Los Angeles, California, USA

We are a group of like minded individuals, sharing a passion for not only music, but story telling. We live for the music we create and thrive on sharing it with the world. We have created a mold of our own and intend on breaking it when we're done. Our live show is not a concert, it's an experience


Summer 2008:First Single, "Do You Care?" featured in Portugal's series, Morangos Com Acucar
Dec 2008: Concert for the Poor at FNAC MAdeira Portugal (fans were asked to bring cans of food that was then donated to the organization, Caritas)
Jan 2009: Canadian Tour including cities Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, etc
Spring 2009: bELA will be performing on Portugal's leading morning show, Voce Na TV
Jan 2009: First single, "Do You Care?" wins the John Lennon Songwriter's Competition. bELA is asked to perform at NAMM 2009 in Anaheim, California
Feb 2009: bELA's debut album "...the death of gypsyX" is now available at FNAC Portugal
Nov 2008: bELA's single, "Hold On" is added to the playlist of California's infamous, KROQ radio station

In a time when popular artists are virtually indistinguishable, the world is introduced to a young girl who is about to change everything. bELA, born into a Portuguese heritage was given a diary for her seventh birthday. Expression as she had known it would never be the same. The self-described "loner" quickly became addicted to the release offered by a clean page and a sharp pencil. Soon after, she began adding melodies to her diary entries with an old keyboard her father had bought her for Christmas.Years later, she would take her personal songs to the local coffeehouse, performing every Sunday night. Following a whole year spent writing and performing in Europe, bELA wandered to Los Angeles where, along with her brother, basilioFERNANDOferreira, she began writing what would eventually become her debut album; "...the death of gypsyX". By the album's completion, bELA had already been invited to perform on the televised LA Nitelife, and had the pleasure of appearing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Her humbly demoed album previews had already acquired rave reviews from UK's infamous, Rhythm Magazine and gained her regular rotation on PulseNow! Satellite Radio. The freshly released album is currently brewing a craze in various nations as bELA's first single, "Do You Care?" is making a comfortable home on Portugal, US indie and Canadian radio and has just been placed in 'Morangos Com Acucar', Portugal's leading primetime series. The stir comes as no surprise to the album's production team; Dale Penner (Nickelback, Holly McNarland), Mike Fraser (Guns N' Roses, Aersomith), Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins), Jim Barr (Peter Gabriel, Portishead) who saw potential in even bELA's earliest demos. The ride has just begun for bELA and there is no telling where her love for music and performing will take her. Her powerful words and hypnotic stage presence will surely see no boundaries....


Do You Care?

Written By: bELA/basilioFERNANDOferreira

I heard news to day, the end is on its way.
Wipe blood off your face, make them go away.
We had it all, why did we fall?

It's our last chance to take a stand.
Do you care, do you care?
Get out of our heads
Now we've got the plan.
Do you care, do you care?

I can't see you cry.
Be strong, one more try.
There just is no way, nothing left to save.
You're soaked in hate
You have one day,
What will you say?

It's our last chance to take a stand
Do you care, Do you care?
Get out of our heads, now we've got the plan
Do you care, do you care?

Your eyes tell me what you see.
These pills won't erase memory.

I heard news today, the end is on its way.
Wipe blood off your face
Make them go away.
Do you care, do you care?

Dream Away

Written By: bELA/basilioFERNANDOferreira

I look around at this place, i don't know how i got here
And i don't know where to go from here
I look around at your faces, i don't know why you came here
And i don't know when you will all disappear

Boys for sale,
Girls for sale
Souls for sale.

I don't know why you are alone tonight
Why no one is by your side
Do you tell yourself you're okay?
Do you swallow all of your mistakes,
Or close your eyes and dream away?

When you look up at me can you tell that I'm frightened?
Is it easy to see I'm searching for words?
It's the last day of the world and I'm ready for closure
No, I've never wanted something more than this

I don't know why you are alone tonight
Why no one is by your side
Do you tell yourself you're okay?
Do you swallow all of your mistakes?
Or close your eyes and dream away?

Crawl out of bed, you've made it through another night.
Take a deep breath boy
Welcome to beautiful life.

I don't know why you are alone tonight.
Do you tell yourself you're okay?
Do you forget the mistakes you made?
Do you close your eyes to all they say?
Close your eyes and dream away.


dicography: "...the death of gypsyX" 2008
Singles on Radio:
"Hold ON", "The Masquerade" (KROQ, California)
"Do You Care?" (Stations in California, satellite radio, Canada, Portugal)
"Do You Care?" (on Portugal's leading soap opera, "Morangos Com Acucar" Soundtrack
"The Masquerade" (on Hawaii's Kona -FM 92.1)

Set List

Do You Care?
Hold On
Dream Away
Take You Away
Don't Cry (Guns N Roses cover)
The Masquerade