We love:distortion,quiet-loud dynamics,pedal tomfoolery(at times),odd tunings,playing as a four piece, playing as a six piece,string parts,xylophone parts,intricate parts, interrelated parts,spare parts and the parts that make your hair stand on end We love all these things; we hope you do too.


It’s hard to put your sound into words without sounding pretentious or full of yourself. Having tried a million times before to achieve this, we’ve become well aware of how dull and tedious it must be for a promoter to read: at worst, they sound like complete self indulgence and at best a list of influences that end up being miles away from what the band actually sound like in reality; not just in their heads. It would be great to have a good back story; I mean we’d love to tell you that we all came together through a love of The Strokes or Sonic Youth, or that we’ve been mates since school; Armed with that notion that one day we’d be marching through our home town (ironically, the same town that, during one of our moments of teenage angst, we also swore we would never return to ) powered by our own sense of satisfaction, like some sort of self appointed heroes. We’d love to tell you this because it would be so much easier; but frankly it’s bullshit.

We came together with the sole intention of making music that we could be proud of and that other people could hopefully take some pride in. In some regards we’ve already been kind of successful: more and more people are coming to shows; we’ve got our record coming out on a grass roots label (which has already attracted more interest, despite it not being released yet). We work hard at what we do and don’t come at things lightly. We’ll play with the same passion to four people as we would to four hundred. What we need now is just the chance to expose ourselves to as many more people as possible.


Various Demo Recordings

Set List

Fear Death By Water Part One, Like Crushing Weights, An Alchemist, Ether, Obsessive Compulsive, Fear Death By Water Part Two, I Know Don't Ask.