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“Brilliant indie-pop sound.” Tom Hansen, Milkshakes and (Nov 2012)

“She sounds every bit as beautiful as she looks” Bon Bonnie ,The Music Press(Nov 2012)

‘Miles Away is a strong, well produced pop song that stands on its own two feet with some particularly catchy hooks” Emma Segal, Fresh On The Net. (Nov 2012)

:Airy, fresh-sounding electropop” Alfie, Alfietude (Nov 2012)

“I was lucky to get the chance to interview this very promising young talent, who looks set to take the world by storm. Full of charm and charisma, she answered my questions in an astute and professional manner. Her favourite instrument is the 12 string guitar, and she counts indie/folk as the genre she comes back to the most. She is without a doubt one to watch out for. You should all be seeing much more of her in time to come. ”

- Roisheen Kheller, Independent Music News (Jul 09, 2012)

On her debut EP Rough Luxe, solid production and musicianship make her tunes shine, sounding every bit as catchy in a simple guitar and vocals arrangement (“Radiate”), as when backed by atmospheric, low key indie-rock (“Eye Pennies”), or comfortably nestled on a bed of synth pop (“Miles Away”, which is reminiscent of Frou Frou in their best moments). You can easily imagine hearing any one of these tunes in a hipster coffee shop or on the stage of some hot music club.

The platinum blonde Australian-born and London-residing singer seems to effortlessly juggle model looks, talent and ambition. Bela Takes Chase certainly seems tailor made for mainstream success. Here’s hoping the starmaking machinery won’t boil her music down to generic, lowest common denominator slop or spoil her refreshing honesty and easy going charm…
Tiffany Daniels Drunkenwerewolf (Aug 20120)
“All For You” will be released later this month on Vicious Records and I must say, I am excited for this track. The original has the summer sounds through the song. The synths used in this song are insanely catchy. Plus the vocals from Bela Takes Chase are just perfect . This is one of the songs I am looking forward to hearing in a live set. Definitely a hit for the summer.”
- Review, Marshmellow Gun (Jul 20, 2012)

“Very impressive Bela Takes Chase has much more substance to her work than merely banging out camp Euro disco anthems. She’s a photogenic lass who’s recently moved from her native Australia to London to persue her musical dreams, A chorus as big as Robert Smiths 80's hair- do”
- Andy Von Pip, Von Pip Musical Express (Jul 13, 2012)

“Sometimes, a new artist surprises you with the beauty and honesty of their music. In very rare cases, it emerges that said artist also has a personality. In extreme cases they also happen to be incredibly beautiful”.
- Jamie, Glasswerk (Jul 27, 2012)

“These heartfelt tracks such as Radiate, Eye Pennies, Compulsary Resolution and Take What’s Mine are rich in sensitivity, subtlety and raw emotion. Throughout the song Radiate her wonderfully rich, soothing voice soars above her sympathetic guitar accompaniment, bringing to mind the music of Nick Drake. I believe Belá Takes Chase! stands a great chance of attracting the kind of loyal following she truly deserves. Potential listeners are strongly advised to check out her website ( and her debut EP, Rough Luxe, which is due to be released in October. UK tour dates for September will be announced soon.”
- Steve Love and Andy Roles, LyricLounge (Jul 27, 2012)

“The soundbed works so fine with the mesmerising vocals by Bela Takes Chase the result is an anthem for the festivals and big rooms too. Rock as we knew it is dead. The new era is born with djs and EDM producers replacing the rock stars and Breakdown is one of them. This remix for instance is a EDM track but with rock attitude. Love iT!”
- Flux, Flux BPM (Jul 16, 2012)

“Names that pop into my head when I heard this were instantly Lana Del Ray and La Roux,though I’d much rather listen to this than the latter. I’ll be honest. I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear this on the radio doing the rounds in a few months, and I will be interested to see what an album will be like. In short: Took me by surprise in a good way on the first listen, and is now gonna be stuck in my head for a good few days…thanks Bela…”
- Proch, Indie music Mag (Jul 11, 2012)

“This is simply outstanding. Introducing Bela Takes Chase and ‘Eye Pennies.’ With a voice that recalls Dusty Springfield and Nancy Sinatra, Eye Pennies is a delicious slice of low-fi americana. The near whispered vocals are rich, hazy, delicate, fragile and sumptuous all at the same time. This is without doubt the first signs of love #FSOL. According to her website we can expect the first live shows in late September and a debut EP titled ‘Rough Luxe’ in October. We can’t wait.”
- Rightchord, FSOL (Jul 11, 2012)

