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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Edge Radio"

"Check out The Edge saturday nights.....Munky plays all of the Christian bands other stations are afraid to play...Disciple, BELIEVE, East West, Blindside, Pillar, and more."

(The Rocket website, Huntsville, AL's Rock Station) - Station publicity


"Believe has performed for my facility three times and has done an awesome job on every occasion. Their last performance was before an estimated 800 teens at our annual Teen Music Festival. They are professional in both attitude and ability."

C.Rodney Murray, Program Director, Cleveland YMCA - Rodney Murray

"East West"

"You guys ROCK......Keep up the good work......"

Bob Vergura, drummer for East West - Bob Vergura

"St. Therese"

"These men are a group of professional musicians who reflect their love of God and music.....Their performance would be an added highlight to any festival, youth event, or music ministry...."

Patti Morrison, St. Therese Parish Admin.
- Patti Morrison

"Radio Host"

"I recieved your sounds awesome and I look forward to introducing it to our fans tonight."

Josh Goolsby, Radio Show host - Josh Goolsby

"Youth Director"

On Several occasions we have booked Believe for our youth events and have been very impressed with their performance. The enrgy that they produce really gets the youth of our community fired up. Believe is definately a band for all ages. I personally watched kids from ten years old to adults seventy years old enjoy the sound they produce. It takes a lot to impress me and they exceeded beyond my imagination. I would highly recommed to anyone looking for great music that praises God, this is your band."

Richie Womack
Director of Youth Activities
Morris Hill Baptist Church - Richie Womack

"Union Entertainment/ Fowler"

Union Entertainment Group
Critique Sheet

Scale: 1-10 (10 Highest)(1 Lowest)(5 Average)


Lyrics: ___10_____

Production/Arrangement: ____9_____

Originality: ____7_____

Cummulative Score: _______26_____
- U.E./ Fowler management

"Power of God cd review"

Believe - Power of God
No Image

Review Submitted by Jessica 1-21-05

The first thing that popped into my head while listening to this cd was "Yes!" Finally, a band that rocks, literally.

Believe is the kind of band that gives it to you straight. To them, "Putting it bluntly" just doesn't exist.

"Power of God" is a fun album. You can headbang to some songs and you can sing along to others. If you're the kind of person who looks deeply into lyrics, you'll enjoy the emotional poetry the lyrics portray. However, if you're the type who would rather study the instrumental/music part of songs, you also won't be disappointed.

With songs such as "Pax Romana" and "I Believe," you'll believe you're listening to Metallica gone Christian. Those two songs in my opinion are the best on the whole album. For some reason, just about every song between those two remind me of Apologetix.

So, if you're into Apologetix or Metallica, check out this band [Vocals of Apologetix resembles that of the Vocals of Believe; However, Believe is not a parody band].


For Fans of: Apologetix, Metallica

Sample Lyrics:

"I was there at his crucifixion, I was there when they pierced his side. Standing guard while the nails were driven, King of Jews was hanged up high." -Pax Romana

"Sometimes we doubt His power, we use our own in vain. Our trials and tribulations, often self-inflicted pain." -Throne

"I must be dreaming, but my eyes are still opened wide." -I Believe


"Seven Miles Deep cd review"

Believe - 7 Miles Deep

Review Submitted by Jessica 2-18-05

The members of Believe have worked their way into the music scene. With already one album out, they've managed to tour with acts such as Disciple and Markd to intrigue and capture more fans. This sophomore release is a reminder of how the band's achieved its success.

"7 Miles Deep" is the perfect title for this lyrically deep release. With each song listened to, I got more and more into the music. Perhaps because of the catchy beats or the constant need to headbang. As the albvum progresses, the more musically diverse the music gets. At the beginning, you feel as if you're a soldier in the army of God playing in a rock band. As the album progresses, in one song, you feel as if you've left the rock band and joined a rap meets pop act. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though, because each song leads into the next.

"7 Miles Deep" is much different from "Power of God," Believe's freshman release. The guys have defined themselves as a true rock band this time around, rather than a cliche wannabe. The bass beats are much more distinguishable this time around. In fact, at times, the music appears driven by the bass strings. In this aspect, the band resembles Korn, a musically powerful yet lyrically diminishing alternative rock band.

The band has definitely come a long way since their freshman release, so this album is not a disappointment. Every hardcore Christian around needs to add this to their collection.

Recommended for fans of: Korn, Metallica, Disciple

Sample lyrics:

"Just give me a glimpse inside your mind. Just give me a glimpse as you go by." -Glimpse

"He said, "call my name, prayer warrior, take my hand..."" -Prayer Warrior

"Why...Why...Oh, Why... Why... Would you deny me?" - Why



Power Of God..released 2001 (*featuring Daniel Deems on vocals)

7 Miles Deep ...released 2004 (*featuring Daniel Deems on vocals)

Singles currently on radio(on air and on-line):
Power of God*
Pax Romana*

* songs feature Daniel Deems on vocals


Feeling a bit camera shy


Originally formed in early 2000, Believe has had a couple of line-up changes on the road to maturity. Drawing from several different influences and states, the message and power has never been more clear in their music than it is today. The band of three David, Tyson, and Gene, have put their focus on changing a fallen world through the voice they’ve been given.

Believe has shared the stage with Skillet, Pax217, Disciple, EastWest, Spoken, Gretchen, Justifide, Lucerin Blue, Benjamin Gate, Staple, Side Walk Slam, Chasing Victory, Flatfoot 56 to name a few. Performing more than 70 shows in 2003 as an indie band and topping that in 2004 with the release of Seven Miles Deep, the follow up to their first cd, Power of God. Completing the Extreme Tour in September of 05 has put them over 100 shows in just 5 months. A third cd is due in late 2005 - early 2006 with plans for national distribution and a massive assault on radio.

Believe has performed for as few as a handful of fans to over 25,000. They have an insane, supercharged show and always make time for the fans, no matter the size of the crowd.