;o]

Isaac: One of the reasons why I was drawn to you guys is because of your style. Briefly elaborate on your background

Jan J. Nedved - Bek Ofis: If you mean the style of our music, I'd say we are a pop/rock thing with slight "Czecho-British-American" influence. I've been listening mainly British bands for ages, and therefore it had to influence me somehow, but still I've grown up in Czech Republic so here is the mixture of both... And finally I used to live in the US for a year and this was very strong experience for me.

Isaac: What is the most rewarding aspect to making music currently for you?

Jan J. Nedved - Bek Ofis: Of course the FANS!!! We usually have more girls at our gigs, which is nice, isn't it? ;o] I personally love when people sing with you during your hit songs... That's just amazing. Also, you have to bear in mind that although we sing in English, people around us don't speak this language on daily basis, so it's even better if they try to understand.

Isaac: What has discouraged you the most about making music?

Jan J. Nedved - Bek Ofis: It happens quite often unfortunately. Usually when someone listens to our music briefly, doesn't really like it not even understands it and than just puts some "review" on the Internet or so... Also, I really hate how hard it is to get your stuff on the radio around here... They always tell you "you are not famous, we will not play it" but we all know that "you are not famous because they don't play your music" so it's kind of like perpetum mobile thing.

Isaac: What does being an entertainer mean to you?

Jan J. Nedved - Bek Ofis: To make people happy, sad, crying, laughing... anything that moves them somehow. You have to give the people to come to your gig again, or to listen to your tracks over and over, give them something they can look for or to explore... I usually look for the atmosphere, the mood: Sometimes happy, sometimes calm, easy, and even mourning.

Isaac: Do you have a personal philosophy about music? If so, what is it?

Jan J. Nedved - Bek Ofis: I wouldn't call it philosophy, as I said I prefer the mood or atmosphere of the sound rather than some individual skill. By that I mean that rather than to show how great each musician is, I prefer to mix everything together carefully and creating rather minimalistic composition... But I think everyone evolves, so it might be my preference now, but in 2 years... who knows.

Isaac: When you are performing live in front of an audience, what are the thoughts that are running through you head?

Jan J. Nedved - Bek Ofis: I always think of all these people. I would like to know what is in their heads...

Isaac: Why is being an independent musician important to you?

Jan J. Nedved - Bek Ofis: I can do what I want, when I want.

Isaac: Do you think the Internet has altered the path of music as an industry? If so, how?

Jan J. Nedved - Bek Ofis: Well, it might have because people around the globe have the opportunity to hear the music from elsewhere. Globalization is great isn't it? ;o]

Isaac: Any advice for other musicians out there when it comes to using the Internet as a medium for getting their music heard to the masses?

Jan J. Nedved - Bek Ofis: It would sound silly when I would give advices to others since I haven't done anything "big" yet. The only thing would be "Do what you believe in and do not stop". Sooner or later you will enjoy the work done.

Isaac: What kind of recording software do you use?

Jan J. Nedved - Bek Ofis: We use Pro Tools with many plug-ins. It would be long story...

Isaac: I know that everybody has his or her idea of a dream artist, someone who for whatever reasons that person would just love to listen to and admire. As an entertainer yourself, if you could play with one of your "dream" musicians, anyone at all, who would it be and why?

Jan J. Nedved - Bek Ofis: It would be Gallagher brothers. That would be my dream, to perform with Oasis.

Isaac: What are you hoping to gain from your experience of being a musician a -

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CD Review: Bek Ofis - For The Truth You Must Fight
Bek Ofis - For The Truth You Must Fight
2006, Bek Ofis - Czech Republic

And if I were to tell you that some of the best Brit-Pop going was coming out of Prague? Nuts, am I? Then you need to check out Bek Ofis' For The Truth You Must Fight. Combining a guitar-rock oriented song, and a singer who sounds like a Adult Contemporary Geddy Lee, Bek Ofis has a winning sound that should make them darlings of the international rock scene.

Bek Ofis is the brainchild of Jan J. Nedved, who also sings lead vocals and plays acoustic six-string. I Can See is an absolute GEM of a song, with lyric guitar work and Nedved's signature vocals. Other highlights include 7th Cloud and Get Away. Be sure to check out Stay and My Unwritten Poem as well.

Bek Ofis should have the room to grow their fan base through Europe based on their sound. They have the potential to be a top draw here in North America as well. For The Truth You Must Fight is a more-than-worthy first effort. Check it out today!

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can check out Bek Ofis at or -


For the truth you must fight - 2006
Calgary [single] - 2008
Chvile [Universal-single] - 2009
Nahradnik (single) - 2010



Bek Ofis is a music project of Jan J. Nedved and his musical guests. Established firstly as a pop/rock band in 2002, it became a „real“ thing in 2005.

The music is characterized as pop/rock or powerpop with some britpop or even folk influence.

Over 250 gigs were performed at famous venues in Prague and also in Budapest-Hungary, Bratislava-Slovakia and Wien-Austria

Bek Ofis became a runner-up at several music competitions in Czech Republic, including famous radio ‘Beat’s band fight’, ‘Czech rock to Europe 2009’, ‘Boom cup 2009’ and winner of ‘SazavaFest battle 2008’

In July 2009 new single “Chvile” hits 15th place in official CZ radio chart in its first week. Over 5 months within CZ TOP 50 according to official IFPI chart.

Debut album was widely recognized as “perfect beginning”. Hit singles “For The Truth You Must Fight” and “Get Away” are aired on many radios in Czech Republic, Slovakia and United States. Video clips receive high attention in Czech TV stations. Bek Ofis also regularly performs in shows of Czech National TV.

Album received “Best of Indies” award by Moozikoo publisher in Nashville, U.S.

Single „Get Away“ hit 2nd place at in March 2006. Video clip for the same song was shot near Auckland, New Zealand, being the first Czech music video from this part of the world.