Believing In Autumn

Believing In Autumn


This quartet is determined to share that awesome life changing power of Jesus Christ's love through crazy mosh riffs and vocal lines that inspire.


The members of Believing In Autumn have not always been Christians. Though they all come from different walks of life, God has completely transformed each one of their lives and brought these four musicians together to spread the gospel.

Anthony Dearwester, the lead guitarist, has definitely not had a normal teenage life. He and his girlfriend had a baby, they got married, and they divorced all by the age of 16. After being fed up with the way he was living, Anthony finally gave his life to the Lord.

Nick Robertson, the rhythm guitarist, came out of cutting and depression. It was his way of escape from all the troubles in his life, until God showed him that he was worth so much more than that.

Nathan, the drummer, was a rebellious kid who thought that God hated us and Satan was for us. He had numerous encounters with demons. He became a Christian after reading a book by Mary K. Baxter called “A Divine Revelation of Hell”. He then realized that Jesus is the one who really loves us!

Isaac Smith, the bassist, grew up in the church, but didn’t know how deep a relationship with Jesus Christ could really go. It was just a Sunday morning ritual at church for him. Unfortunately, that is how it is for a lot of “church” people. After attending a church camp one summer, Isaac's life was flipped upside down when God completely changed his way of thinking and showed him that there is so much more!


Thousands May Fall

Written By: Believing In Autumn

Psalm 91 NIV
Luke 10:17-20 NIV
Mark 16:17-18 NIV
John 14:27 NIV

Look, Our God has won the battle
Raise your hands up
I am a child of God
None can hurt me

I won't be afraid

Thousands may fall
But none will come near me

You cannot decieve me Satan
You don't fool me
In the name of Jesus Christ
I rebuke you!

Whatever You're Going Through

Written By: Believing In Autumn

Proverbs 3:5-8 NIV
James 5:11 NIV
Psalm 121 NIV

You deny what you believe
When you think of the things you've done
All the lies that you would live for
Every thought that you've tried to hide
Your troubled heart is torn in two
By all the games that you thought you knew
You cry
You fight
You've thrown away your sense of pride

Jesus is the only true love

No more shame
I promise you there's more
No more pain
I promise there's a cure

From all the times you came undone
You didn't know that there is one
Lay your thoughts down at His feet
Come and rest and be in peace
All things that you go through
Jesus rose to make you new
You pray
You say
Save me from myself

A Nation To Bleed For

Written By: Believing In Autumn

Psalm 55:1-23 NIV

The fighting esculates into a school yard brawl
As we try to decide who's fit to lead this country
World War Three is about to break out
But this time it's in our own homes

Listen to my prayer
Do not ignore my plea
Hear me
Answer me
This is a nation to bleed for

We arm our youth with the weapons of lies and betrayal
We're compelled to believe that being comfortable
Is the right to slander and attack one another

My thoughts trouble me
And I am distraught
My heart is in aguish within me God!

Living Water

Written By: Believing In Autumn

John 4:1-26 NIV

So what do you live your life for?
Do you like the things that you do?
Like sex or drugs and more
But none of that will care for you

You thirst for so much more
Receive your living water

So take your life now as you will
But if you want to have something new
Then ask Jesus to save your soul and make you new

Drink from this well


Blood of the Deceived EP

Thousands May Fall
Living Water
A Nation To Bleed For
Whatever You're Going Through

Set List

Thousands May Fall
Breathe Child!
Living Water
Drum Solo
Walk Away
Guitar Solo
A Nation To Bleed For
Whatever You're Going Through
Awesome God is the only cover we currently do.