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You won’t change my mind

Written By: Belinda Carlsen

I’m gonna let the whole world know
Of the love I can’t let go
It comes from up above
And don’t don’t’think you’re going to change my mind
Don’t bother you’ll just waste your time
I will not turn round

‘Cos I, I’m finally going to take a stand
Place His banner in my hands
And show the world my God’s alive
I, don’t need your philosophy
Of what you think my life should be
You, aint gonna change my mind

You, you think you’ve got it all worked out
What your life is all about
So why do you look so sad
I, I’m going to share my light with you
There’s enough to make you new
And take the pain you hide


My God is alive, His spirit’s deep inside, Watching over me
His love, is something I can’t hide, And I won’t compromise, this life He’s planned for me.

African Breathing Space

Written By: Belinda Carlsen


Heading out

Written By: Belinda Carlsen

You seem to have no conversation
So why do you want me around
I’m sick and tired of all this waiting
For you to turn around
I tried to fix this situation
But there is just no resolve
You think I haven’t got it in me
To leave and to head out that door

You have had too many chances
Ain’t gonna take it no more
You’ve taken me so long for granted
This time I’m heading, I’m heading out that door

You don’t need no explanation
The writing’s been there on the wall
I need to find some resolution
Gonna leave and I’m closing the door
Don’t waste your time trying to find me
Your words aint gonna change my mind
I’m moving on to greener pastures
You’re history and I’m finally free

Won’t have to worry ‘bout you no more
You keep your mind games cos I’m heading out the door
Gonna find me a decent man, someone to walk beside me
Someone I understand

Belinda Carlsen April 2007