Sean Hampton

Sean Hampton

 Brooklyn, New York, USA
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Dynamic, energetic, confident, real, soulful, original. Hip-Hop artist


Sean Hampton grew up listening to his mom spin soul legends Etta James and Al Green in their Bed-Stuy home. His passion for music led to the realization that he had a knack for songwriting, creating music at an early age for the school choir and at home with his mother, who adopted him as a baby. Born in the midst of the 1980s NYC hip-hop explosion, Sean naturally gravitated to the art form and knew he found his destiny.

Sean got serious about following his dreams immediately out of high school, releasing mixtapes and building buzz in the streets. As his credibility grew he was able to book more high profile performances, opening up for the likes of Maino and Papoose in 2007 & Jae Millz and Ron Browz the following year. In 2010, Sean shared the stage with rap legends Naughty By Nature and opened for Bronx rappers Oun P & Fred da Godson in 2011. This was followed by his single Wavin’ Da .44 (ft. Mysonne) getting press in Source Magazine and receiving airplay on New York’s Power 105.1 and New Jersey’s Streets 106.

Sean’s upcoming "HIATUS" mixtape is destined to build off the momentum of his rising presence in the local and national hip-hop scene. Self-described as an “entertainer, storyteller, motivator and Hip-Hop Entrepreneur,” Sean plans to follow in the footsteps of Russell Simmons and Jay Z, the legends who inspire him to grow into his role as the next best business mind with dope lines.


Brooklyn Way

Written By: Sean Hampton - prod by Angelicvoices

Hook - Spread Love, spread spread love huh, spread love, spread spread love huh, smoke skunk with my peeps all day, spread love spread love its the brooklyn way (Repeat)

Verse One - Welcome to the jungle we aint swing from no vine tho, come see how we living we aint living in no condo, for that green we stretching it rondo, fast money coming in pronto, ya'll know, that im so BK im like labor day, hard worker yeah everyday is a labor day, what up cafe, sup loso, money talk then niggaz going def mos flow, that's a no go, not up in this borough, county of the kings where them kings are very noble, 7-1-8 everywhere that you go yo, bright lights flashing all around thats just po-po, time square where aint no shine over here, cuz niggaz yeah they sleepless grinding over here, they'll pop that studded link it be diamonds everywhere, not everybody eating, thats just another reason you should.....

Hook (2x)

Verse Two- Like it or not you looking at the future, cheesecake rappers all sound like my juniors, idolize, till yo idol(idle) wild ROOSTER, brooklyn boy might take some getting use to, call us animals thats cause we the livestock, where else you find brownstones only on these sideblocks, flat/bushwick, clinton hills, yea them stuy blocks, red hook, canarsie, crown heights shottas, thats right you cannot knock the hustle, get it on the arm yea we call that use muscle, roll up on the car you might end up like russell, boom boom boom bostik as i hit the pedal, he be on that brooklyn shit nigga who you telling, i think im lee woods, no i think im robert ellis, on my way outta town you know what im selling, fish scale in altoona(tuna) free my nigga jailing, tune into the game arcade niggaz, we brooklyn ballin barclays center, take a look around this is sean's place nigga, glad i get to share this with all my niggaz cuz I....

Hook (2x)


Written By: Sean Hampton - prod by Angelicvoices

Aye yo bae bro (sean), whats good (flyboi bo), take bucket over there to that table full of fly ladies and tell dat dj turn my music all the way up, make sure everybody in front of the club get in, YOUR ALL WELCOME!

HOOK - Come one come all welcome to the party, go getters welcome to the party, hustlers welcome to the party, fly girls come on welcome to the party, welcome to the party welcome to the party, we been getting money so welcome to the party, welcome to the party welcome to the party you living good to well welcome to the party

Verse One - Get a lil confused when I hear them talking fly, when they talking bout swagg yeah they talkin bout mine, gotta hit the grind only way you gonna shine, nothing else matters just the matter of time, sean, h-a-m no swine, P, t-o-n thats my handle, came here to do it large AMPLE, you to shawty welcome to the party, thats right welcome to the party where champagne a surely creep up on you early, brought some goons with me that a creep up on you early, record kind of clean they a still do you dirty, for all mankind's, no mick foley, dark blue denims looks who's in em, pullin up, hooded up, roll it up, light it up, come ya'll lets have a lil fun while the nights young!

Repeat Hook

Verse Two - O.K welcome to the party, make em say uncle like my nephews in the party, you talking to the don no nefu in the party, bitch i got it made im special to the party, ed with the flow, retarded on the beat, sick with it fuck spitting might vomit on the beat, with so much heat its like a comet hit the beat then i clean up nice put some comet on the beat, neat, who told em they were bosses, who's said it was ok to say false shit, when was it ever alright to rent porshes if everybody's winning then who's taking the losses, thats a double O, my niggaz pop rose and bubble mo, on the block where they've never been tardy, you too homie?? welcome to the party

Repeat Hook

Bridge - Ballout, Ballin, brooklyn ALL IN (repeat 1x), Now let me see it, N.Y.C BK GRIOT this one is on me

Repeat Hook

Set List






Total: 20 Minutes