Bek Phillips

Bek Phillips


If Kelly Clarkson was able to impregnate Avril Lavigne, Bek Phillips would be born. High-Energy Pop Rock with a classy edge! Bek Phillips and the Addiction of the Day are sure to rock your face off!


Bek grew up in Hebron CT. A small town with the most concentrated group of musicians...something in the water I guess! Music, poetry and art have always been a way of expression for Bek. She wrote her first song when she was 15 and hasn't stopped since. Addiction of the Day is her first solo debut cd. It has been a totally new direction for Bek...upbeat instead of depressing emo-ish, which she still loves. "I was listening to a lot of “The Cure” when I wrote those old songs." Bek explained.


Addiction of the Day - LP 2007

In 2007 Bek has had the honor of opening up for several national acts such as:
The Backstreet Boys
Rob Base
Paula DeAnda
Cat Deluna
Matt White
Pittsburgh Slim

Set List

Why. Why? Why!
Addiction of the Day
Come Along
Breaking Me
Look at me now

All originals with an occasional cover. Set list is 1 hour.