“Bela Takes Chase is THE singer-songwriter from London, UK. The unsigned artist has been captivating audiences with her impressive, organic-electric, style and beautiful, soft, vocal tones. The singer has received a lot of praise from critics, with some referring to her as a modern-day Nancy Sinatra and Dusty Springfield. Two artists that many females wouldn’t mind being associated too. The singer releases her début EP, ‘Rough Luxe’, in October and is, currently, preparing a series of UK tour dates throughout September.”
- Media Essentials, (Jul 16, 2012) - Various


“(Bela) is a chart smash in the making, destined for some serious chart success”. TNT (Nov 2012) - TNT


Béla’s songs echo inside your brain like you’ve known them forever; well crafted and familiar, yet hauntingly strange.With a distinct pop aesthetic, Béla Takes Chase offers much more than calculated unit-shifting potential and is a bright glimmer of talent within the ocean of emerging solo female artists. Commercialfree. (Dec 2012) - Commercial Free


Béla’s songs echo inside your brain like you’ve known them forever; well crafted and familiar, yet hauntingly strange.With a distinct pop aesthetic, Béla Takes Chase offers much more than calculated unit-shifting potential and is a bright glimmer of talent within the ocean of emerging solo female artists. Commercialfree. (Dec 2012) - Commercial Free


“A truly unique collection of songs, ‘Rough Luxe’ is the perfect mix of genres, blending them perfectly to create something entirely magical. Passionate, poetic and poignant, always remaining true to who she is; a great artist. We cannot wait to see what Belá has in store next and hope her genre dancing delights keep coming our way.” Jen Grimble, Right Chord Music. (Nov 2012) - Right Chord Music

"Singles Review"

“A synth overdose,casual piano and the angelic vocals of Bela Takes Chase? You may think her new single Miles Away instantly tells a tale of pop but wait a while longer and the song exposes itself in a blur of heady atmosphere and strings. Bliss”
- Tiffany Daniels, Music Week (Oct 15, 2012)
- Music Week


Rough Luxe EP

Its All For You (with Audiofun)



 Bela Takes Chase has released her debut EP: "Rough Luxe" including the single "Miles Away"

"Simply outstanding, her voice is rich, hazy, delicate, fragile and sumptuous all at the same time." (FSOL)
"A photogenic lass with choruses as big as Robert Smiths 80's hairdo." (Andy Von Pip’s Musical Express)
"She effortlessly juggles looks, talent and ambition; tailor made for mainstream success."
Brand new singer/songwriter Bela’s blending of uptempo and downbeat has led Independent Music News to describe her music as "Rough-Luxy" hence the title of her first EP. Her sumptuous vocals are currently drifting across Balearic shores as featured vocalist/co-writer on hotshot DJ/Producer Audiofun's instant classic "All For You". The late summer feeling of ennui channelled by this uplifting gem has generated over 22,000 views on YouTube, going to number 8 in club charts and featuring on both Radio 1 and Capitol dance shows.
But Bela's own songs can often be on the darker side, especially lyrically. While she sounds young, her words seem older  "I write because there's no other way for me to grow and learn."
Arriving on these shores from her native town of Newcastle, Australia, home of The Screaming Jets and Silverchair, Bela’s distinctive voice, remarkable set of haunting tunes, and memorable lyrics have made waves around the acoustic circuit in London – and earned her immediate attention, including plays on Tom Robinson's show on Radio 6.
Asked about her influences Bela says "My childhood consisted of my parents playing one night of Simon and Garfunkel and the next Bach, then an afternoon of James Taylor and an evening of Debussy. Oh and the Beatles, of course."
However it was Bela's older brothers' penchant for the somewhat noisier Rage Against The Machine and Nirvana, and her own discovery of Radiohead, PJ Harvey,Bon Iver and Death Cab for Cutie , which may be behind her decision to recruit musicians  and make a bigger bang. "I wanted to find a sound somewhere between acoustic and electro, a fuller sound."
Bela plays guitar, piano and synths on her recordings and, with the support of her band, balances playing these whilst fronting with her unique vocal. This hasn't meant that she has abandoned the acoustic side though. "We still do quiet songs in the set and they work really well after an up tempo song like Miles Away."

Speaking of which “Miles Away” has been play listed at over 100 mainstream and specialist radio stations now including NME and Q radio and was listed as one of Tom Robinson’s(Radio 6) “Fresh Faves. and included on his famous Mixtape. The set of gigs around London in Sept/Oct were brilliantly received. Bon Bonnie at The Music Press says “Bela sounds as beautiful as she looks” Roisin Kheller at Independent Music News says “Bela is amazing live. This is definitely One to Watch”

As we enter the new year Bela is back in the studio writing songs for the next EP (Feb/March 2013).