Bel Auburn

Bel Auburn


Midwestern rock with 1's and 0's


Bel Auburn hails from central Ohio and has been playing together for the past four years. They self released their first full length entitled 'Cathedrals' in March of 2004--a CD that was met with a good amount of praise from critics and fans alike.

Currently, the band is playing a small set of shows regionally in the Midwest--opening for bands like Mute Math, Flickerstick, Miranda Sound, Oval Opus, July For Kings, et al--and working to promote their second full length release "Lullabies in A & C". They are also at work on a series of four e.p's to be released within the course of one year starting in early fall of 2007.

Bel Auburn, just before the release of their latest album in mid-August, was hailed as one of the "most blogged-about bands" on the Internet, with features on over 50 highly rated music blogs during the last six months, both the blog aggregators The Hype Machine and rated them at the top of each list for several weeks.

Last autumn also found their music in prime time on network TV. "How Not to Get Caught", from their first full length, was showcased on 20th Century Fox's "Desire", a new brand of show on the new CW network, and the band was subsequently chosen by fans as the "indie band of the week" in October on Fox's MyNetwork website.

Bel Auburn is about small towns and life after college, and is dedicated to making friends wherever they can. No machismo, no feigning rock star trappings, no ego, no hyperbole: Just a few songs they hope you like and a show that makes the whole night out worth it.

Bel Auburn would like to thank you for listening.



Written By: Bel Auburn

The miles
couldn't catch the ones
and zeroes at work;
your words
met the fuse
long before the rest of you

The month
buried in cold;
but there
was June in the lines
she almost heard birds
every time she
got his words

No city
park hearts;
no petals
set in glass;
just a couplet
on fire
deep within the wires

This is what you get
when geography breaks;
you tossed up the seeds and hoped
for two roses to land

No birds in the eves,
no subtle brush of a hand;
just one moon
to save the screen
set across the states between

You were distance
but you made us believe
that space
can't quite spare
what's in
the air

this is what you get
when geography breaks;
you tossed up the seeds and hoped
for two roses to land;
this is what you get
when you marry for love:
cold floors,
dreams in the red,
and the warmest of beds

(Who knew what was born in flight
could fly like this on land)

this is what you get
when geography breaks;
you tossed up the seeds and hoped
for two roses to land . . .

Metropolitan (Watercolor)

Written By: Bel Auburn

One train is just smoke
trailing the land.
Pale wash of gulls
as bitter as the sand.

Waiting here for years
for you to come.
But I'm here alone again,
and another days is gone.

You might still show.
It's there in the frame
the guard leans against,
drifting away.

This is just a paiting on a wall
of all the days to come.

This is just a painting on a wall
of all the days to come.

It's there in the frame . . .


Written By: Bel Auburn

The blind ward churns like a single train in flames

You will be mine
You will be mine

When you come back
we'll toast the years we lost

to remember
to remember

Pour the vintage
lift a glass to our health

drink it all in
drink it all in

you'll burn away
this blindness i don't deserve

you will be mine
you will be mine

we'll find ourselves tucked in our bed
and you'll say

this is goodnight
this is goodnight

dove by slow dove
you'll paint the world in place

this is just love
this is just love
this is just love
this is just love


*Lullabies in A & C - (full length, 2006)
*Cathedrals - (full length, 2004)

Set List

The Speed of Thought
How Not to Get Caught
Sing What You Mean
The Longest Year
Hands, Away
Physics for Poets
Cathedral Vision