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"Overall Review (Greek)"

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"Live Review Supporting Atari Teenage Riot"

Ok this was the second time I saw them on stage and once again my original opinion came to be true! Those two young girls don’t belong here! They should be performing to other countries where opportunities for a band of their style grow on trees! They are new, they are fresh, they are passionate and I bet they can make it out there! I can only say things like that for Bella Fuzz who opened the ATR concert last Friday @ Gagarin 205.
- www.burst,gr


1st EP : "Bella Fuzz" (2012, self financed).
2nd EP : "Burn your speakers" (2013, self financed).



Bella Fuzz is an electropop female duet from Greece. The duet consists of Chrysa T. on vocals and Angeliki on guitars and bass.
Music is combined with audio visuals created especially for the concept of the songs.
The sound can be characterised as electropop mainly due to the melodic parts with massive choruses but also as heavy / rock / industrial.
The reason for this is the various influences of the band such as Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy, Pendulum, Metallica, Skunk Anansie, Lady Gaga etc.
If you want to listen to melodic ethereal lovesongs, forget it! It's all about being energetic, loud, aggressive and dance till you drop.